Present Perfect or Simple Past?

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    (a) Fill the spaces by repeating the auxiliary used in the question, putting it into the negative where necessary.
    (b) Put the verb in brackets into the present perfect or the simple past tense.
    Have you seen that play? (a) Yes, I . . .
    Yes, I have.

    (b) Yes, I (be) there last night.
    Yes, I was there last night.

    1 Have you wound the clock? (a) Yes, I . . .
    (b) Yes, I (wind) it on Monda

    2 Have you ever eaten snails? (a) No, I . . .
    (b) Yes, I (eat) some at Tom's party last week.

    3 Has she fed the dog? (a) Yes, I think she . . .
    (b) Yes, she (feed) him before lunch.

    4 Have they repaired the road? (a) No, they . . .
    (b) They only (repair) part of it so far.

    5 Have they done their homework? (a) Yes, they (do) it all.
    (b) Yes, they (do) it before they left school.

    6 Have you found the matches? (a) No, I . . .
    (b) No, I (not find) them yet.

    7 Have you made the coffee? (a) Yes, I ...
    (b) I (make) some yesterday: we can use that.

    8 Have you been here before? (a) No, I ...
    (b) Yes, I (be) here several times.
    9 Have you seen him lately? (a) No, I . . .
    (b) No, I (not see) him since Christmas.

    10 Have you been to the opera this (a) Yes, I . . .
    (b) Yes, I (go) to Faust on Friday.
    11 Have you ever driven this car? (a) Yes, I (drive) it once or twice.
    (b) Yes, I (drive) it when you were away.
    12 Has he missed his train? (a) No, he ....
    (b) Yes, he . . . It (go) five minutes ago.

    13 Have they been through
    Customs? (a) Yes, they . . .
    (b) Yes, their luggage (be) examined at Dover.

    14 Hashe spoken to her? (a) Yes, he . . .
    (b) Yes, he (speak) to her on Friday.

    15 Have you spent all your money? (a) No, I only (spend) half of it.
    (b) Yes, 1...
    16 How much have you saved (a) I (not save) anything.
    since Christmas? (b) I (save) Ј3.

    17 Has his temperature gone down? (a) No, it . . .
    (b) Yes, it (go) down last night.

    18 Have you seen his garden? (a) No, I (not see) it yet.
    (b) I (see) the house on Monday but I (not see)

    the garden.
    19 Have you paid the bill? (a) Yes, I...
    (b) Yes, I (pay) it while you were away.

    20 Have you ever flown a plane? (a) No, I . . .
    (b) Yes, I (fly) when I was at university.

    21 Has your dog ever bitten anyone? (a) Yes, he (bite) a policeman
    last week.
    (b) Yes, he (bite) me twice.

    22 Have you planted your peas? (a) Yes, I (plant) them on
    (b) No, 1... yet.

    23 Has he written to the paper? (a) Yes, he . . .
    (b) Yes, he (write) at once.

    24 Have you ever drunk vodka? (a) No, 1...
    (b) I (drink) it once in Russia but I (not drink) it


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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Present Perfect or Simple Past?

    1 have, wound 2 haven't, ate 3 has, fed 4 haven't, have only repaired 5 have done, did 6 haven't, haven't found 7 have, made 8 haven't, have been 9 haven't, haven't seen 10 have, went 11 have driven, drove 12 hasn't, has, went 13 have, was 14 has, spoke 15 have only spent, have 16 haven't saved, have saved 17 hasn't, went 18 haven't seen, saw, didn't see 19 have, paid 20 haven't, flew 21 bit, has bitten 22 planted, haven't 23 has, wrote 24 haven't, drank, haven't drunk
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Present Perfect or Simple Past?
    Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or the simple past tense. In some sentences the present perfect continuous (PEG 190) is also possible.

    1 This is my house. ~
    How long you (live) here? ~
    I (live) here since 1970.

    2 He (live) in London for two years and then (go) to Edinburgh.
    3 You (wear) your hair long when you were at school? ~
    Yes, my mother (insist) on it.
    4 But when I (leave) school I (cut) my hair and (wear) it short ever since.
    5 Shakespeare (write) a lot of plays.
    6 My brother (write) several plays. He just (finish) his second tragedy.
    7 I (fly) over Loch Ness last week. ~
    You (see) the Loch Ness monster?

    8 I (not see) him for three years. I wonder where he is.
    9 He (not smoke) for two weeks. He is trying to give it up.
    10 Chopin (compose) some of his music in Majorca.
    11 When he (arrive)? ~
    He (arrive) at 2.00.

