KPDS 2003 Mayıs Sorular - Cevaplar

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KPDS 2003 Mayıs Sorular - Cevaplar
1.-15. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.


[FONT=&quot]1[/FONT][FONT=&quot]. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]As the new field-worker will be working in close ________________ with several others, make sure you select someone with an agreeable personality.
[FONT=&quot]a) Uniformity b) suspicion c) collaboration d) discretion e) productivity

2. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Sponsorship is being increasingly allowed in schools provided it is regarded as being ________________ with educational curricula.
[FONT=&quot]a) Considerate b) predictable c) decisive d) compatible e) provocative
3. The discovery of a ________________ cancer-causing chemical in foods like crisps, chips and cereals caused shock waves around the world when it hit the headlines earlier this year.
a) Potentially b) remarkably c) controversially d) memorably e) concisely

4. Each year, large amounts of carbon monoxide are ________________ into the atmosphere by automobiles and factories.
a) Absorbed b) emitted c) exchanged d) repulsed e) compelled

5. The first two paragraphs ________________ the particular requirements of the digital environment as the source of data and as a means of producing maps and other visualizations.
a) Lay emphasis on b) run out of c) break through d) stop short of e) look down on

[FONT=&quot]6. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Professional tennis, which got its start in 1926 when the French player Suzanne Lenglen ________________ 50,000 US dollars for a tour, only ________________ full recognition in 1968.
[FONT=&quot]a) had been paid / has received
b) was paid / received
c) has been paid / would receive
d) is paid / receives
e) would be paid / had received

7. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Once the director ________________ just how much was at stake, he ________________ immediate steps to deal with the dispute.
[FONT=&quot]a) realizes / will take
b) has realized / had taken
c) had realized / took
d) realized / takes
e) would realize / has taken
8. The once radical notion that birds ________________ from dinosaurs ________________ stronger and stronger since palaeontologists first started taking it seriously a couple of decades ago.
a) descended / has grown
b) have descended / grew
c) had descended / had grown
d) descend / is growing
e) are descending / was growing

9. Throughout his term in office, President Clinton ________________ by allegations relating to the Whitewater real estate deal in which he and his wife, Hillary Clinton, ________________ prior to the 1992 election.
a) is dogged / are involved
b) had been dogged / were involved
c) was dogged / had been involved
d) has been dogged / have been involved
e) was being dogged / may have been involved

10. The essays taken together tell the story of how the US became an economic power ________________ a scale unprecedented ________________ history.
a) for / with b) at / by c) with / from d) thought / at e) on / in

[FONT=&quot]11. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]________________ the surprise of the archaeologists, the structures turned out to be the remains ________________ two domed tombs, each over a thousand years old.
[FONT=&quot]a) To / of b) At / from c) For / by d) With / over e) By / through

12. More than 29 million Africans are now infected with HIV, and the disease is killing ________________ Africans ________________ all the continent's wars combined.
a) so many / as b) either / or c) more / than d) not only / but also e) both / and

13. He did ________________ better in the interview ________________ any of the other applicants.
a) much / as b) rather / than c) as / for d) still / with e) far / from

14. Geographical Information System tools provide specialised functions for spatial data input, processing, analysis and output, ________________ Database Management System tools provide more advanced functions for storing and managing large spatial databases.
a) that b) due to c) while d) whether e) in that

15. Photosynthesis is the process ________________ green plants manufacture carbohydrates, using the energy of sunlight.
a) as when b) on which c) where d) by which e) since

16.- 20. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Anyone looking for a way to something for the environment need look no further than their own home. In its struggle to ___(16)__ with the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ___(17)___ 1990 levels, the EU ___(18)___ to reduce energy consumption in the home. This is ___(19)___ surprising since the EU's 160 million buildings are ___(20)___ responsible for a staggering 40% of all energy consumed by its 15 states.

16. a) coincide b) agree c) augment d) compete e) comply

17. a) forward b) above c) behind d) below e) back

18. a) to have sought b) would seek c) having sought d) would be seeking e) is seeking

19. a) hardly b) nevertheless c) more d) indeed e) just

20. a) nearly b) apparently c) therefore d) likely e) permanently

21.-25. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

The United States will officially take 70,000 refugees in 2003. ___(21)__ the number will be much lower as many thousands will be caught up in lengthy ___(22)___ necessitated by post-September 11th security procedures. In 2002, for example, America ___(23)___ only 30,000 refugees, the lowest number in 25 years. This is a remarkable ___(24)___ of America's traditional generosity ___(25)___ the world's displaced.

21. a) In place of b) In return c) In practice d) In case e) In excess of

22. a) distinctions b) competitions c) departures d) delays e) resources

23. a) had accepted b) has accepted c) would accept d) is accepting e) accepted

24. a) reversal b) exchange c) comparison d) expression e) appreciation

25. a) against b) through c) over d) towards e) beyond


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Cevap: KPDS 2003 Mayıs Sorular - Cevaplar

[FONT=&quot]26. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Unlike most animals, the baby elephant very often has to be up on its feet and moving with the herd ________________.
[FONT=&quot]a) whether it is fully functional straightaway
b) so it has an amazing ability to lean and remember things
c) as if there were a long period of juvenile dependency
d) before it is even an hour old
e) because a nomadic life-style necessitated such practices
27. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]According to the newspapers, the investigators, who visited Ukraine over the sale of radar-detection equipment to Iraq, complained ________________.
[FONT=&quot]a) Until considerable incriminating evidence has been discovered
b) though some officials have admittedly cooperated
c) that vital information was being withheld
d) whether other countries ought to come under their scrutiny
e) though effective action would have been forthcoming
28. Japan has produced two hi-tech stadiums ________________.a) that has been designed to serve several purposes
b) which display the sort of innovation for fun treatment we expect from that country
c) neither of them is designed with the fans in mind
d) whenever there is novelty for the sake of novelty
e) as there is provision for novel waterproofing systems which are highly effective

