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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Past Continuous Tense

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    past continuous tense exercises past continuous exercises tense exercise when while video when while Past Continuous Tense

    a) Geçmişte bir süre devam etmiş olan olayların aktarımında kullanılır.
    She was earning quite a lot of money.

    b) Ani ve daha kısa bir eylemle karşılaşan/o eylem tarafından kesilen bir eylem için kullanılır.

    When she heard the explosion she was having bath.

    When I last saw him, he ..... English.
    A. studied
    B. studies
    C. will study
    D. is studying
    E. was studying

    While I ..... my bike, Tom arrived.
    A. mended
    B. mend
    C. am mending
    D. have mended
    E. was mending

    He gave the promise that he ..... the city in a day.
    A. has left
    B. leaves
    C. is leaving
    D. would be left
    E. was leaving

    Past Continuous
    Türkçe'ye "yüklem + -Iyordu / -mEktEydI" ile aktarılır.

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