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    Advanced - American Idioms

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    Jump Down Someone s Throat
    Smell a Rat
    Shoot Off One s Mouth
    Go to the Dogs
    Get in Someone s hair
    Pull Someone s Leg

    Cat Got Your Tongue Leave Someone High and Dry
    On the Line
    Horse Around
    Feel Like a Million Dollars
    Straight From the Horse s Mouth
    Hang On
    For the Birds
    Make Ends Meet
    Let the cat out of the Bag
    Money talks
    Take the Bull by the Horns
    Eating Someone
    Drive Someone Up a Wall
    Jump the Gun
    Cough Up
    Bend Over Backwards
    Scratch Someone s Back
    Turn Someone Off
    Kick the Bucket Smell a Rat
    Get Off Someone s Back
    String Someone Along How come the front door is open? Didn't you close it before we
    went shopping?
    All Thumbs
    Not Have a Leg to Stand On I'm sure I did. I can't understand it. Frankly, I smell a rat.
    Wet Blanket
    Up One s Sleeve Me, too. I'm convinced that something is definitely wrong here. We'd
    better call the Knock Someone s Socks Off police.
    Lose One s Shirt
    Out of the Woods
    Spill the Beans
    The Early Bird Catches the Worm
    Pay Through the Nose
    Stick Out One s Neck
    Play It by Ear
    Bite the Dust

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Idioms
    Go to the Dogs
    Have you seen their house lately? It's really gone to the dogs.
    It's true that it has become run-down and in serious need of repair, but I'm sure that it can
    be fixed up to look like new.
    I guess with a little carpentry work and some paint it could look pretty decent.

    When the security guard saw a light in the store after closing hours, it seemed to him that
    there was something fishy going on. He called the central office and explained to his
    superior that he thought something strange and suspicious was occurring.

    Take the Bull by the Horns
    Julie had always felt that she was missing out on a lot of fun because of her clumsiness on the dance floor. She had been putting off taking lessons, but she finally took the bull by the horns and went to a professional dance studio for help. She was tired of feeling left out and acted decisively to correct the situation.

    Let the cat out of the Bag

    Bob was going to retire from teaching in June, and the foreign language department was planning on presenting him with some luggage at his retirement dinner. He wasn't
    supposed to know about it, but someone let the cat out of the bag. At the dinner Bob
    acted surprised, even though someone had told him what he was getting before the
    official presentation.

    For the Birds
    They went to a poetry reading, but they got bored and restless. As far as they were
    concerned, it was for the birds! They left during an intermission because they found thereading totally uninteresting and meaningless

    Straight From the Horse's Mouth
    How did you find out that Jill was engaged?
    I got the information from a very reliable source.
    You mean Jill told you so herself?
    That's right. I got it straight from the horse's mouth!

    Horse Around
    Did you hear about Dave's back injury?
    No. How did he get hurt?
    Well, after the coach left the gym he decided to stay and horse around on the parallel
    bars. He somehow lost his grip and fell on his back.
    That's too bad, but he shouldn't have been aimlessly playing around on the equipment
    without proper supervision.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Idioms
    Cat Got Your Tongue?
    Come on, Connie! Tell us what you think about our little ride down the rapids yesterday.
    Well, uh...
    Wasn't it exciting?
    I, uh...
    What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
    If you must know, I'm keeping quiet because I was scared out of my wits!

    Get in Someone's hair
    Children! Would you please s making so much noise!
    And for heaven's sake, pick up your clothes and toys!
    It's hard enough trying to keep this house clean without your throwing your things all
    over the place!
    Clara, I know that the children get in your hair, but you should try not to let it upset you
    so much.
    Listen, Jim. I can't help it . The children bother me and make me very angry when they're
    so noisy and messy.

    Shoot Off One's Mouth
    Jim doesn't play tennis very much, but he's always shooting off his mouth about how
    good he is. Yet he's fooling nobody. Jim is somewhat of a braggart and everyone knows
    that he gives opinions without knowing all the facts and talks as if he knew everything
    about the game.