29. ________________, urban farms are usually far more productive than their rural counterparts.
a) If city authorities and agricultural researchers continue to ignore urban farming
b) Because they tend to be small and carefully looked after
c) Even though most farmers didn't use yield-boosting chemicals
d) While the highest productivity has been on the smallest plots
e) As better child nutrition can be linked to the local production of food in urban areas

30. It has only recently been accepted ________________.a) just as in Huntington's disease a defective protein kills brain cells
b) why the nerve cells of the adult human brain were long thought to be too specialized to regenerate
c) because now it appears that the brain can greatly increase production in an attempt to repair damage
d) In case the discovery raises the possibility of developing drugs to encourage cells to regenerate faster and sooner
e) that adult human brains can generate new cells

31. ________________ as one does not know the contents of the next chapter!
a) He should have weighed the matter more carefully at the start
b) The writing of any kind of contemporary history is always a dangerous business
c) The subject he chose was a highly controversial one
d) The speech aroused no response whatsoever in the audience
e) He'll probably keep within the limits set down by his adviser

32. Though the UK possesses a third of all Europe's wind energy potential ________________.a) Denmark was leading in the world in wind technology
b) most of the industrial world had been slow to recognize the benefits of wind
c) it still produces far less than other European countries
d) hydroelectric power is another renewable energy resource
e) there could have been a drop of around 7% in the gas emissions

33. ________________, a multitude of new residential developments are underway.
a) Unless the first impression is a good one
b) Once the new marina had started
c) If there were a reception centre to greet prospective customers
d) Since Dubal would like to persuade people to stay on a more permanent basis
e) As if they have benefited from the swimming pool and sports facilities

34. Although relatively few people have outright food allergies, ________________.
a) there are many who have difficulty in digesting certain foods
b) peanuts are among the most allergenic foods
c) biotechnologists are altering some foods genetically in an attempt to eliminate the proteins
d) the majority took a firm stand against genetically modified foods
e) the number of people who experience a reaction to vegetables is very negligible

35. If only the tax return over the year had been as high as had been predicted, ________________.
a) this can easily be accounted for
b) they have underestimated their economic commitments
c) some people regard accounting as an art, not a science
d) companies are no longer the unified, self-contained organizations that they used to be
e) such increased government outlays on public services would have been feasible
36.-40. sorularda, verilen İngilzce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.


[FONT=&quot]36. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]At the 1994 Brussels NATO summit a "partnership for peace" programme was formally launched, enabling the old Warsaw Pact members and former Sovlet republics to take part in a wide range of military cooperation with NATO.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]
a) Eski Varşova Paktı üyeleri ve önceki Sovyet cumhuriyetleri, 1994 Brüksel NATO zirvesinde kabul edilen "barış için ortaklık" programı sayesinde NATO ile askeri alanda çok kapsamlı işbirliği yapma olanağı buldular.
b) Eski Varşova Paktı üyelerinin ve önceki Sovyet cumhuriyetlerinin NATO ile geniş kapsamlı askeri işbirliği yapmalarını sağlamaya yönelik "barış için ortaklık" programı, ancak 1994 Brüksel NATO zirvesinde resmen hayata geçirilme olanağı buldu.
c) 1994 Brüksel NATO zirvesinde ilk kez önerilen "barış için ortaklık" programı, eski Varşova Paktı üyelerine ve önceki Sovyet cumhuriyetlerine NATO ile askeri alanda sıkı bir işbirliği yapma olanağı sağlamayı amaçlıyordu.
d) 1994 Brüksel NATO zirvesinde, eski Varşova Paktı üyelerine ve önceki Sovyet cumhuriyetlerine NATO ile geniş kapsamlı bir askeri işbirliği yapma olanağı sağlayan "barış için ortaklık" programı resmen yürürlüğe kondu.
e) "Barış için ortaklık", ilk kez 1994 Brüksel NATO zirvesinde resmen kararlaştırılıp yürürlüğe konan ve eski Varşova Paktı üyeleri ile önceki Sovyet cumhuriyetlerine NATO ile askeri işbirliği olanağı sağlayan geniş kapsamlı bir programdır.

37. One of the issues covered by the Maastricht Treaty, which took effect on 1 November 1993, is the European Union's decision-making process.
a) 1 Kasım 1993'te yürürlüğe giren Maastricht Antlaşması ile Avrupa Birliği'nin karar alma sürecine ilişkin sorunlarından biri çözülmüştür.
b) Avrupa Birliği'nin karar alma süreciyle ilgili konuları kapsayan Maastricht Antlaşması, 1 Kasım 1993'te yürürlüğe girmiştir.
c) 1 Kasım 1993'te yürürlüğe giren Maastricht Antlaşması, Avrupa Birliği'nin karar alma sürecinin konu edildiği düzenlemelerden biridir.
d) Avrupa Birliği'nin karar alma skürecine ilişkin sorunların, 1 Kasım 1993'te yürürlüğe giren Maastricht Antlaşması'yla çözülmesi amaçlanmaştır.
e) 1 Kasım 1993'te yürürlüğe giren Maastricht Antlaşması'nda kapsanan konulardan biri, Avrupa Birliği'nin karar alma sürecidir.

