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    25 Temmuz 2007
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    Pirates You Should Really Know

    Konu, 'Yabancı Şarkı Sözleri' kısmında MaWiM tarafından paylaşıldı.

    Ft: Shola Ama / Naila Boss / Enya
    Last week when you were cruisin
    Your best friend moved to me, one day
    I didn't want to tell you
    So I just kept it to myself

    You should really know
    I ain't playin you
    Babe you gotta know

    Cause your love is all im living for And if you look into my eyes and you will know
    Oh baby you should really know

    I'm mad you think I hurt you
    Cause your love means everything to me
    And I aint keepin secrets - no no
    I'm just keepin to myself

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Do you think I want you to leave
    When you mean so much to me
    But if you don't want to stay
    Then just let go of me
    It would be better off that way
    If you won't trust in me
    An millions people say
    You're the only one I see

    [Naila Boss]
    Boy you know that I got ya
    Anything that you do boy you know I support ya - huh
    How could you think I would do this to you
    I thought wifey would mean more to you
    I aint trying to say I weren't there that day
    I'm just trying to say it didn't happen that way
    Naila Boss the name is true, the game is true
    You know I belong to you, come on
    But if your trying give oramators
    Then this right here is the point that I make yeh
    Do you think I'd be your wife
    Allezay, hot grade, i'm gonna be alright
    Trust, cause the love we shared was so wrong
    Shame, cause I felt it was so strong
    It's okay, make your moves
    Cause I know you'll be back in a year or two

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