    Jump Down Someone's Throat
    That's it, Greg! You'd better not come in after midnight again tonight!
    I know, dad. You don't have to jump down my throat! I told you that I'd make it home
    around 11:30. I don't intend to be late!
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Idioms

    Pay Through the Nose
    At last Mr. Smith came upon the rare stamp he had been seeking at an auction. Since
    many other stamp collectors would also be bidding for it, he realized that he would have
    to pay through the nose in order to have it.
    After considering the increasing value of the stamp, he decided that he would not mind
    paying such a high price for something so rare.

    Why were you teasing Sonia about her new hairdo? She really took offense at what you
    I didn't mean to offend her. I was simply making a tongue-in-cheek remark when i said
    that it was too elaborate for a girl of her young, tender age.
    Well, she thought you were serious. She had no idea that you were just saying that as a
    I'm really sorry. I suppose I owe her an apology.

    Pull Someone's Leg
    Hey, Al. I was invited to be a judge for the Miss America Beauty Pageant!
    Oh, really? Come on, you're pulling my leg!
    No, honestly. Do you really think that I'm trying to fool you with a ridiculous story?
    Well, you've told me foolish stories before.
    I can assure you that this one is for real.

    Play It by Ear
    Let's go to the movies, agreed?
    Sure. And what'll we do after that ?
    Oh, I don't know. Let's play it by ear.
    Well, I would like to have a more definite plan of action.
    Don't be like that. It's always more fun not knowing what to expect and deciding what to
    do as we go along.

    Stick Out One's Neck
    How come they're asking me to act as their guide through the jungle?
    Evidently they think you're the only one who can lead them to the lost temple.
    That jungle has danger lurking around every corner.
    Why should I stick my neck out for them? They didn't pay me for my services.
    They know that you would be taking a great risk and could possibly get hurt, but you're the only one with enough knowledge to take them to their destination. I'm sure you'll be amply rewarded.

    All Thumbs
    Hey Bea. Can you help me out ? I don't seem to be able to button up the back of my
    Sure. Let's see if I can do it for you.
    I guess I'm all thumbs because I'm so nervous. I'm already late for my date.
    Well, I suppose that being so nervous would make you clumsy and awkward. But don't
    worry. I'm sure your date will wait.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Idioms
    Not Have a Leg to Stand On
    Tom maintains that the firm owes him some back wages for having worked overtime.
    However, he won't have a leg to stand on unless he can prove that he put in all those extra hours. He doesn't stand a chance of getting his money without a strong foundation of facts to support his position.

    Get Off Someone's Back
    Hey, John. I'm bored. Come on, let's go out and do something.
    Sorry, I'm right in the middle of studying for a physics exam. I won't be able to make it
    You've been studying for a long time. Why don't you take a break ? Come on! Let's go !
    Forget studying for a while !
    Look! Get off my back! I can't go anywhere!
    OK. I'll s bothering you only if you promise to let me know the minute you're finished.

    Drive Someone Up a Wall

    Wow ! What a great set of drums!
    Yeah, they're great, but I can't play on them when my folks are at home. They say I drive
    them up a wall with all the loud banging.
    I get the same thing at home. My folks tell me that I annoy them and get them really
    angry whenever I turn up the volume on my stereo.

    String Someone Along

    Liz had high hopes of marrying Dean. When he ran off with another woman, she realized
    that he was just stringing her along. She had felt very strongly about him and was really
    hurt to see that he was deceiving her and had no intentions of ever marrying her.

    Leave Someone High and Dry
    Say, Jill. I thought that John was going to help you do the dishes tonight.
    So did I. But he left me high and dry.
    Where did he go ?
    Well, he got a call from some of his pals at work to go bowling, and he left me alone to
    do all this work without any help at all!

    Spill the Beans
    Did you know that Harry was going to take Kathy on a Caribbean cruise ?
    Yes, I did. He was planning on surprising her with the tickets fro their anniversary, but
    someone spilled the beans.
    What a shame ! That was supposed to have been a surprise.
    Yes, it's too bad that someone told her about the trip beforehand and ruined Harry's
    That's OK. Her enthusiasm was not dampened in the least!

