Future Perfect Tense Exercises

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    future perfect tense exercises future perfect tense exercise exercises tenses
    Put the verbs in brackets into the future perfect tense.

    1 In a fortnight's time we (take) our exam.
    2 I (finish) this book by tomorrow evening.
    3 By this time tomorrow we (have) our injections.
    4 By the end of next year I (be) here twenty-five years.
    5 I'll still be here next summer but Tom (leave).
    6 I (finish) this job in twenty minutes.
    7 By next winter they (build) four houses in that field.
    8 When we reach Valparaiso we (sail) all round the world.
    9 At the rate he is going he (spend) all his money by the time he is twenty-one.
    10 By this time next year I (save) Ј250.
    11 By the time we get to the party everything (be) eaten.
    12 The train (leave) before we reach the station.
    13 If I continue with my diet I (lose) 10 kilos by the end of the month.
    14 By the end of my university course I (attend) 1,200 lectures.
    15 By the end of this week my illness (cost) me Ј100.
    16 By the time that he leaves school his parents (spend) Ј25,000 on his education.
    17 By the end of the term I (read) all twelve volumes.
    18 When you come back I (finish) all the housework.
    19 The police (hear) of the theft by this time.
    20 We (drink) all that wine by the end of the year.
    21 On the fourth of next month he (be) in prison for ten years.
    22 When we reach Crewe we (do) half of the journey.
    23 At this rate you (break) all the wine glasses by the end of the month.
    24 If we don't hurry the sun (rise) before we reach the top.
    25 I'm going to Hyde Park to hear the people making speeches. ~
    You'll be too late. By the time you get there they (finish) their speeches and everybody (go) home.

    26 By midnight he (be) unconscious for forty-eight hours.
    27 By the end of the month 5,000 people (see) this exhibition.
    28 By next April I (pay) Ј3,000 in income tax.
    29 I suppose that when I come back in ten years' time all these old houses (be) pulled down.
    30 On 21 October they (be) married for twenty-five years.
    31 After this performance I (see) Hamlet twenty-two times.
    32 The strike leader said, 'By midnight 500 men (come) out on strike.'
    33 At your present rate you (burn) all that coal by the end of the month,
    34 The treasurer said, 'By the end of the year all our debts (be paid) off.'
    35 Tourist: We've only got five hours in Rome; we are leaving but I'm sure that we (see) everything of importance by then.
    36 Householder to Zoo: One of your elephants is in my garden eating my tomatoes.
    Zoo official: The elephant keeper will be with you in half an hour.
    Householder: Your elephant (eat) all my tomatoes by then.

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    Cevap: Future Perfect Tense Exercises

    Answers will all be: have + past participle of the verb in brackets, shall can be used instead of will for the 1st person, e.g. I will/shall have taken, will can be contracted to 'll.
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