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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Present Continuous Tense as FUTURE form

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous tense.

    1 They are going to drill for oil here. They (start) on Monday.
    2 My uncle (make) a speech on Friday.
    3 I (take) my sister to the ballet tomorrow.
    4 She (call) for me at six.
    5 He (play) at Wimbledon next summer.
    6 I (meet) her at the station at ten.

    7 The sales (not start) till Monday. 8 How you (get) to the party tomorrow? ~
    I (go) by car. ~
    Who (drive)?
    9 The piano tuner (come) this afternoon.
    10 You (give) him anything for his birthday? ~
    Yes, I (give) him a dictionary.
    11 The windows (be) cleaned today. Then we'll be able to see out.
    12 She (come) out of hospital next week.
    13 We (have) dinner early tonight as we (go) to the theatre.
    14 Where you (go) for your holidays this year? ~
    I (go) to Holland.
    15 He (not give) a lecture tonight.
    16 I (have) my photograph taken tomorrow.
    17 I (buy) her a burglar alarm for a wedding present.
    18 The elections (be) held next week.
    19 I (have) lunch with my aunt on Thursday.
    20 The committee (meet) next Wednesday.
    21 My grandparents (celebrate) their golden wedding next week.
    22 I (lend) him my car for his holidays.
    23 The strikers (return) to work next week.
    24 Smith's (open) a new branch in this street in July.
    25 We've bought a new house and (move) in very soon.
    26 I (not take) up judo next winter.
    27 They (get) married next week.
    28 You (do) anything tonight? ~
    Yes, I (go) to my carpentry class.
    29 The Prime Minister (fly) to America tomorrow.
    30 He (start) a new job on Friday.
    31 The Queen (give) a garden party next week. You (go)?
    32 My brother (be) released on Tuesday. I (meet) him outside the prison.
    33 I (catch) the 6.30 plane tomorrow. ~
    Where you (leave) your car? ~
    I (not take) the car.
    34 Her mother (send) her to France next year.
    35 I (go) to the dentist tomorrow. Miss Pitt (take) my class.
    36 I (lend) my flat to my American cousins next year.

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    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Present Continuous Tense as FUTURE form
    1 are starting 2 is making 3 am taking 4 is calling 5 is playing 6 am meeting
    7 are not starting 8 are you getting, am going, is driving 9 is coming 10 are you giving, am giving Hare being 12 is coming 13 are having, are going 14 are you going, am going 15 is not giving 16 am having 17 am buying 18 are being 19 am having 20 is/are meeting 21 are celebrating 22 am lending 23 are returning 24 are opening 25 are moving 26 am not taking
    27 are getting 28 are you doing, am going 29 is flying 30 is starting 31 is giving, are you going 32 is being, am meeting 33 am catching, are you leaving, am not taking 34 is sending 35 am going, is taking 36 am lending

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