    Bite the Dust
    Andy did exceptionally well in all of the track events, but he bit the dust in the high jumpcompetition. Much to the disappointment of his fans, he went down in defeat, losing to acompetitor from the visiting team.

    Bend Over Backwards

    When Joan first started teaching she was afraid that she would have a lot of trouble
    getting used to the kids and to the faculty. Her fears turned out to be unfounded, since everybody bent over backwards to help her. Everyone tried very hard to help her feel comfortable and adjust to the school.

    Cough Up
    Say, Greg. Did you finally get that computer that you wanted so much ?
    Not yet. I needed to raise a couple of hundred dollars more.
    Is it going to take you a while to raise the money?
    It would have taken me forever, but dad said he'd cough up the money I need since I'm going to be using the computer for my school work.
    Maybe it was difficult for your dad to give you the money but then, he knows that it's for a good cause.

    Jump the Gun
    Denise was planning on telling her grandparents that the doctor said she was going to
    have twins, but when her dad found out he jumped the gun and told them before Denise could say a word. He was so excited that he became hasty and revealed the news before Denise had a chance to tell them.

    Scratch Someone's Back
    Hey, Bea. I need some help stacking these boxes. Would you please give me a hand?
    OK. And I need some help tidying up the house. How about your helping me out after
    that ?
    OK. If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Idioms

    Turn Someone Off
    How was your date with Marty last night ?
    Well, it started of OK, but he really turned me off when we went for a snack after the
    Did he say or do something to annoy you?
    Frankly, he disgusted me when he tried to talk with his mouth full.
    I don't blame you . That would have really bothered me too.

    Kick the Bucket

    It's been said that the old man knew of a buried treasure, but he kicked the bucket before
    telling anyone where it was. If the treasure exists, the old man unfortunately took the
    secret of its location with him when he died.

    Wet Blanket
    James was not invited to go on the outing with the rest of the group because he's such a
    wet blanket. On many previous occasions he has kept others from enjoying themselves by
    his pessimism and lack of enthusiasm. It's understandable that no one wants him around.

    Up One's Sleeve

    All right, Sara. We know that you're planning something big for Jean's birthday. Mind
    telling us just what you have up your sleeve ?
    I wanted to make his birthday a very special event.
    Jean has a sister living in France, and I sent her an airplane ticket so that she could be
    here for his birthday.
    Boy! That is something special. We kind of guessed that you had some concealed plan
    and were waiting for the right time to reveal it.
    Well, I didn't want to say anything until I was sure she could come.

    Knock Someone's Socks Off

    Hi, John. What's new ?
    Oh, nothing too much with me, but you ought to see Fredo's new car. It'll knock your
    socks off!
    So, he finally got that Italian sports car he's been dreaming about.
    He sure did. When you see all the custom features that it has, you'll get so enthused and
    excited you won't know what to do.
    Boy, I can hardly wait to go for a ride in it.

    Lose One's Shirt

    I happened to bump into Dole at lunch yesterday afternoon.
    What's new with Dole these days ?
    He wasn't doing so well. For one thing, he told me he lost his shirt at the races.
    Dole has always liked to bet on the horses. I'm not surprised that he lost a great deal of
    Yeah. At this rate he'll never have a penny to his name.

    Have you seen Joe's new car yet ?
    Yeah. It looks good, but she's had nothing but problems with it.
    That's too bad. It sounds like she got a real lemon.
    She sure did. No sooner did she drive it home from the dealer's than it proved defective
    and started breaking down.

    Out of the Woods
    Although Eric was well on his way to recovering from his bout with pneumonia, he was
    still not out of the woods. The doctors told him that he would have to take it easy and avoid exposure to cold, since he was not out of danger and difficulty yet.

    Eating Someone
    Hey, Alice. What's been eating you lately ? Don't you realize how rude and irritable
    you've become?
    I know. I'm really sorry for the way I've been acting.
    Well, why don't you tell me what has been bothering and upsetting you and maybe we
    can work your problem out together.
    I'll admit that it would help to talk to someone about it.

    On the Line
    Lately Tom's been more conscientious about the accuracy and quality of his work with
    the company. He was warned that his job was on the line because of his lack of concern
    for his duties. When Tom was alerted that he was in danger of losing his job, he began to
    take his obligations with the company more seriously.

