Future, Present or Present Perfect?

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    The future perfect tense is not used in time clauses, the present perfect being used instead.
    Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, using the future, present, or present perfect.
    1 When we (take) our exam we'll have a holiday.
    2 When I (finish) the book I'll lend it to you.
    3 When we (have) our injections I expect we'll feel awful.
    4 When I (be) here for a year I'll ask for a rise.
    5 When Tom (go) I'll tell you a secret.
    6 By the time he (get) back from his holiday the milkman will have left twenty-one bottles of milk outside his door.
    7 Don't drive at more than 50 k.p.h. till your car (do) 4,000 kilometres.
    8 When you (do) 4,000 kilometres you can drive it at 70 k.p.h.
    9 When you open the safe you (see) a small black box.
    10 When we (have) lunch we'll go for a walk.
    11 When the bell rings I (take) the meat out of the oven.
    12 I'll bolt all the doors before I (go) to bed.
    13 When we (see) the cathedral we'll go to the museum.
    14 We'll have to stay up this tree till the bull (go) away.
    15 He (not let) you out till you have finished your homework.
    16 As soon as I hear from him I (let) you know.
    17 My father will be furious when he (see) what you have done.
    18 You (not hear) the sound of the explosion till after you have seen the flash.
    19 These gates will remain shut until the train (pass).
    20 When he (sell) all his newspapers he'll go home.
    21 We can't have a fire here until we (sweep) the chimney.
    22 You (get) a shock when you open that box.
    23 When you are eighteen your father (give) you a latchkey.
    24 Don't jump out of the aeroplane until the pilot (say) 'Go!'
    25 I can't leave the country till the police (return) my passport.
    26 When a bottle of champagne (be) opened for twenty-four hours the wine is not fit
    to drink.
    27 Hotel receptionist: When you (sign) the hotel register the porter will show you
    your room.
    28 You (not know) how good oysters are till you have tasted one.
    29 That road will not be safe till the floods (subside).
    30 When everybody (leave) the park the park-keeper will lock the gates.
    31 When we have seen the Chamber of Horrors we (have) a cup of tea.
    32 When you (have) something to eat you'll feel better.
    33 I (stay) in court till the jury returns.
    34 You cannot become a member of this club until you (make) a parachute descent.
    35 When the boa constrictor (eat) the goat he will become very lethargic.
    36 As soon as everybody has gone to bed the mice (come) out of their holes.

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    Cevap: Future, Present or Present Perfect?

    (Contractions may be used.)
    1 have taken 2 have finished/finish 3 have had 4 have been 5 goes/has gone 6 gets/has got 7 has done 8 have done 9 will see 10 have had 11 shall/will take 12 go 13 have seen
    14 goes/has gone 15 won't let 16 shall/will let 17 sees 18 won't hear 19 has passed/passes 20 has sold 21 have swept/sweep 22 will get 23 will give 24 says 25 have returned/return 26 has been 27 have signed 28 won't know 29 have subsided/subside 30 has left
    31 shall/will have 32 have had 33 shall/will stay 34 have made 35 has eaten 36 will come/come
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