38. At a UN conference held in Rome in July 1998, an agreement was reached to set up a permanent international criminal court to try individuals accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
a) Temmuz 1998'de Roma'da apılan BM konferansında alınan bir kararla kurulan uluslararası daimi ceza mahkemesi, savaş suçu ve insanlığa karşı diğer suçları işleyen kişilerin yargılanmasıyla görevlendirilmiştir.
b) Savaş suçları ve insanlığa karşı suçlarla itham edilen kişilerin yargılanmasıyla amacıyla bir uluslararası daimi ceza mahkemesinin kurulması ancak Temmuz 1998'de Roma'da yapılan bir BM konferansında alınan kararla mümkün olmuştur.
c) Temmuz 1998'de Roma'da yapılan bir BM konferansında, savaş suçları ve insanlığa karşı suçlarla itham edilen kişileri yargılamak amacıyla bir uluslararası daimi ceza mahkemesinin kurulması için anlaşmaya varıldı.
d) temmuz 1998'de Roma'da yapılan BM konferansında bir uluslararası daimi ceza mahkemesinin kurulmasına karar verilince, savaş suçları gibi insanlık suçu işleyen kişilerin yargılanması mümkün olmuştur.
e) Savaş suçları gibi insanlık suçu işlemiş kişileri yargılayacak uluslarası bir daimi ceza mahkemesinin kurulması konusunda Temmuz 1998'de Roma'da yapılan bir BM konferansında anlaşmaya varıldı.

39. The European Monetary System was established in 1979 in the wake of the 1974 oil crisis, which brought growing disruption to European economics because of floating exchange rates.
a) 1974'teki petrol bunalımının dalgalı döviz kurları nedeniyle avrupa ekonomilerinde giderek artan bir tıkanmaya yol açması, 1979'da Avrupa Para Sistemi'nin kurulması ile sonuçlanmıştır.
b) Avrupa Para Sistemi, dalgalı döviz kurları nedeniyle avrupa ekonomilerinde giderek artan bir tıkanmaya yol açan 1974 petrol bunalımının arkasından, 1979'da kurulmuştur.
c) 1979'da kurulan Avrupa Para Sistemi, 1974'teki petrol bunalımına bağlı olarak ortaya çıkan dalgalı döviz kurlarının Avrupa ekonomilerinde büyüyen bir tıkanmaya yol açmasının sonucudur.
d) 1974 petrol bunalımında dalgalı döviz kurlarının ortaya çıkması, Avrupa ekonomilerinin giderek artan bir tıkanmaya sürüklenmesi ve 1979'da Avrupa Para Sistemi'nin kurulması gibi bir dizi olaya neden olmuştur.
e) 1979'da Avrupa Para Sistemi'nin kurulmasında temel etken, 1974 petrol bunalımının dalgalı döviz kurları nedeniyle Avrupa ekonomilerinde giderek büyüyen bir tıkanmaya yol açmasıdır.


[FONT=&quot]40. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]"Project Skylab" was designed to demonstrate that men can live and work inspace for prolonged periods without ill effects.
[FONT=&quot]a) "Skyab Projesi", insanların kötü sonuçlarla karşılaşmadan uzayda uzunsüre yaşayabilecklerini ve çalışabileceklerini göstermek için tasarlanmıştır.
b) İnsanların, hiçbir kötü etki olmadan uzun süre uzayda yaşayarak çalışabilekleri, 3Skylab Projesi" ile ortaya konmuştur.
c) "Skylab Projesi"nini amacı, insanların herhangi bir olumsuzluk olmadan uzayda uzun süre yaşamlarının ve çalışmalarının mümkün olup olmadığını araştırmaktı.
d) İnsanların uzayda uzun süre yaşabileceklerini ve çalışabileceklerini ortaya koymak için tasarlanan "Skylab Projesi", hiçbir kötü sonuçta karşılaşılmadan tamamlanmıştır.
e) "Skylab Projesi" tasarlanırken, insanların hiçbir olumsuz sonuç olmadan uzayda uzunsüre yaşama ve çalışma olanağına sahip olduklarını ispat etmek amaçlanmıştı.

41.-45. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

41. Amerikalılar, evlerini ısıtmak için doğalgazdan güneş enerjisine kadar çeşitli enerji kaynakları kullanılmaktadırlar.
a) In order to heat their homes, Americans prefer to use different forms of energy, including natural gas and solar power.
b) Americans use a variety of energy sources, from natural gas to solar power, to heat their homes.
c) Natural gas and solar power are just two of the energy sources that Americans use to heat their homes.
d) Americans favour natural gas and solar power as the energy sources for heating their homes.
e) In order to heat their homes, American seem to prefer either natural gas or solar energy over other energy sources.

42. Hükümet giriş ücretlerini kaldırır kaldırmaz, çok daha fazla kişi müzeleri ve sanat galerilerini ziyaret etmeye başladı.
a) Following the government's ruling for no entrance charges for museums and art galleries, more and more people will start to visit them.
b) An increasing number of people had begun to visit the museums and art galleries even before the government abolished entrance fees.
c) If the government decides to stop charging entrance fees for museums and art galleries, many more people will start to visit them
d) As soon as the government had abolished entrance charges, many more people started to visit the museums and art galleries.
e) Now, as there are no admission charges for museums and art galleries, following a government ruling, an increasing number of people are visiting them.