    Feel Like a Million Dollars
    I bumped into Nick at the salon yesterday. He looked great, but I noticed that he had a slight limp when he walked.
    I guess you didn't know that he had an operation on his knee.
    No, I didn't. How's he feeling ?
    He says he's feeling like a million dollars now. Apparently the pain in his knee is all
    It's good that he's feeling so wonderful. It must be a refreshing change not having to put up with all that discomfort.

    Hang On
    During the depression years the Smiths had a great deal of trouble with their business, but somehow or other they were able to hang on. Although they almost lost their store, they managed to persevere until things got better.

    Make Ends Meet
    It's almost impossible trying to keep up with the high cost of living.
    It's true. Things are so expensive nowadays that it's very difficult to make ends meet.
    You know, even with Lucie's salary, our combined income is hardly enough to pay all the bills.
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Idioms

    Money talks
    We've been waiting for three months to get delivery on our car, and people who put in
    their order after us have already gotten theirs.
    Well, money talks. Why don't you try giving the dealer a little something extra to move things along ?
    I know full well that money has the power to influence people, but I refuse to pay extra for a service that is owed to me as a client.
    If you want to have your car maybe you'd better reconsider.

    The Early Bird Catches the Worm
    Marc, the lines for the rock festival are going to be miles long! If you expect to get tickets for you and Mary, remember that old saying. " The early bird catches the worm " I guess you're right. Mary is looking forward to the concert, and I'd hate to disappoint her.
    I'll get up real early to get a place at the head of the line.
    That way I'll get the tickets I want, for sure !

    Tickled pink

    If you are tickled pink, you are extremely pleased about something.

    In the pink
    If you are in the pink, you are fit, healthy, and happy

    Pink slip
    Termination notice from a job

    Feel blue
    If you are feeling blue, you are feeling sad or depressed often when there is no particular reason.

    Once in a blue moon
    If you say that something happens once in a blue moon, you are emphasizing that it does not happen very often at all.

    Out of the blue
    Without any warning, by surprise

    White elephant
    If you describe something as a white elephant, you mean that it is a waste of money
    because it is completely useless.

    White lie
    If you refer to an untrue statement as a white lie, you mean that it is made to avoid
    hurting someone's feelings or to avoid trouble and not for an evil purpose.

    Black and white
    You say that something is in black and white when it has been written or printed, and not just said.

    Black sheep
    If you describe someone as the black sheep of their family of a group that they are a
    member of , you mean that they are considered bad or worthless by other people in that family or group.

    pot calling the kettle black
    the person who is criticizing someone else is as guilty as the person he accuses

    In the red
    If a person or company is in the red or if their bank account is in the red, they have spent more money than they have in their account and therefore they owe money to the bank.

    Red herring
    If you say that something is a red herring, you mean that it is irrelevant and takes your attention away from the main subject or problem you are considering.

    Red tape
    You refer to official rules and procedures as red tape when they seem unnecessary and cause delay.

    If someone is caught red-handed, they are caught while they are in the act of doing
    something wrong.

    See red
    Become very angry

    Green thumb
    If you say that someone has green thumb ( fingers), you mean that they are very good at gardening and their plants grow well.

    Give someone the green light
    If someone in authority gives a green light to something, they give permission for it to
    happen or be done.

    with envy Very jealous, full of envy

    With flying colors
    With great or total success

    Eat humble pie
    If you eat humble pie, you speak or behave in a way which tells people that you admit
    you were wrong about something.
    example :- Anson was forced to eat humble pie and publicly apologizes to her.
    The apple of one's eye
    If you say that someone is the apple of your eye, you mean that they are very important to
    you and you are extremely fond of them
    example :- Penny's only son was the apple of her eye.
    Go bananas
    If someone is behaving in a silly or mad way, you can say that they are going bananas.
    example :- People went bananas with boredom.
    A piece of cake
    If you think something is very easy to do , you can say it is a piece of cake. People often
    say this to s someone feeling worried about doing something they have to do
    example :- Getting rid of him will be a piece of cake .........
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