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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Future Questions

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    will you? often introduces a request or invitation, and sometimes a command. It is often used also to introduce questions about intentions when the situation requires an unpremeditated decision. You can have either. Which will you have?
    You've missed the last train. What will you do now?

    For other types of intention, however, it is usually safer to use one of the other future forms: be going to, the present continuous or the future continuous (which is considered the most polite form).

    Put the verbs in brackets into one of the four forms. When more than one answer is possible, this will be noted in the key.

    1 Why are you taking all that bread with you? You (feed) the swans?
    2 You (let) your flat again next summer?
    3 You (light) the fire for me, please? Here are the matches.
    4 You (wear) a tie tomorrow? ~
    Oh no. Tom said, 'Come as you are.'
    5 I know you don't like wearing ties, but (wear) one tomorrow, just to
    please me? ~
    Yes, of course.

    6 Shop assistant: You (come) this way, please?
    7 You (have) something more to eat?~
    Yes, please, I'd like another sandwich.
    8 You (have) anything more to eat? ~
    No, because I haven't any more money.
    9 You (study) computer programming at college?
    10 You (speak) to Tom at the meeting tomorrow, do you think?
    11 You (turn) off the TV, please? No one is watching it.
    12 You (take) your exam now or in December?
    13 You (listen) in to the concert this evening?
    14 You (help) me with this, please? I can't lift it.
    15 Hotel receptionist: You (stay) for more than one night, Mrs Jones?
    16 You (lend) me your typewriter for an hour? I want to type a letter.
    17 You (meet) him at the station? ~
    No, we never meet him. He doesn't like being met.
    18 You (come) sailing with me this afternoon? ~
    No, thank you, I don't like sailing.

    19 You (have) some more wine?~
    Yes, please.

    20 I can't understand this letter. You (translate) it for me, Miss Pitt?
    21 You (use) your camera this afternoon?-
    No, you can borrow it if you like.

    22 You (go) to the tobacconist's? ~
    Yes. ~
    Then you (get) me twenty cigarettes?

    23 You (come) to the Motor Show with me next Wednesday? ~
    Thank you very much. I'd love to.

    24 I'll be going abroad next week. Is there anything I can get you?
    You (pass) through Paris? ~
    Yes, I (spend) a few days there.
    Then you (get) me some scent?

    25 I see that you are repairing your old henhouse. You (keep) hens?
    26 I've just bought my tickets. ~
    You (travel) by sea or air?
    27 What are all these slates for? You (repair) your roof?
    28 You (hold) my parcels, please, while I put up my umbrella?
    29 You (go) to Madeira as usual this summer?
    30 You kindly (explain) why you didn't do what I told you?
    31 You (recognize) him, do you think?
    32 I've chosen a school for my son. ~
    You (send) him to a public school or to a State school?

    33 Passenger to bus conductor: You (tell) me where to get off, please
    34 You (go) by car? If so, would you give my brother a lift?
    35 You (type) all night again? Because if so I think I'll go to a hotel.
    [FONT=&quot]36[/FONT][FONT=&quot] You (stop) interrupting! I'll never get finished if you don't keep quiet.[/FONT][FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Future Questions
    1 are you going to feed 2 are you letting/are you going to let/will you be letting 3 will you light 4 are you wearing/are you going to wear/will you be wearing 5 will you wear 6 will you come 7 will you have 8 are you having/are you going to have 9 are you going to study/will you be studying 10 will you be speaking 11 will you turn 12 Any one of the four forms is possible here: 'Will you take' implies that the matter has not yet been decided and that the speaker is offering a choice of dates. The other forms would imply that the matter has already been arranged and that the speaker is merely asking for information. 13 will you be listening/are you going to listen 14 will you help 15 will you be staying 16 will you lend 17 are you meeting/are you going to meet/will you be meeting
    18 will you come 19 will you have 20 will you translate 21 will you be using/are you using/are you going to use 22 will you be going/are you going, will you get 23 will you come 24 will you be passing/are you going to pass/are you passing, shall be spending/am going to spend/am spending, will you get 25 are you going to keep 26 are you travelling/are you going to travel 27 are you going to repair 28 will you hold 29 are you going/will you be going 30 will you kindly explain 31 will you recognize 32 are you sending/are you going to send 33 will you tell 34 are you going/will you be going
    35 are you going to type/will you be typing 36 will you stop

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