43. Uzay mekiği Colombia'nın patlaması ve astronotlarının ölümü konusunda herkesin cevaplanmasını istediği soru çok basit: Neden?
a) The question everyone wants answered as regards the explosion of the space shuttle Colombia and the deaths of its astronauts is very simple: why?
b) Following the explosion of the space shuttle, Colombia, and the deaths of its astronauts, the simple question everyone is asking: why?
c) After the explosion of the space shuttle Colombia and the deaths of its astronauts, the problem that worried everyone, was: why?
d) When the space shuttle Colombia exploded and its crew died, the question everyone was asking was quite simply: why?
e) When the space shuttle Colombia, together with all its crew, exploded, everyone asked the same, simple question: why?[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]44. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Birleşmiş Milletler'in, Filistin'in Yahudi ve arap bölgelerine bölünmesini onaylaması üzerine, 14 Mayıs 1948'de İsrail devleti ilan edildi.
[FONT=&quot]a) Once The United Nations had recommended partitioning Palestine into Jewish and Arab regions, the state of Israel could have been proclaimed on 14 May 1948.
b) Once the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab regions had been approved by the United Nations, the state of Israel was immediately proclaimed an 14 May 1948.
c) Upon the United Nations' approval of the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab territories, the state o Israel was proclaimed on 14 May 1948.
d) The state of Israel was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 since the United Nations was recommending the partitioning of Palestine into Jewish and Arab parts.
e) The state of Israel was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 following there commendation of the United Nations that Palestine should be divided into Jewish and Arab territories.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]45. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Ağlama, yalnızca insana özgü olan gülmenin tersine, insanın başka birçok hayvanla paylaştığı bir özelliktir.
[FONT=&quot]a) In common with many other animals, human beings laugh but do not cry.
b) Humans, like many other animals, cry, but laughing seems to be reserved for them alone.
c) Animals and humans can cry, but it is only humans, who laugh.
d) The ability to cry is shared by humans and all other animal, but no laughter; that is uniquely human.
e) Crying, as opposed to laughing which is uniquely human, is a characteristics that humans share with many other animals.

46.-51. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz.

46. In Japan, the brighter economic picture of the first 6 months of 2002 failed to carry over into the second half of the year. ___________. This was no doubt influenced by rising unemployment which is now at a record high.
a) External demand supported Japan's exporters to some degree, but the domestic market was at a low ebb
b) The year 2003 will doubtless be another difficult year for the Japanese economy
c) Recovery looks like being slow
d) This uncertainty gave rise to a cut in interest rates
e) Once global investor confidence returns, equity markets will, in all likelihood, start to perform well again

47. There is a popular theory that suggests we only use 10 per cent of our brain, and that if we could just find a way to tap the other 90 per cent it might be employed in the important question o how it works. ____________. A recent spate of studies shows that all areas of the brain are active when performing day-to-day functions and there is no 90 per cent that remains untapped.
a) There are countless other ways in which the human brain is unique
b) Unfortunately, this theory has turned out to be wrong
c) We should also remember that other animals are clever too, though in different ways
d) Another theory tries to account for the fact that we are suspicious of other's motives
e) This explains why, unlike other animals, we are able to ignore the selfish dictates of our genes

48. Satellite tracking of sharks has at last put an end to a 50-year-old assumption about their habits, ___________. Instead, they travel vast distances all year round in search of zooplankton, their favourite food.
a) Our knowledge concerning the habits of sharks has increased immensely during this period
b) Some assumptions never do get tested
c) In this respect sharks are quite unlike whales
d) It has now been finally established that they do not hibernate
e) Such an assumption was easy enough to discredit

49. A recent survey carried out by the UK lecturers' union shows that almost a quarter of respondents rate their academic freedom as limited, poor or non-existent. ___________. In 30% of cases, that pressure had come from the organization paying for the research.
a) Researchers in every sector know that they must get positive results into journals
b) Most worrying is the results of this loss of integrity on medical research
c) Some researchers said they had been pressurized to alter results, delay their publication or even bury them
d) The public loss of confidence in science has reached serious proportions and must be faced squarely
e) Those with access to the truth are too often those with most to gain from avoiding it

50. For many of the world's crucial arable lands, the availability of water is the single greatest threat to yields. ___________. One way to ensure this is drip irrigation which delivers water direct to the plants' roots. It is unfortunately, far more expensive than flood irrigation.
a) Actually, certain minor changes could greatly improve the efficiency of many of the world's largest irrigation system
b) Moreover, the monitoring of soil moisture can also be useful
c) Agricultural researchers are working to develop strains of rice that require lass water
d) In certain areas the food eaten by livestock comes from irrigated fields
e) It is therefore essential that less water is wasted


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Cevap: KPDS 2003 Mayıs Sorular - Cevaplar

[FONT=&quot]51. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Zambia's people have a literacy rate of 78%, which is high compared with many poor African countries. However, it has only library, one university and no television stations. Its economy is very limited, with copper mining accounting for over 80% of the country's foreign currency intake. ___________.
[FONT=&quot]a) Even so, in 2001, its president, Chiluba, contemplated changing the constitution to allow him to run for another presidential term
b) In fact, it has an annual industrial growth rate of only 1 per cent
c) Early humans inhabited present-day Zambia two million years ago
d) In 1972, Kenneth Kaunda, the first president o the country, outlawed all opposition political parties.
e) In 1924, the British government took over the administration of the region

52.-57. sorlarda, verilen durumda söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

52. You have a friend, who is a banker, and for some time he has been advising you to buy certain shares. You have put off ding so, but it has become clear that your investments are not doing at all well, and so you have decided to take his advice. You phone him and say.
a) It gave me a nasty shock to see that the shares you so strongly recommended have fallen so sharply.
b) I'm somewhat uneasy about those shares you recommend. I'll think it over for a day or two.
c) I wish I had bought more of those shares before they went up.
d) By the way, the shares you persuaded me to buy really have gone up nicely.
e) I'm quite convinced that your advice was right; so I'm going to invest in those shares.

53. You are a professional climber helping to organize some amateurs. When the climbers left, the weather was clear and bright. But since than a great deal of mist has descended over the mountains and visibility is almost nil. None of these climbers are very experienced and you are worried that they will lose their way and perhaps panic and fall. You can't decide what to do but want to share you worry, and so turn to a colleague at the camp and say:
a) Of course, in situation like this, we can't send anyone after them.
b) Thanks goodness, we sent a good guide with them, so there's no need to worry.
c) I do feel anxious about them. Have you any suggestions about what we ought to do?
d) This mist is already lifting and that is the end of the problem.
e) Several of them are quite experienced. Don't you think they'll manage to take care of the others?

