too/enough/so . . . as with infinitive Exercises

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    too enough exercises enough too exercises alıştırma so as so that such that
    Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into one sentence using too/enough with infinitive. It is very cold. We can't go out.
    It is too cold for us to go out.
    He is strong. He can carry it.
    He is strong enough to carry it.

    Rewrite numbers 3, 20, and 35 using so . . . as with infinitive.
    (enough with infinitive could also be used here, while so . . . as could replace enough in numbers 9, 24, and 29. These alternatives are given in the key.)

    1 You are very young. You can't have a front-door key.
    2 It is very cold. We can't bathe.
    3 Would you be very kind and answer this letter by return?
    4 I am rather old. I can't wear that kind of hat.
    5 The ladder wasn't very long. It didn't reach the window.
    6 He hadn't much money. He couldn't live on it. (Omit it.)
    7 He was furious. He couldn't speak.
    8 The fire isn't very hot. It won't boil a kettle.
    9 Tom was very foolish. He told lies to the police.
    10 You are quite thin. You could slip between the bars.
    11 He is very ill. He can't eat anything.
    12 Our new car is very wide. It won't get through those gates.
    13 The floor wasn't strong. We couldn't dance on it. (Omit it.)
    14 I was terrified. I couldn't move.
    15 The bull isn't big. He couldn't harm you.
    16 The coffee isn't strong. It won't keep us awake.
    17 The river is deep. We can't wade it. (Omit it.)
    18 He is lazy. He won't get up early.
    19 He won't get up early so he never catches the fast train.
    20 Would you be very good and forward my letters while I am away?
    21 The ice is quite thick. We can walk on it. (Omit it.)
    22 He was very drunk. He couldn't answer my question.
    23 It is very cold. We can't have breakfast in the garden.
    24 He was extremely rash. He set off up the mountain in a thick fog.
    25 We aren't very high. We can't see the summit.
    26 You aren't very old. You can't understand these things.
    27 He was very snobbish. He wouldn't talk to any of us.
    28 The package is very thick. I can't push it through the letterbox. (Omit it.)
    29 She was very mean. She never gave to charity.
    30 He is very impatient. He never listens to anyone.
    31 I was very tired. I couldn't walk any further.
    32 It's not very dark. We can't see the stars clearly.
    33 It was very hot. You could fry an egg on the pavement.
    34 The oranges were very bitter. We couldn't eat them. (Omit them.)
    35 Would you be very kind and turn down the radio a little?
    36 He is very selfish. He wouldn't put himself out for anyone.

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    Cevap: too/enough/so . . . as with infinitive Exercises

    1 too young to have 2 too cold to bathe 3 so kind as to answer/kind enough to answer 4 too old to wear 5 long enough to reach 6 enough money to live on 7 too furious to speak 8 hot enough to boil 9 foolish enough to tell/so foolish as to tell 10 thin
    enough to slip 11 too ill to eat 12 too wide to get through 13 strong enough to dance on 14 too terrified to move 15 big enough to harm 16 strong enough to keep 17 too deep to wade 18 too lazy to get up 19 early enough to catch 20 so good as to forward/good enough to forward 21 thick enough to walk on 22 too drunk to answer 23 too cold to have 24 rash enough to set off/so rash as to set off 25 high enough to see 26 old enough to understand 27 too snobbish to talk 28 too thick to push through 29 too mean to give

    30 too impatient to listen 31 too tired to walk 32 not dark enough to see 33 hot enough to fry 34 too bitter to eat 35 so kind as to turn down/kind enough to turn down
    36 too selfish to put
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