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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Advanced - American Slang

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    eye-opener something new and surprising that one can learn something from it
    Listening to him talk about his adventures in China was a real eye-opener.
    have a screw loose
    To be a little bit crazy, or not acting normally.
    Paul has had a screw loose ever since his girlfriend left him.
    be a wiz at something (verb phrase)

    to be very good at doing something You are a wiz at math! "You should be a math teacher."
    dry run (noun phrase)
    a practice session, a rehearsal
    I'd like to do a dry run of our presentation. I need more practice using the microphone.
    sick as a dog (adjective)
    to be very sick
    Yesterday I was sick as a dog with the flu. I stayed in bed all day.
    To concentrate on finding ideas, either alone or as a group; to think hard about a
    solution to a problem.
    Let's all sit around and brainstorm about how to solve global warming.
    follow one's heart (verb phrase)
    to make important decisions based on your dreams and goals
    I'm quitting my job and I'm going to follow my heart. I've decided to move to Rome."
    tough cookie (noun phrase)
    a strict or determined person
    I don't think Susan will let you take the day off on Friday. She's a tough cookie.
    peeping Tom
    Someone who watches other people without their knowledge; a voyeur.
    Make sure you close your shades at night - you never know when a peeping Tom might
    be watching.
    in someone's hair
    Constantly annoying; bothering someone again and again.
    My little brother is always getting in my hair
    paper tiger
    A threat that lacks force; a bluff
    For a long time, the United States regarded mainland China as a paper tiger, but now the
    U.S. is treating China as a genuine military threat.
    monkey business
    Foolish or mischievous conduct; silly behavior marked by jokes and pranks.
    Enough with this monkey business! Let's get serious -- we have an important meeting in
    five minutes!
    bad egg
    A troublemaker or criminal.
    That Emily is a real bad egg -- she's always starting fights and causing trouble.
    work your fingers to the bone
    To labor very hard under difficult conditions.
    Henry worked his fingers to the bone to make sure the project was finished on time.
    money to burn
    Great wealth; excessive amount of money.
    Donald Trump has money to burn -- I saw him give his cab driver a $100 tip!
    quick buck
    Fast and easy profit; money made in a short period of time.
    He doesn't care about you -- all he wants is to make a quick buck.
    Loud advertising and promotion
    The new movie by Steven Spielberg is getting a lot of hype.
    throw your weight around
    To use your authority or influence, usually in a way that annoys other people.
    Don't throw your weight around unless you absolutely have to -- people might start to
    dislike you!
    A stupid person
    You knucklehead! How could you have mixed the dog food with the cereal ?

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Slang
    Sunglasses; tinted glasses.
    Nice shades! They make you look like Tom Cruise
    on the same wavelength
    Sharing a common understanding; thinking the same thing as another person.
    Peter and Sabah have really been on the same wavelength lately -- they agree about
    almost everything.
    cut to the chase (expression)
    used to tell someone to get to the main point
    Paul, why don't you cut to the chase and tell us what happened after dinner.
    space cadet
    Someone who is generally unaware, or not paying attention, or out of touch with reality
    Suzie is a real space cadet -- I don't think she even knows what day it is.
    Wrong side of the tracks
    The poor part of town.
    Chris came from the wrong side of the tracks , but eventually he became a millionaire.
    Easy as pie
    Very simple; easily
    The job was easy as pie , and we finished up an hour early.
    Out like a light
    To fall asleep very quickly.
    After working a twelve hour shift yesterday, I was out like a light as soon as I got into
    Back stabber
    One who attacks another person unfairly, and without warning; one who secretly plots
    against a friend.
    I've heard that Greedie Corporation is a terrible place to work, because the company is
    filled with back stabbers and liars.
    Call of nature
    The need or urge to go to the toilet; sudden impulse to relieve oneself.
    If you have to go to the bathroom then go; don't fight the call of nature.
    Someone who is sensible and practical; a rational, level-headed person; sincere and
    Timothy is really down-to-earth; if you want some advice, you ought to talk to him.
    Play hooky ( phrase)
    staying away from school without permission
    "....... the misadventures of a happy-go-lucky boy who plays hooky from school."
    Something that is hush-hush is secret and not to be discussed with other people.
