Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin

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    13 Kasım 2008
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    Impeccable peccadillo
    You are off your guard
    Pussy will calls there by the church
    "Don't go in if you are abnormally attracted to sin"
    Abnormally attracted to sin
    She may be dead to you
    But her hips sway a natural kind of faith
    That could give your lost heart

    A warm chapel
    You'll sleep in her bell tower
    And you will simply wake
    Abnormally attracted to sin
    Abnormally attracted to sin
    Impeccable peccadillo
    I know who you are
    Tales of longing sway
    Lost without a verse
    Hymns of swing lay low there by the church
    "Don't go in if you are abnormally attracted to sin"

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