54. New policies for market expansion have been under discussion at a board meeting. The president likes to keep things as they are but you feel it is necessary to implement at least some new policies, or the company really will start to get into serious trouble. You say:
a) I doubt whether any of these suggestions for market leadership would bear fruit.
b) Sometimes change may be necessary. but in our case it isn't really urgent.
c) Are these changes sufficient to keep the company afloat?
d) I know you don't like change, but, unless such changes are introduced, the company is going to suffer.
e) I'm not at all convinced that these new policies will get the results we want.

55. A younger colleague has been working hard on a research project. He's now come across a major problem, and this has so discouraged him that he seems about to give the whole project up. You are quite sure he's perfectly capable of overcoming the problem. So, you say to him:
a) With your talents, you can easily succeed! Just set your mind to it!
b) If you are really in trouble there are plenty of people who will help you.
c) It seems to me that this project constitutes too big a challenge for you.
d) If you find this so difficult why don't you find another topic?
e) Are you quite sure that this project is worth all the effort you are putting into it?

56. A young colleague has unfortunately got himself mixed up with a group of decidedly unpleasant people. There have been two incidents recently in which the police have been called in. This has upset the young man and he has come to you for advice. You want him to make a complete break with the group around him immediately, and say firmly.
a) It's time to make new friends, with people who are more like you.
b) Start to see less of them; say you're busy.
c) You'd better break off all ties with that group once and for all!
d) I honestly can't understand what you see in them.
e) If I were you, I'd slowly start to keep out of their way.


[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]57. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]You are as the lawyer for the defence at a trial for a case of burglary. When it's your turn to cross-examine the witness you begin by asking a question that doesn't relate to the man's appearance. You say:
[FONT=&quot]a) When you saw this man, was he smartly dressed?
b) You say this man4s hair was black. Could that have been because the night was dark?
c) You've described him well. How old do you think he was?
d) Did the man seem to you to be excited, or was he quite calm?
e) This man you saw, did he turn left or right when he left the building?

58.-63. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

58. (I)A true partnership between develop and developing countries could have achieved a breakthrough. (II)Over the past half-century the dream of a world free from poverty, disease and despair has grown no nearer to fulfilment. (III)In the 1960s, some 60 countries actually grew poorer. (IV)Over the years, 30,000 children have been dying daily of preventable disease. (V)Further, the spread of AIDS has become the most deadly epidemic in human history.
a) I b) II c) III d) IV e) V

59. (I)The world's population continues to increase. (II)And despite the rise in high-tech agriculture, 800 million people don't get enough to eat. (III)Admittedly, that's often due to a lack of money-the world actually produces enough for everyone, at least for now. (IV)In many African countries, famine has been a major concern for the United Nations. (V)But by 2050 we will have 9 billion mouths to feed, 3 billion more than today. .
a) I b) II c) III d) IV e) V

60. (I)It will be a bad year for football clubs across Europe. (II)Having met spiralling wage demands and transfer fees in the belief that increasing television revenues would cover the costs, the realization that they will not, will lead to urgent reform. (III)Clubs across Europe have been given lucrative television contracts. (IV)Middle-sized clubs in England, Italy and Germany will be worst affected. (V)At least ten well-known clubs are at risk of bankruptcy.
a) I b) II c) III d) IV e) V

61. (I)The Colosseum in Rome, which was the largest and most famous of the Roman amphitheatres, was opened for use in 80 A.D. (II)Even so, there are others that are in better condition. (III)Elliptical in shape, it consisted of three storeys and upper gallery. (IV)It was principally used for gladiatorial combat. (V)As for its capacity, it could seat up to 50,000 spectators.
a) I b) II c) III d) IV e) V

62. (I)Aerobic dancing, which exercises the whole body, is a popular type of exercise and is available at most community centres. (II)Stress aerobics primarily exercises the muscles in the upper legs (III)There people can exercise at their own pace with guidance from experienced instructors. (IV)Lively music and familiar routines make the workout enjoyable. (V)Further, committing oneself to a schedule and exercising with friends can improve motivation.
a) I b) II c) III d) IV e) V

63. (I)Sir Francis Galton is an English anthropologist and a pioneer of human intelligence studies. (II)He made important contributions to many fields of knowledge. (III)His research revealed important facts about the intellectual and physical characteristics that are passed on from one generation to the next. (IV)Galton's family included men and women of exceptional ability one of whom was his cousin Charles Darwin. (V)He also discovered that characteristics of two different generations could be plotted against one another.
a) I b) II c) III d) IV e) V

64.-69. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

64. We might well find that we need more than three weeks in which to complete a report of this kind.
a) It shouldn't take us more than three weeks to finish a report like this one.
b) We might as well try to get this report finished within three weeks.
c) I don't imagine we can get through this report in three weeks, but we can try.
d) A report of this kind has never been drawn up in under three weeks.
e) It's quite likely that three weeks won't be sufficient for us to finalize such a report.


[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]65. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Frankly, in my opinion the girl's musical abilities are no more than average for her age.
[FONT=&quot]a) Even so, if you take the girl's age into account, her musical performance was no better than that of any of the others.
b) To be honest, I don't think the girl's musical talents are anything out of the ordinary considering her age.
c) To be fair, for a girl of her age, you can hardly regard her musical abilities as impressive.
d) Indeed she's not all that young, so I don't think this girl merits so much praise for her musical abilities
e) If you think about it, there's nothing extraordinary about her musical performance if you remember her age.