    12 You (lock) the door before you left the house?
    13 I (read) his books when I was at school. I (enjoy) them very much.
    14 I can't go out because I (not finish) my work.
    15 I never (drink) whisky. ~
    Well, have some now.

    16 I (write) the letter but I can't find a stamp.
    17 The clock is slow. ~
    It isn't slow, it (stop).

    18 Here are your shoes; I just (clean) them.
    19 I (leave) home at 8.00 and (get) here at twelve.
    20 I (do) this sort of work when I (be) an apprentice.
    21 He just (go) out.
    22 He (go) out ten minutes ago.
    23 You (have) breakfast yet? ~
    Yes, I (have) it at 8.00.

    24 I (meet) him last June.
    25 You (see) the moon last night?
    26 The concert (begin) at 2.30 and (last) for two hours. Everyone (enjoy) it very much.
    27 The play just (begin). You are a little late.
    28 The newspaper (come)? ~
    Yes, Ann is reading it.

    29 The actors (arrive) yesterday and (start) rehearsals early this morning.
    30 It (be) very cold this year. I wonder when it is going to get warmer.
    31 Cervantes (write) Don Quixote.
    32 We (miss) the bus. Now we'll have to walk.
    33 He (break) his leg in a skiing accident last year.
    34 Mr Pound is the bank manager. He (be) here for five years.
    35 Mr Count (work) as a cashier for twenty-five years. Then he (retire) and (go) to live in the country.
    36 You (be) here before? ~
    Yes, I (spend) my holidays here last year. ~
    You (have) a good time? ~
    No, it never (stop) raining.

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    Cevap: Present Perfect or Simple Past?

    1 have you lived/have you been living, have lived/have been living 2 lived, went 3 did you wear, insisted 4 left, cut, have worn 5 wrote 6 has written, has just finished 7 flew, did you see 8 haven't seen 9 hasn't smoked 10 composed II did he arrive, arrived 12 did you lock 13 read, enjoyed 14 haven't finished 15 have never drunk 16 have written 17 has stopped 18 have just cleaned 19 left, got 20 did, was 21 has just gone 22 went
    23 have you had, had 24 met 25 did you see 26 began, lasted, enjoyed 27 has just begun 28 has the newspaper come 29 arrived, started 30 has been 31 wrote 32 have missed

    33 broke 34 has been 35 worked, retired, went 36 have you been, spent, did you have, stopped
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Present Perfect or Simple Past?
    Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or simple past tense. Fill the spaces by repeating the auxiliary used in the preceding verb.
    You (see) Mary on Monday? ~
    Yes, I...
    Did you see Mary on Monday?'
    es, I did.

    1 Where is Tom?-
    I (not see) him today, but he (tell) Mary that he'd be in for dinner.

    2 I (buy) this in Bond Street. ~
    How much you (pay) for it? ~
    I (pay) Ј100.

    3 Where you (find) this knife? ~
    I (find) it in the garden. ~
    Why you (not leave) it there?

    4 I (lose) my black gloves. You (see) them anywhere? ~
    No, I'm afraid 1.... When you last (wear) them? ~
    I (wear) them at the theatre last night. ~
    Perhaps you (leave) them at the theatre.

    5 Do you know that lady who just (leave) the shop? ~
    Yes, that is Miss Thrift. Is she a customer of yours? ~
    Not exactly. She (be) in here several times but she never (buy) anything.

    6 He (leave) the house at 8.00. ~
    Where he (go)? ~
    I (not see) where he (go).

    7 He (serve) in the First World War. ~
    When that war (begin)? ~
    It (begin) in 1914 and (last) for four years.

    8 Who you (vote) for at the last election? ~
    I (vote) for Mr Pitt. ~
    He (not be) elected, (be) he? ~
    No, he (lose) his deposit.

    9 You (like) your last job? ~
    I (like) it at first but then I (quarrel) with my employer and he (dismiss) me. ~
    How long you (be) there? ~
    I (be) there for two weeks.
    10 I (not know) that you (know) Mrs Pitt. How long you (know) her? ~
    I (know) her for ten years.

    11 That is Mr Minus, who teaches me mathematics, but he (not have) time to teach me much. I only (be) in his class for a week.
    12 You (hear) his speech on the radio last night? ~
    Yes, I . . . ~
    What you (think) of it?

    13 I (not know) that you (be) here. You (be) here long? ~
    Yes, I (be) here two months. ~
    You (be) to the Cathedral? ~
    Yes, I (go) there last Sunday.

    14 You ever (try) to give up smoking? ~
    Yes, I (try) last year, but then I (find) that I was getting fat so I (start) again.
    15 You (see) today's paper? ~
    No, anything interesting (happen)?
    Yes, two convicted murderers (escape) from the prison down the road.

