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    10 Ekim 2009
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    N.O.R.E. - The Life Of A... (Gangsta)

    Konu, 'Yabancı Şarkı Sözleri' kısmında ciciş.. tarafından paylaşıldı.

    "The Life of a... (Gangsta)" (feat. Capone, Chinky)

    They'll be a man
    One to lead his people into victory
    One who goes through time
    One who seen pain
    The one who see's the glory
    That man is I, Capone
    The leader, follow me

    They wanna beat me like Rodney
    See me like Pac
    Have me like O.J. doing 100 in the drop
    Railroad me like the Hurricane but I won't s**** let's go

    Look at my life (look at my life)
    Look at my life, I'ma gangsta (gangsta, gangsta, gangsta)
    Look at my life (look at my life)
    Look at my life, I'ma gangsta (gangsta)
    I'ma gangsta

    [Verse 1]
    Yo, yo
    Take a journey through my life
    Walk through the nights with me
    It's a long road ahead of us, I hope that your ???
    Queensbridge, a trife city ??? slums
    I've seen political homicides and crack related ones
    Pac and Bigggie, god bless em I don't know where to begin
    Forgive me lord for I've committed a sin
    I sold crack to my mans mom
    I feed my uncle dope in his arm
    I testify to every word wrote in this song
    Except the 5th commandment, thou shall not kill
    I obviously ignored it cause my blood shall not spill
    So I chose to squeeze first
    Put you 6 feet deep in the dirt
    And watch your cold soul emerge from the earth
    I was a star first, then I grew into the sun
    Destined to shine over the planet
    Till I came across a gun, infactutated by the sound
    When the shots get sprayed, like (gunshots)
    I'm about to take the streets to another phase


    [Verse 2]
    I'm amazed I'm still living
    I came close to the end of my days
    I couldn't let the streets raise my two siblings
    Or my kid, I'm too thoro, I survived through prison
    Collide with rival clicks spitting, listen
    I live life like I'm racing to an early death
    Exceeding the speed limit, with no brakes
    Quiet when I step, reality bites
    I'm gangsta for life, so I squeeze like
    I hold the mac precise
    With 32 shot clips
    And turn your hard top into a convertible drop whip
    They talking to rappers, chose my name to reflect
    I'm hot, grimy entertainers come
    Drama east to west
    I don't wanna kill no more
    At times I hear death knocking at my front door
    Feeling like I'm being watched everytime that I score
    What if the pigs got me on survaillance
    A rebel to the law, I got 2 strikes against me
    1 shot in me, a vest and a semi


    [Verse 3]
    ??? bust from jail, a mink
    A pound of the real, a 37 inch link
    Money in the bank, a Coup to match it
    I was released like a boss ???
    You know the kind of thing a gangsta could relax in
    Lifes a bitch, but fuck it
    Trying to keep my whole faculty covered
    And spits more like an iraqian thugging
    If you wanna take me, mommy I'm coming
    But if not, they can never break
    I'ma keep gunning and bust shots

    [Chorus 2x]
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