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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Simple Past or Past Continuous?

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    unfortunately when i arrived ann just leave so we only had time for a few words Put the verbs in brackets into the simple past or the past continuous tense.

    1 I lit the fire at 6.00 and it (bum) brightly when Tom came in at 7.00.
    2 When I arrived the lecture had already started and the professor (write) on the overhead projector.
    3 I (make) a cake when the light went out. I had to finish it in the dark.
    4 I didn't want to meet Paul so when he entered the room I (leave).
    5 Unfortunately when I arrived Ann just (leave), so we only had time for a few words.
    6 He (watch) TV when the phone rang. Very unwillingly he (turn) down the sound and (go) to answer it.
    7 He was very polite. Whenever his wife entered the room he (stand) up.
    8 The admiral (play) bowls when he received news of the invasion. He (insist) on finishing the game.
    9 My dog (walk) along quietly when Mr Pitt's Pekinese attacked him.
    10 When I arrived she (have) lunch. She apologized for starting without me but said that she always (lunch) at 12.30.
    11 He always (wear) a raincoat and (carry) an umbrella when he walked to the office.
    12 What you (think) of his last book? ~
    I (like) it very much.

    13 I (share) a flat with him when we were students. He always (complain) about my untidiness.
    14 He suddenly (realize) that he (travel) in the wrong direction.
    15 He (play) the guitar outside her house when someone opened the window and (throw) out a bucket of water.
    16 I just (open) the letter when the wind (blow) it out of my hand.
    17 The burglar (open) the safe when he (hear) footsteps. He immediately (put) out his torch and (crawl) under the bed.
    18 When I (look) for my passport I (find) this old photograph.
    19 You looked very busy when I (see) you last night. What you (do)?
    20 The boys (play) cards when they (hear) their father's step. They immediately (hide)
    the cards and (take) out their lesson books.
    21 He (clean) his gun when it accidentally (go) off and (kill) him.
    22 He (not allow) us to go out in the boat yesterday as a strong wind (blow).
    23 As I (cross) the road I (step) on a banana skin and (fall) heavily.
    24 I still (lie) on the road when I (see) a lorry approaching.
    25 Luckily the driver (see) me and (stop) the lorry in time.
    26 How you (damage) your car so badly? ~
    I (run) into a lamp-post yesterday. ~
    I suppose you (drive) too quickly or were not looking where you (go).

    27 As he (get) into the bus it (start) suddenly and he (fall) backwards on to the road.
    28 I (call) Paul at 7.00 but it wasn't necessary because he already (get) up.
    29 When he (mend) the fuse he (get) a very bad shock.
    30 When I (hear) his knock I (go) to the door and (open) it, but I (not recognize) him at first because I (not wear) my glasses.
    31 When I came in they (sit) round the fire. Mr Pitt (do) a crossword puzzle, Mrs Pitt (knit), the others (read). Mrs Pitt (smile) at me and (say), 'Come and sit down.'
    32 While the guests (dance) thieves (break) into the house and (steal) a lot of fur coats.
    33 The next day, as they (know) that the police (look) for them, they (hide) the coats in
    a wood and (go) off in different directions.
    34 She was very extravagant. She always (buy) herself new clothes.
    35 Her mother often (tell) her that she (spend) too much money but she never (listen).
    36 Whenever the drummer (begin) practising, the people in the next flat (bang) on
    the wall.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Simple Past or Past Continuous?
    I was burning 2 was writing 3 was making 4 left 5 was just leaving 6 was watching, turned, went 7 stood 8 was playing, insisted 9 was walking 10 was having, lunched 11 wore, carried 12 did you think, liked 13 shared, was always complaining/always complained 14 realized, was travelling 15 was playing, threw 16 was just opening, blew 17 was opening, heard, put, crawled 18 was looking, found 19 saw, were you doing 20 were playing, heard, hid, took 21 was cleaning, went, killed
    22 didn't allow, was blowing 23 was crossing/crossed, stepped, fell 24 was still lying, saw 25 saw, stopped 26 did you damage, ran, were driving, were going 27 was getting/got, started, fell 28 called, was already getting up 29 was mending/mended, got 30 heard,
    went, opened, didn't recognize, wasn't wearing 31 were sitting, was doing, was knitting, were reading, smiled, said 32 were dancing, broke, stole 33 knew, were looking, hid, went 34 was always buying 35 told, was spending/spent, listened 36 began, banged

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Simple Past or Past Continuous?
    Put the verbs in brackets into the simple past or past continuous tense.