    They were desperate to keep the marriage hush-hush
    pull something together (verb phrase)
    to get things organized, especially without much preparation
    "How did you pull dinner together so fast? It only took you 10 minutes!"
    potbelly (noun)
    a round, fat stomach
    Karen's getting a potbelly. She should start exercising.
    old-timer (noun)
    an old person
    I don't think any of the old-timers will like this new music. It's too loud and fast.
    off base (adjective)
    incorrect, wrong, or inappropriate
    John's comments are really off base. He thinks he can tell me who to date, but it's none of
    his business.
    wiped out (adjective)
    extremely tired
    I'm wiped out from painting the house all day in the hot sun.
    loaded (adjective)
    very rich
    Paul's loaded. He inherited a lot of money and now he's got three cars and two houses.
    the lowdown (noun phrase)
    the truth about something, or inside information
    Let me give you the lowdown on the new Thai restaurant. The dinner dishes are terrific,
    but the lunch dishes are boring.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Slang
    no hard feelings (expression)
    used after a disagreement to tell someone that you aren't angry
    " No hard feelings, Nancy. Everybody makes mistakes."
    a drop in the bucket (noun phrase)
    a very small amount of something compared with the amount that is needed
    "We have some money to help the homeless people, but it's not enough. It's just a drop in
    the bucket."
    In a state of chaos; not functioning.
    Jack lost all of his work when his computer went haywire
    out of it
    To be in a daze or incoherent; not feeling as one normally should; not in a good state of
    I'm so out of it.. I've been studying for physics since last week, and all I see now are
    formulas and equations.
    the whole nine yards (expression)
    used to describe something that is complete or total
    Margie went shopping for her big date and she bought a new dress, shoes, pearls-- the
    whole nine yards
    tweak (verb)
    to make small changes to improve something
    "This report looks OK, but we need to tweak it before we send it to the president."
    wild goose chase (noun phrase)
    a difficult and useless search for something
    "We drove around for three hours looking for the restaurant, but we never found it. It was
    a wild goose chase."
    snail mail
    Letters sent through the post office; mail that is carried, as opposed to e-mail.
    I sent the payment by snail mail so you should get it by next Friday.
    Very old; out of date; obsolete.
    That cell phone you're using is a real dinosaur. When did you get it, 1983 ?
    cut it out (expression)
    used to tell someone to s doing something
    Cut it out ! I can't study when you're making so much noise.
    bust digits
    To get someone's telephone number
    I need a date for tomorrow night, so I'm going to try to bust some digits tonight.
    couch potato
    One who sits in front of the television for long periods of time, with little or no physical
    My roomate is such a couch potato - last weekend he watched television for 14 hours
    wear your heart on your sleeve
    To make your true feelings and emotions known at all times; to show your feelings
    publicly, without restraint
    Richard really wears his heart on his sleeve. Everyone can tell he's in love with Sarah!
    be in someone's shoes (verb phrase)
    to try to understand how you might feel in another person's situation
    I wouldn't want to bein Paul's shoes. He owes the bank $10,000 and he doesn't even have
    a job.
    go bananas
    To be irrational and wild; to lose control.
    I knew Joe would go bananas when he found out he's not getting a raise this year.
    cold spell (noun phrase)
    unusually cold weather that lasts for a certain period of time
    I can't wait until this cold spell is over. It's freezing outside and all of my plants are
    barking up the wrong tree
    Looking for something in the wrong place; to be mistaken.
    Tanya tried to get some money from her uncle, but she was barking up the wrong tree -
    he doesn't have a dime!
    Intoxicated with drugs or alcohol; a state of incoherence.
    Erin gets stoned at every party she goes to ….
    dime a dozen
    common, not special, easy to find, not rare, unexceptional
    I'm getting tired of action movies. They bore me. I mean, car chase scenes are a dime a
    dozen these days. It's just not interesting to watch cars crash.
    get a head start on something (verb phrase)
    to start doing something earlier than necessary
    I'm going to get a head start on my homework. I don't want to wait until next week to
    light at the end of the tunnel
    a pleasant situation in the future which gives you a lot of hope and optimism
    I ran a marathon last week. It was so long and I was so tired. I didn't really feel like there
    was a light at the end of the tunnel until I saw the finish line.
    A nerd; someone who is interested only in schoolwork or computers.
    Stephan spends all day on his computer and never talks to anybody. What a dweeb.
    A drug addict.
    That's a bad neighborhood -- it's filled with junkies and prostitutes.
    birthday suit
    Wearing nothing but skin; the state of nakedness.