66. For many years now transport planners in the UK have been demanding that motorists pay directly for the use of roads.
a) In the opinion of British transport planners, it is the motorists themselves who should have paid for the upkeep of the roads all these years.
b) Over the years, transport planners in the UK have been suggesting that the upkeep of roads must be paid for by the motorists themselves.
c) Transport planners in the UK have, for a long time now, been insisting that those who use the roads must pay for them directly.
d) British transport planners recommended, a long time ago, that those who use the roads must pay for their upkeep directly.
e) In Britain, transport planners have been arguing for many years that the upkeep of the roads is the responsibility of motorists.

67. The dramatic fall in share prices took even the experts by surprise.
a) Even those in the know were unprepared for the rapid drop in share prices.
b) The experts themselves were worried at the sudden drop in share prices.
c) The rapid fall in share prices came as a shock to all but the experts.
d) Even those who had been following share prices closely hadn't expected them to fall so dramatically.
e) When share prices suddenly dropped, even those who knew the market well were apprehensive.

68. The new range of products launched last Autumn is already selling well.a) The market for the new goods has improved greatly since last Autumn.
b) Sales of the new products that appeared on the market in the Autumn, are at last doing well.
c) Articles on sale for the first time in the Autumn are finally selling well.
d) The goods put onto the market for the first time last Autumn lave already found plenty of buyers.
e) The are still few buyers for t he new range of goods that first made an appearance last Autumn.

69. Social behaviour depends very much on the information we collect about other people.
a) Our social behaviour reflects to some extent what we feel about the people around us.
b) The conduct of he people around us dictates our own social behaviour.
c) Our knowledge of others has a considerable effect upon our social behaviour.
d) Our attitude towards the people we come into contact with is naturally reflected in our social behaviour.
e) As we collect information about other people the way we behave towards them may alter radically.
70.-75. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.

70. Colin :- How do people spend their money in Britain once the basic expenses have been met?
Gary :-It rather depends on the age group. The young ones like to eat and go to night clubs and health clubs.
Colin : ______
Gary :-They tend to spend quite a lot on improving their homes and their gardens.
a) What about the summer holidays? Where do they like to go?
b) Are you sure? I thought they liked going off to France or Spain at weekends.
c) How old are these "young" people you talk about?
d) That doesn4t appeal to me. I must be getting old!
e) And what about the more sober middle-aged ones?
71. Adam :- In the 1980s, surely, there were high rates of unemployment in Italy as well as in England?
Clive :-Quite so. But in England you saw the unemployment everywhere, but not in Italy.
Adam : ______
Clive :-Because actually the people in Italy were all employed doing something in hundreds of informal ways that the taxman presumably never knew about.
a) Not in Germany, either, I imagine.
b) Are you sure about that?
c) I never knew that. What happened?
d) I wonder why that was?
e) How odd! I suppose they all stayed indoors.
72. Jean :- Why are you applying for a position in General Hospital in Southampton?
Adam :-Well, to start with, it's a first class hospital. Also the situation appeals to me.
Jean :______
Adam :-Not really. Just one hour by rail.
a) But it's an awful long way from London.
b) I thought you'd prefer some place nearer to London.
c) You haven't even seen the place!
d) Well, it certainly doesn't appeal to me!
e) Otherwise, you'd be advised to stay nearer to London.

73. James :- The third lunar attempt was classified as a "successful failure". What an odd term!
Alan :-Not really. It failed because it didn't achieve what it set out to do; but the crew were rescued and that was its success.
James : ______
Alan :-Right. And the emphasis is in the right place: on human life.
a) I believe one of the oxygen tanks was ruptured during the attempt.
b) Is that true or did you make it up?
c) Yes, now I understand. It's logical when you think about it.
d) I can't even remember why the attempt was aborted.
e) When the shuttle Challenger exploded, it killed the crew of seven.

74. Greg :- If they say something is a "foregone conclusion", what do they mean?
Father :-They mean it's pretty certain what's going to happen.
Greg : ______
Father :-They mean there's not much doubt about which country is going to win.
a) So, imagine they are talking about who is going to win the tennis tournament.
b) So, if they are talking about who is going to win the war, what do they mean?
c) Can there be a foregone conclusion when they are deciding on Nobel prize winners?
d) But can one be quite certain about anything?
e) Are you quite sure you are going to get that promotion?

75. Janet:- Was "The Flying Scotsman" an aircraft?
Bruce :_______
Jean : - Then why is it described as "flying"?
Bruce :-Because it was a fast train. It was a luxury express running between London and Edinburg.
a) No, it wasn't; it was a train.
b) I'm not sure. Perhaps it was.
c) I don't think so. It could have been an athlete.
d) Ask Richard. He's knowledgeable about aircraft.
e) I don't see why it should be.


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Cevap: KPDS 2003 Mayıs Sorular - Cevaplar

[FONT=&quot]76.-80. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]It may be that golf originated in Holland but certainly Scotland fostered the game and is famous for it. In fact, in 1457 the Scottish Parliament, disturbed because football and golf had lured young Scots from the more soldierly exercise of archery, passed an ordinance that banned football and golf. James I and Charles I of the royal line of Stuarts were golf enthusiasts, whereby the game came to be known as "the royal and ancient game of golf". The golf balls used in the early games were leather-covered and stuffed with feathers. Clubs of all kinds were fashioned by hand to suit individual-players. The great step in spreading the game came with the change from the feather ball to the present-day ball introduced in about 1850. In 1860, formal competitions began with the establishment of an annual tournament for the British Open championship. There are records of "golf clubs" in the United States as far back as colonial days. However, it remained a rather sedate and almost aristocratic pastime until a 20-year-old Francis Ouimet of Boston defeated two great British professionals, Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, in the United States Open championship at Brookline, Mass., in 1913. This feat put the game and Francis Ouimet on the front pages of the newspapers and stirred a wave of enthuslasm for the sport.

