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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Future Simple Exercises

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    future simple exercises will future exercises will going to going to futur simple exercices Put the verbs in brackets into the future simple.
    1 I (know) the result in a week.
    2 You (be) in Rome tonight.
    3 You (have) time to help me tomorrow?
    4 It (matter) if I don't come home till morning?
    5 You (be) able to drive after another five lessons.
    6 Do you think that he (recognize) me?
    7 Unless he runs he (not catch) the train.

    8 He (lend) it to you if you ask him. 9 I hope I (find) it.
    10 If petrol pump attendants go on strike we (not have) any petrol.
    11 He (believe) whatever you tell him.
    12 I (remember) this day all my life.
    13 Perhaps he (arrive) in time for lunch.
    14 If he works well I (pay) him Ј10.
    15 I wonder how many of us still (be) here next year.
    16 If you think it over you (see) that I am right.
    17 If you learn another language you (get) a better job.
    18 I am sure that you (like) our new house.
    19 Newspaper announcement: The President (drive) along the High
    Street in an open carriage.

    20 He (mind) if I bring my dog?
    21 You (need) a visa if you are going to Spain.
    22 If you open that trapdoor you (see) some steps.
    23 You (feel) better when you've had a meal.
    24 He (be) offended if you don't invite him.
    25 She (have) Ј1000 a year when she is twenty-one.
    26 If you put any more polish on that floor someone (slip) on it.
    27 I wonder if he (succeed).
    28 Papers (not be) delivered on the Bank Holiday.
    29 I hope he (remember) to buy wine.
    30 If you leave your roller skates on the path someone (fall) over them.
    31 If they fall over them and hurt themselves they (sue) you.
    32 Announcement: Mrs Pitt (present) the prizes.
    33 If you want twenty cigarettes you (have) to give me more money.
    34 Notice: The management (not be) responsible for articles left on the seats.
    35 If I drop this it (explode).
    36 What your father (say) when he hears about this accident? ~ He (not say) much but he not (lend) me the car again.

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Future Simple Exercises
    Affirmative answers: 1st person will/shall + infinitive, 2nd and 3rd person will + infinitive, e.g. I will/shall know
    Negative answers: as above with not. e.g. 7 will not/won't catch
    Interrogative answers: as above with will/shall + subject + infinitive,
    e.g. 2 will you be

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