    1 Mr Smith never (wake) up in time in the mornings and always (get) into trouble for being late; so one day he (go) to town and (buy) an alarm clock.
    2 To get home he (have to) go through a field where a bad-tempered bull usually (graze).
    3 This bull normally (not chase) people unless something (make) him angry. Unfortunately, as Mr Smith (cross) the field, his alarm clock (go) off.
    4 This (annoy) the bull, who immediately (begin) to chase Mr Smith.
    5 Mr Smith (carry) an open umbrella as it (rain) slightly. He (throw) the umbrella to the ground and (run) away as fast as he could.
    6 The bull (stop) and (begin) to attack the umbrella. While he (do) this Mr Smith escaped.
    7 When he (awake) she (sit) by the window. She (look) at something in the street, but when he (call) her she (turn) and (smile) at him.
    8 Why you (interrupt) me just now? I (have) a very interesting conversation with Mr Pitt.
    9 The murderer (carry) the corpse down the stairs when he (hear) a knock on the door.
    10 When I (look) through your books I (notice) that you have a copy of Murder in the Cathedral.
    11 As they (walk) along the road they (hear) a car coming from behind them. Tom (turn) round and (hold) up his hand. The car (stop).
    12 When I (arrive) at the station Mary (wait) for me. She (wear) a blue dress and (look) very pretty. As soon as she (see) me she (wave) and (shout) something, but I couldn't hear what she (say) because everybody (make) such a noise.
    13 The prisoner (escape) by climbing the wall of the garden where he (work). He (wear) blue overalls and black shoes.
    14 She said that the car (travel) at 40 k.p.h. when it (begin) to skid.
    15 She said that she (not like) her present flat and (try) to find another.
    16 While he (make) his speech the minister suddenly (feel) faint. But someone (bring) him a glass of water and after a few minutes he (be able) to continue.
    17 When I (see) him he (paint) a portrait of his wife. ~
    You (like) it? ~
    He only just (start) when I (see) it, so I couldn't judge.

    18 I (take) my friend to a murder trial the other day. ~
    Who (be) tried?-
    A man called Bill Sykes. ~
    Was he acquitted? —
    I don't know. They still (listen) to the evidence when we (leave).

    19 I (be) sorry that I (have to) leave the party early, because I (enjoy) myself.
    20 As we (come) here a policeman (stop) us. He (say) that he (look) for some stolen property and (ask) if he could search the car.
    21 I (see) you yesterday from the bus. Why you (use) a stick? ~
    I (use) a stick because I had hurt my leg that morning falling off a horse. ~
    Whose horse you (ride)?

    22 The floor was covered with balls of wool. Obviously Mrs Pitt (knit) something.
    23 Ann said that she (be) on holiday. I (say) that I (hope) that she (enjoy) herself.
    24 While he (water) the flowers it (begin) to rain. He (put) up his umbrella and (go) on watering.
    25 I just (write) a cheque when I (remember) that I (have) nothing in the bank.
    26 I (find) this ring as I (dig) in the garden. It looks very old. I wonder who it (belong) to?
    27 When I last (see) her she (hurry) along the road to the station. I (ask) her where she (go) and she (say), 'London', but I don't think she (speak) the truth because there
    (not be) any train for London at that time.
    28 The tailor said, 'Your suit will be ready on Monday.' But when I (call) on Monday he still (work) on it.
    29 The teacher (come) into the classroom unusually early and one of the boys, who (smoke) a cigarette, (have) no time to put it out. So he (throw) it into the desk and (hope) for the best.
    30 A little later the teacher (notice) that smoke (rise) from this desk.
    'You (smoke) when I (come) in?' he (ask).

    31 While I (swim) someone (steal) my clothes and I (have to) walk home in my swimsuit.
    32 The men (say) that they (work) on the road outside my house and that they (want) some water to make tea.
    33 He (say) that he (build) himself a house and that he (think) it would be ready in two years.
    34 At 3 a.m. Mrs Pitt (wake) her husband and (say) that she (think) that someone (try) to get into the house.
    35 Why you (lend) him that book? I still (read) it. ~
    I'm sorry. I (not know) that you still (read) it.

    36 I (come) in very late last night and unfortunately the dog (wake) up and (start) to bark. This (wake) my mother who (come) to the top of the stairs and (say), 'Who is there?'
    I (say). It is me,' but she (not hear) me because the dog (bark) so loudly, so she (go)
    back to her room and (telephone) the police.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Simple Past or Past Continuous?

    1 woke, was always getting/always got, went, bought 2 had to, usually grazed/was usually grazing 3 didn't normally chase, made, was crossing, went 4 annoyed, began 5 was carrying, was raining, threw, ran 6 stopped, began, was doing 7 awoke, was
    sitting, was looking, called, turned, smiled 8 did you interrupt, was having 9 was carrying, heard 10 was looking, noticed 11 were walking/walked, heard, turned, held, stopped

    12 arrived, was waiting, was wearing, (was) looking/looked, saw, waved, shouted, was
    saying/said, was making 13 escaped, was working, was wearing 14 was travelling, began 15 didn't like, was trying 16 was making, felt, brought, was able 17 saw, was painting, did you like, was only just starting, saw 18 took, was being, were still listening, left/were
    leaving 19 was, had to, was enjoying 20 were coming, stopped, said, was looking, asked 21 saw, were you using, was using, were you riding 22 was knitting 23 was, said, hoped, was enjoying 24 was watering, began, put, went 25 was just writing, remembered,
    had 26 found, was digging, belonged 27 saw, was hurrying, asked, was going, said, was speaking, wasn't 28 called, was still working 29 came, was smoking, had, threw, hoped

    30 noticed, was rising, were you smoking, came, asked 31 was swimming, stole, had to
    32 said, were working, wanted 33 said, was building, thought 34 woke, said, thought, was trying 35 did you lend, was still reading, didn't know, were still reading 36 came, woke, started, woke, came, said, said, didn't hear, was barking, went, telephoned
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