76. As we understand from the passage, golf only became a popular game __________.a) after an unknown American beat two famous British golf players in a US tournament.
b) following the annual tournament organized in 1860.
c) in the time of James.
d) after the introduction of annual formal competitions in both England and America.
e) after golf clubs were set up in colonial America.

77. According to the passage, it was at one time believed in Scotland that __________.
a) football was a better game than golf for young people.
b) annual tournaments made the game too competitive.
c) golf was having an adverse effect on young people's military skills
d) young people should be encouraged to take up either golf or archery
e) the origins of archery were in some way associated with Holland

78. It is pointed out in the passage that golf __________.
a) was to some extent practised in colonial America
b) has been overshadowed by football in recent times
c) requires a great deal of expensive equipment
d) receives less newspaper coverage than football
e) didn't arouse as much enthusiasm as archery did in medieval Scotland

79. The point is made in the passage that golf has been described as a "royal" game __________.a) though for the last two centuries no kings have participated in the game
b) since the professionals of the game are treated with so much respect
c) as golf clubs are particular about who they accept as members
d) because two British kings were passionately
e) which Americans find very annoying

80. As we learn from the passage, it was around the mid-19th century that __________.a) the old golf ordinance of the Scottish Parliament was repealed
b) the first formal golf competitions between America and Britain were held
c) the newspapers began to cover major golf championships
d) Scotland became the world's leading country in golf
e) important changes were introduced into golf

81.-85. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]The economic news from Europe was particularly disappointing in the second half of 2002. Moreover, recent surveys from the region imply little prospect of improvement in the near future. Perhaps the most worrying aspect has been the sharp decline in conditions in Germany-the area's largest and most important economy. Domestic demand in Germany is very weak and, with the global economy also struggling, Germany's manufacturers have not been able to export their way out of trouble as they have done in the past. With the economy in such a weak state, it is no surprise then that European stock markets have followed the US stock markets' downturn over the past 6 months. While individual share pries may be lower and market valuations look attractive, the economy does not. Recovery seems some way off and strong equity performance from Europe's markets seems unlikely in 2003.

81. We understand from the passage that the economic prospects in the current year for the European stock markets __________.
a) are not foreseeable
b) are certainly promising
c) are constantly under discussion
d) seem most encouraging
e) don't look hopeful

82. It is pointed out in the passage that the present economic recession in Germany __________.a) is actually not as serious as is being experienced in several other European countries
b) is being overcome by means of increased exports
c) is more persistent than previous ones have been
d) should have been foreseen much earlier
e) has been exaggerated in several surveys recently

83. The passage points out that Germany's current economic problems __________.
a) have left the stock markets of Europe unaffected
b) have led to a worrying decline in the world economy
c) are far serious than those of any other country in Europe
d) stem in part from a drop in domestic sales
e) are in fact not as alarming as they were once thought to be


[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]84. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]According to the passage, the trend in European stock markets __________.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]a) does not reflect the economic situation in Germany
b) has been roughly the same as that in the US stock markets
c) improved greatly during the last six months of 2002
d) is related to the level of domestic demand in Germany
e) seems to change every six months

85. The phrase "to export their way out of trouble" means __________.
a) to expand their market capacity through more exports
b) to find trouble-free markets for exports
c) to work extremely hard to increase their exports
d) to put and end to the slump
e) to get out of the recession through increased exports

86.-90. sorularda aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Scientist who study earth's moon have two big regrets about the six Apollo missions that landed a dozen astronauts on the lunar surface between 1969 and 1972. The biggest regret, of course, is that the emissions ended so abruptly, with so much of the moon still unexplored. But researchers also lament that the great triumph of Apollo led to a popular misconception: because astronauts have visited the moon, there is no compelling reason to go back. In the 1990s, however, two probes that orbited the moon raised new questions about Earth's airless satellite. One stunning discovery was strong evidence of water ice in the perpetually shadowed areas near the moon's poles. Because scientists believe that comets deposited water and organic compounds on both Earth and its moon, well-preserved ice at the lunar poles could yield clues to the origins of life. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]86. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]The point made in the passage is that it may be possible to __________.
[FONT=&quot]a) come to a better understanding of comets through the study of the moon
b) learn more about the beginnings of life from the ice at the moon's poles
c) resume Apollo missions as there is evidence of water on the moon
d) identify the origin of the organic compounds found on the moon
e) have a full knowledge of the moon without sending anymore astronauts there

87. As is pointed out in the passage, one significant outcome of the lunar probes in the 1990s was __________.
a) the staggering finding of evidence of water on the moon
b) the focussing of scientific attention on the comets
c) the resumption of lunar missions
d) the realization that life is possible on the moon
e) the realization that there were great similarities between earth and moon

88. According to the passage, even through there were six Apollo missions to the moon roughly thirty years ago, __________.
a) none of them could claim to be successful
b) man's knowledge of the moon has not increased at all
c) a very large proportion of the lunar surface remains to date unexamined
d) it was only the lunar poles that were explored fully
e) the idea of sending astronauts back to the moon seems even more far-fetched than formerly

89. As we understand from the passage, a great many people __________.
a) believe lunar missions should continue indefinitely
b) regard the Apollo missions as a scientific breakthrough
c) are sure the moon cannot support life
d) feel that the very fact that man has landed on the moon is enough
e) regard scientific investigations of the moon as unfeasible

90. A major point made in the passage is that __________.a) comets hold the secrets of the origins of life in the universe
b) the six Apollo missions to the moon were a great scientific success
c) the chances of finding water on the moon are very slim
d) the probes of the 1990s demonstrated that the lunar landings should have continued
e) scientists are agreed that there is nothing further to learn about the moon


