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    Mixed Test (Infinitives, Subjunctives, Conditionals)

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    conditionals test This is a general exercise which includes infinitives, subjunctives, conditionals, and some examples of the be + infinitive construction When this last construction or a passive construction is required the second verb is given in brackets at the end of the sentence.
    Why are all those dogs wearing harness? ~
    They . . . as guide dogs for the blind, (train)
    They are being trained as guide dogs for the blind.

    Fill the spaces in the following sentences by inserting the correct form of be with, where necessary, the past participle or present or perfect infinitive of the verb in brackets.

    Remember that, in the passive, be can be used in the continuous tenses.

    1 They are cutting down all the trees. The countryside . . . (ruin)
    2 The Prime Minister . . . a speech tonight, (make)

    3 If I . . . you I'd go on to the next exercise. 4 . . . late once is excusable but . . . late every day is not.
    5 He ordered that all lights . . . (extinguish)
    6 How long you . . . here?
    7 My flat was full of dust because the old house just opposite . . . (pull down)
    8 He asked where he . . . it. (put)
    I told him to put it on the mantelpiece.
    9 It . . . difficult to read a newspaper upside down? {Use negative.)
    10 You . . . here till I return. That is an order. (stay)
    11 He suggests that prominent people . . . to contribute. (ask)
    12 Even if you . . . to go on your knees to him I don't think it would make him change his mind.
    13 I... on a catering course when I leave school. My parents have arranged it. (go)
    14 What is happening now? ~
    The injured man . . . out of the arena. (carry)

    15 It's better . . . too early than too late.
    16 I wish you . . . here. I miss you very much.
    17 Why did you leave him behind? You . . . him with you. (Those were your instructions.) (take)
    18 She is learning Italian. She . . . by a professor from Milan, (teach)
    19 I know I . . . half an hour late yesterday but I . . . half an hour early tomorrow. ~
    I'd rather you . . . punctual every day. (see 297)

    20 It is impossible . . . right every time.
    21 He . . . here by seven but now it's nine and there's no sign of him. (be)
    22 They decided that voting papers . . . to all members. (send)
    23 There . . . eggs for breakfast tomorrow?
    24 If only 1... there! (But I wasn't.)
    25 The Queen . . . the new hospital next week. (open)
    26 I couldn't see the man who was guiding us and I didn't know where we . . . (take)
    27 It . . . a trilogy but in the end the author found that he had only enough material for two volumes, (be)
    28 You . . . very angry if I refused?
    29 The matter . . . discussed in tomorrow's debate.
    30 His mare . . . in tomorrow's race but he said this morning that she was sick and wouldn't be running after all. (run)
    31 The house wasn't ready; it still . . . and there were pots of paint an ladders everywhere, (paint)
    32 They decided that an expurgated edition . . . for use in schools. (print)
    33 His works are immensely popular; they . . . into all the major European languages. (translate)
    34 It is high time you . . . in bed.
    35 I had my instructions and I knew exactly what I . . . (do)
    36 If this report . . . believed, we are going to have a very severe drought.

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Mixed Test (Infinitives, Subjunctives, Conditionals)

    1 is being/will be ruined 2 is to make/is making 3 were 4 being, being 5 were to be/should be extinguished 6 have you been 7 is being pulled down 8 was to put 9 isn't it 10 are to stay 11 should be asked 12 were 13 I am to go 14 is being carried 15 to be
    16 were 17 were to have taken 18 is being taught 19 was, will be, were 20 to be 21 was to have been 22 should be sent 23 will there be 24 had been 25 is to open/is opening 26 were being taken 27 was to have been 28 would you be 29 is to be/is being/will be 30 was to have run 31 was still being painted 32 should be printed 33 are being/have been translated 34 were 35 was to do 36 is to be
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