    She showed up at the party wearing nothing but her birthday suit.
    be at odds with someone (verb phrase)
    to be in disagreement with someone
    I was at odds with Mary about the schedule. She wanted me to work on Saturday, but I
    jump the gun
    To act too soon, before the proper time; to act on an impulse, without thinking
    Hey, don't jump the gun. Listen to what he has to say before you make a decision.
    birdbrain (noun)
    a stupid, unintelligent person
    Don't be a total birdbrain. The directions are completely clear.
    go nuts ( verb phrase )
    [informal; offensive]
    to become angry and act or yell in a crazy way
    Selena went nuts when I told her the bad news.
    Uncle Sam
    The U.S. government; a patriotic figure who symbolizes the United States.
    July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. Happy Birthday, Uncle Sam
    bad hair day (noun phrase)
    a day when someone's hairstyle doesn't look as good as it could
    I'm having a bad hair day today, so I'm wearing a hat.
    love handles
    Unsightly fat that shows from the sides at the waist, usually on men.
    I need to exercise more -- my love handles are growing!
    backbone (noun)
    courage or strength
    Show a little backbone! Don't always agree with everyone at the meeting.
    have the time of one's life (expression)
    used to describe an experience that is unusually fun or enjoyable
    We had the time of our lives on vacation in Las Vegas. It was fantastic!
    ladies' man
    A man who is popular with women; a man who pursues women with great enthusiasm.
    Billy is a bit of a lady's man -- every time we go out for drinks, he gets at least a dozen
    phone numbers from cute girls.
    nerd (noun)
    a boring or unpopular person
    Some people think that all engineers are nerds.
    out of the loop (adjective)
    not involved with a current discussion or situation
    Michelle's been on vacation for a month, so now she's out of the loop. .
    back to square one (expression)
    used to describe a situation where you tried to accomplish something, failed, and must
    begin again
    None of the plans for the new park were successful, so now we're back to square one.
    screw up (verb)
    to make a big mistake or to do something poorly
    Tony really screwed up today's presentation to the CEO. I hope he doesn't get fired.
    bent out of shape (adjective phrase)
    upset or angry
    Jan is bent out of shape because she wanted to go to the zoo, but no one would take her.
    over one's head (prepositional phrase)
    too difficult for someone to understand
    John watched the movie but he didn't understand it. It was over his head.
    tip-top (adjective)
    the very best, the highest degree
    Carlos takes really good care of his car. It's in tip-top condition.
    miss the boat (verb phrase)
    to fail to take advantage of an opportunity
    That computer company is so successful now. John really missed the boat when he didn't
    take that job with them.
    to rub someone the wrong way (verb phrase)
    to annoy someone by doing something that the person doesn't like
    It really rubs me the wrong way when Daryl visits without calling first.
    Down in the dumps
    Depressed and miserable
    She’s feeling a bit down in the dumps and needs cheering up.
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    Cevap: Advanced - American Slang

    Out of my depth
    A situation that is too difficult to cope with
    I’d always struggled at school. I hated it and felt out of my depth.
    living large (adjective phrase)
    living a very comfortable or expensive lifestyle
    Tina is really living large. She has a house in the city and another at the beach.
    lay down the law (verb phrase)
    to set strict rules
    The new boss really laid down the law. Now no one can leave work before 5 p.m. or
    make any personal calls.
    Go under ( verb phrase )
    Business or project fails to continue its operation
    If one firm goes under it could provoke a cascade of bankruptcies.
    drop-dead gorgeous (adjective phrase)
    very beautiful or handsome
    Gloria is drop-dead gorgeous. She could be a model.
    fender bender
    A minor car accident, where there is slight damage to the body of the car but no serious
    Herbert got into a fender bender while he was looking for a parking place.
    take a breather (verb phrase)
    to rest or s doing something for a short period of time
    Let's take a breather after we finish these homework exercises.
    basket case
    someone who is so nervous or anxious that they cannot deal with simple situations
    We were all totally stressed out --- we thought something awful must have happened to
    you. Mrs. Nakamoto was worried sick, and Chase is practically a basket case.
    a tall order
    difficult thing to do
    Financing your studies may seem like a tall order but there is plenty of help available.
    nuts and bolts
    The detailed and practical aspects of a subject or activity
    Powell is getting into the nuts and bolts of a timeline for implementing the Mitchell
    rank and file
    ordinary members in an organization
    Substantial numbers of rank and file members ignored their union's advice ...
    crash course
    concentrated, short term course
    I did a 15-week crash course in typing.
    French leave
    leaving without saying goodbye
    He took French leave during the dinner party
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