[FONT=&quot]91.-95. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NITS) will soon be testing a controversial theory about the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. According to an analysis by a leading fire-safety expert, had the fire-proofing insulation on the towers' steel structures been thicker, the towers would have survived longer and might even have remained standing after they were hit by the hijacked planes. The work is being seized on by lawyers representing victims' families and insurance companies. If confirmed, it could also lead to changes in building codes. NIST is responsible for drawing up the final report on the towers' collapses and recommending if any changes are needed. It is widely accepted that the collapses were caused by the failure of the buildings' steel structure as it was weakened by the heat of the fires.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]91. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]As it is pointed out in the passage, it is commonly recognized that the main cause for the collapse of the twin towers __________.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]a) will only be understood after the release of a detailed report by NITS
b) can never be established beyond doubt
c) was the weakening of the steel structure due to the heat of the fire
d) was not so much due to the heat of the fires as to the force of the impact of the hijacked planes
e) is of special interest to insurance companies

92. It is clear from the passage that __________.
a) the strength of the steel structure of the towers had been questioned when the designs were drawn up
b) NIST has already made a through study of the collapse of the towers
c) the reason for the sudden collapse of the two towers is still under debate
d) the structure of the twin towers was in many respects well below standard
e) the hijacked planes hit the weakest parts of the twin towers

93. As we learn from the passage, a specialist in fire safety __________.a) puts the blame for the collapse of the towers on the thin fire-proofing insulation
b) is to blame for negligence as regards the buming of the twin towers
c) has been cooperating with the victims' lawyers to start legal procedures
d) has been commissioned to prepare a report on the collapse of the towers
e) should have been aware of the structural weakness of the towers and given due warning

94. As is pointed out in the passage, the inadequacy of the fire-proofing insulation of the towers __________.
a) has been accepted by NIST as the main cause of the collapse
b) has aroused a great deal of legal attention
c) is less important than the weakness of the steel structure as the cause f the collapse
d) had long been recognized by fire-safety experts as the weakest point in their construction
e) has never been considered by any serious body

95. According to the passage, if the tower collapse theory concerning the fire-proofing insulation proves to be true, __________.
a) this will have, even so, no direct bearing on the fight against terrorism
b) the victims' families will get no compensation
c) this will free NITS from all blame
d) then lawyers will have no grounds for objections
e) then NITS will probably introduce new building regulations

96.-100. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]The long-expected decline in the dollar is now well under way. For years economists have predicted that America's huge current-account deficit would eventually cause its currency to plunge. So far the dollar's slide has been fairly gradual: it is down by 13% in trade-weighted terms over the past year, though it has dropped by almost twice as much against the euro since its 2001 peak. As the decline seemed to pick up speed this week, John Snow, George Bush's Treasury Secretary, declared that he favours a "strong dollar policy". That was surely the wrong answer, even leaving aside the debatable issue of whether cabinet secretaries can influence the level of exchange rates. A weaker, not a stronger dollar, is what the world needs now-so long as policymakers elsewhere respond appropriately. America promoted a strong dollar throughout the 1990s, when inflation was still thought to be the main enemy. Today it makes less sense. Even after its recent slide, the dollar seems overvalued. Moreover, with ample space capacity in America, deflation looks a bigger risk than inflation.


[FONT=&quot]96. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]It is pointed out in the passage that the American policy, in the 1990s, for a strong dollar __________.
[FONT=&quot]a) seems less rational now than it did than
b) has proved successful in boosting the economy
c) has been reversed by the Treasury Secretary, John Snow
d) has frequently been disregarded by American economists
e) has been a major reason for the decline of the euro

97. It is stressed in the passage that for the American economy, __________.
a) John Snow's policies promise a great deal of hope
b) it is not inflation but deflation that in fact may pose the more serious problem
c) the global level of exchange rates constitutes a major threat
d) and for the world economy, a strong dollar is of vital importance
e) policy makers agree that deflation has been responsible for many of the problems

98. According to the passage, what has brought about the fall of the American dollar, __________.
a) is the erratic global fluctuations in exchange rates
b) is the enormous deficit experienced by the American economy
c) has been a persistent recession in the global economy
d) is the wrong economic policies introduced by John Snow, Treasury Secretary
e) is the unexpected rise in the value of the euro

99. As we understand from the passage, the decline in the value of the American dollar has, __________.
a) had an adverse effect upon the value of the euro
b) bolstered American trade
c) been foreseen by economists over a long period of time
d) been a major headache for policy makers
e) followed an unpredictable pattern

100. In the passage, with the phrase "the wrong answer" is meant __________.
a) the American government's indifference to the decline of the dollar
b) the policy of keeping the dollar in the line with the euro
c) keeping the dollar strong through trade
d) permitting the current-account deficit to continue
e) the Treasury Secretary's preference for a strong dollar policy[/FONT]

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Cevap: KPDS 2003 Mayıs Sorular - Cevaplar

[FONT=&quot]1 c
2 d
3 a
4 b
5 a
6 b
7 c
8 a
9 c
10 e
11 a
12 c
13 b
14 e
15 d
16 e
17 d
18 e
19 a
20 b
21 c
22 d
23 e
24 a
25 d[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]26 d
27 c
28 b
29 b
30 e
31 b
32 c
33 d
34 a
35 e
36 d
37 e
38 c
39 b
40 a
41 b
42 d
43 a
44 c
45 e
46 a
47 b
48 d
49 c
50 e[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]51 b
52 e
53 c
54 d
55 a
56 c
57 e
58 a
59 d
60 c
61 b
62 b
63 d
64 e
65 b
66 c
67 a
68 d
69 c
70 e
71 d
72 a
73 c
74 b
75 a[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]76 a
77 c
78 a
79 d
80 e
81 e
82 c
83 d
84 b
85 e
86 b
87 a
88 c
89 d
90 a
91 c
92 c
93 a
94 b
95 e
96 a
97 b
98 b
99 c
100 e[/FONT]