Present Continuous or Future Simple?

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Present Continuous or Future Simple?
present continuous for future arrangements present continuous future for will going to be going to ve farkı
Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous or the future simple using the
present continuous where possible.
(The be going to form could be used here instead of the present continuous, but for the
sake of simplicity students are advised to use only the two tenses first mentioned.)
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1 I am sure that I (recognize) him.
2 I (see) her tomorrow. I
3 He (play) in a tennis match on Friday.
4 She (come) back on Monday.
5 I (go) again next year.
6 We (know) tonight.
7 You pay and I (owe) you the money.
8 I (believe) it when I see it.
9 I (have) my car repainted next week.
10 I hope that you (have) a good time tomorrow.
11 His speech (be) broadcast tonight.
12 The window-cleaner (come) at eight tomorrow.
13 Tom (catch) the 7.40 train.
14 Where you (meet) them?~
I (meet) them at midnight in the middle of the wood.
15 What horse you (ride) tomorrow?
16 Look! I've broken the teapot. What Mrs Pitt (say)? ~
She (not mind); she never liked that one.
17 I've left the light on. It (matter)?
18 He (not forget) to come.
19 He (leave) in a few days.
20 I (remember) it.
21 If you drop that bottle it (break).
22 I never (forgive) him.
23 I'm sure that you (like) him.
24 They (lay) the foundations next week.
25 You (see) a signpost at the end of the road.
26 He has cut my hair too short. ~
Don't worry; it (grow) again very quickly.
27 You (understand) when you are older.
28 The cat (scratch) you if you pull its tail.
29 I (be) back at 8.30.
30 If he doesn't work hard he (not pass) his exam.
31 She (go) on a cruise next summer.
32 I (move) to a new flat next week.
33 I am sorry that the child saw the accident. ~
I don't think it matters. He soon (forget) all about it.
34 I (wait) here till he comes back.
35 He (not write) to you unless you write to him.
36 There (be) a big meeting here tomorrow.
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Cevap: Present Continuous or Future Simple?

(shall can be replaced by will in these answers.
Contractions may be used.)

1 shall recognize 2 will see/am seeing ('am seeing' implies a definite arrangement) 3 is playing 4 is coming 5 am going 6 shall know 7 shall owe 8 shall believe 9 am having
10 will have His being/will be 12 is coming 13 is catching 14 are you meeting, am
meeting 15 are you riding/will you ride 16 will Mrs Pitt say, won't mind 17 will it matter 18 won't forget 19 is leaving 20 shall remember 21 will break 22 will never forgive 23 will like 24 are laying 25 will see 26 will grow 27 will understand 28 will scratch 29 shall be

30 won't pass 31 is going 32 am moving 33 will soon forget 34 will wait 35 won't write
36 will be