Be Going to Exercises

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    be going to exercises going to exercises will and will be
    Put the verbs in brackets into the be going to form.

    1 You (miss) your train.
    2 The pressure cooker (explode).
    3 When you (pay) the bill?
    4 She (dye) the old curtains blue.
    5 We (make) this whisky bottle into a lamp.
    6 What you (do) with this room? ~
    I (paint) the walls in black and white stripes.

    7 The umpire (blow) his whistle.
    8 You (eat) all that?
    9 That man with the tomato in his hand (throw) it at the speaker.
    10 That door (slam).
    11 The bull (attack)us.

    12 It (rain). Look at those clouds.
    13 The cat (have) kittens.
    14 The men in the helicopter (try) to rescue the man in the water.
    15 That rider (fall) off.
    16 These two men (cycle) across Africa.
    17 The Lord Mayor is standing up. He (make) a speech.
    18 He (grow) a beard when he leaves school.
    19 This aeroplane (crash).
    20 I (stop) here for a moment to get some petrol.
    21 You (ask) him to help you?
    22 I've lent you my car once. I (not do) it again.
    23 I have seen the play. Now I (read) the book.
    24 Small boy: I (be) a frogman when I grow up.
    25 I (not sleep) in this room. It is haunted.
    26 We (buy) a metal detector and look for buried treasure.
    27 You (reserve) a seat?
    28 I (plant) an oak tree here.
    29 The dog (bury) the bone.
    30 I (have) a bath.
    31 I (smuggle) this out of the country,
    32 There was very little blossom this spring. Apples (be) scarce.
    33 I don't like this macaroni. I (not finish) it.
    34 I (not stay) here another minute.
    35 They (try) him for manslaughter when he comes out of hospital.
    36 We (make) a lot of money out of this.

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Be Going to Exercises

    Affirmative: the answer in each case is am/is/are + going to + infinitive,
    e.g. I are going to miss
    Negative answers: am/is/are + not + going to + infinitive, e.g. 22 am not going to do
    Interrogative answers: is/are + subject + going to + infinitive, e.g. 3 are you going to pay
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