    16 Mary (feed) the cat? ~
    Yes, she (feed) him before lunch. ~
    What she (give) him? ~
    She (give) him some fish.

    17 How long you (know) your new assistant? ~
    I (know) him for two years. ~

    What he (do) before he (come) here? ~
    I think he (be) in prison.

    18 I (not see) your aunt recently. ~
    No. She (not be) out of her house since she (buy) her colour TV.
    19 The plumber(be)here yet? ~
    Yes, but he only (stay) for an hour. ~
    What he (do) in that time? ~
    He (turn) off the water and (empty) the tank.

    20 Where you (be)?
    I (be) out in a yacht. ~
    You (enjoy) it? ~

    Yes, very much. We (take) part in a race. ~
    You (win)? ~
    No, we (come) in last.

    21 How long that horrible monument (be) there? ~
    It (be) there six months. Lots of people (write) to the Town Council asking them to take it away but so far nothing (be) done.

    22 I just (be) to the film War and Peace. You (see) it? ~
    No, 1.... Is it like the book? ~
    I (not read) the book. ~
    I (read) it when I (be) at school. ~
    When Tolstoy (write) it? ~
    He (write) it in 1868. ~
    He (write) anything else?

    23 Hannibal (bring) elephants across the Alps. ~
    Why he (do) that? ~
    He (want) to use them in battle.

    24 Where you (be)? ~
    I (be) to the dentist. ~
    He (take) out your bad tooth? ~
    Yes, he . . . ~
    It (hurt)?-
    Yes, horribly.

    25 She (say) that she'd phone me this morning, but it is now 12.30 and she (not phone)
    26 I just (receive) a letter saying that we (not pay) this quarter's electricity bill. I (not give) you the money for that last week? ~
    Yes, you . . . but I'm afraid I (spend) it on something else.

    27 How long you (be) out of work? ~
    I'm not out of work now. I just (start) a new job. ~
    How you (find) the job? ~
    I (answer) an advertisement in the paper.

    28 You (finish) checking the accounts? ~
    No, not quite. I (do) about half so far.

    29 I (cut) my hand rather badly. Have you a bandage? ~
    I'll get you one. How it (happen)? ~
    I was chopping some wood and the axe (slip).

    30 How you (get) that scar? ~
    I (get) it in a car accident a year ago.

    31 You (meet) my brother at the lecture yesterday? ~
    Yes, I .. .. We (have) coffee together afterwards.

    32 He (lose) his job last month and since then he (be) out of work. ~
    Why he (lose) his job? ~
    He (be) very rude to Mr Pitt.

    33 What are all those people looking at? ~
    There (be) an accident. ~
    You (see) what (happen)? ~
    Yes, a motor cycle (run) into a lorry.

    34 I (phone) you twice yesterday and (get) no answer.
    35 Originally horses used in bull fights (not wear) any protection, but
    for some time now they (wear) special padding,

    36 That house (be) empty for a year. But they just (take) down the 'For Sale' sign, so I suppose someone (buy) it.
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    Cevap: Present Perfect or Simple Past?

    1 haven't seen, told 2 bought, did you pay, paid 3 did you find, found, didn't you leave 4 have lost, have you seen, haven't, did you last wear, wore, left 5 has just left, has been, has never bought 6 left, did he go, didn't see, went 7 served, did that war
    begin, began, lasted 8 did you vote, voted, wasn't, was, lost 9 did you like, liked, quarrelled, dismissed, were, was 10 didn't know, knew, have you known, have known

    11 hasn't had, have been 12 did you hear, did, did you think 13 didn't know, were, have you been, have been, have you been, went 14 have you tried, tried, found, started 15 have you seen, has anything happened, have escaped 16 has Mary fed, fed, did she give, gave 17 have you known, have known, did he do, came, was 18 have you seen, hasn't been bought 19 has the plumber been, stayed, did he do, turned, emptied 20 have you been, have been, did you enjoy, took, did you win, came 21 has that been, has been, have written, has been 22 have just been, have you seen, haven't, haven't read, read, was, did Tolstoy write, wrote, did he write 23 brought, did he do, wanted 24 have you been, have been, did he take, did, did it hurt 25 said, hasn't phoned 26 have just received, haven't paid, didn't I give, did, spent/have spent 27 have you been, have just started, did you find, answered 28 have you finished, have done 29 have cut, did it happen, slipped 30 did you get, got 31 did you meet, did, had 32 lost, has been, did he lose, was 33 has been, did you see, happened, ran 34 phoned, got 35 did not wear, have worn 36 has been, have just taken, has bought
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