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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Simple Present Tense Exercises

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    simple present tense exercises present tense exercises do does on simple Read the following in the third person singular. Do not change the object if it is plural. Note that after certain consonants a final es is pronounced as a separate syllable.

    1 They wish to speak to you. (He)
    2 Buses pass my house every hour.
    3 They help their father. (He)
    4 We change planes at Heathrow.

    5 You watch too much TV. (He) 6 They worry too much. (He)
    7 I cash a cheque every month. (He)
    8 I always carry an umbrella. (She)
    9 They wash the floor every week. (She)
    10 His sons go to the local school.
    11 These hens lay brown eggs.
    12 Rubber balls bounce.
    13 These figures astonish me.
    14 Do you like boiled eggs? (he)
    15 These seats cost Ј10.
    16 They fish in the lake. (He)
    17 Elephants never forget.
    18 They usually catch the 8.10 bus.
    19 They sometimes miss the bus.
    20 I mix the ingredients together.
    21 The rivers freeze in winter.
    22 They fly from London to Edinburgh.
    23 The carpets match the curtains.
    24 They realize the danger.
    25 I use a computer.
    26 What do they do on their days off? ~
    They do nothing. They lie in bed all day.

    27 The boys hurry home after school.
    28 They push the door open.
    29 They kiss their mother.
    30 They box in the gymnasium.
    31 They dress well.
    32 Your children rely on you.
    33 They snatch ladies' handbags.
    34 You fry everything.
    35 The taxes rise every year.
    36 They do exercises every morning.

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Simple Present Tense Exercises
    1 wishes 2 passes 3 helps 4 changes 5 watches 6 worries 7 cashes 8 carries
    9 washes 10 goes 11 lays 12 bounces 13 astonishes 14 does he like 15 costs 16 fishes m
    17 forgets 18 catches 19 misses 20 mixes 21 freezes 22 flies 23 matches 24 realizes
    25 uses 26 does he do, does, lies 27 hurries 28 pushes 29 kisses 30 boxes 31 dresses
    32 relies 33 snatches 34 fries 35 rises 36 does
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Simple Present Tense Exercises
    Read the following (a) in the negative (b) in the interrogative.
    In Nos. 2 and 14, have is used as an ordinary verb and should be treated as one.

    1 You know the answer.
    2 He has breakfast at 8.00.
    3 He loves her.
    4 Some schoolgirls wear uniforms.
    5 He trusts you.
    6 He tries hard.
    7 The park closes at dusk.
    8 He misses his mother.
    9 The children like sweets.
    10 He finishes work at 6.00.
    11 He lives beside the sea.
    12 He bullies his sisters.
    13 This stove heats the water.
    14 She has a cooked breakfast.
    15 She carries a sleeping bag.
    16 He usually believes you.
    17 She dances in competitions.
    18 You remember the address.
    19 She plays chess very well.
    20 He worries about her.
    21 These thieves work at night.
    22 He leaves home at 8.00 every day.
    23 Ann arranges everything.
    24 She agrees with you.
    25 Their dogs bark all night.
    26 Their neighbours often complain.
    27 Tom enjoys driving at night.
    28 He engages new staff every Spring.
    29 Tom looks very well.
    30 They sell fresh grape juice here.
    31 He charges more than other photographers.
    32 She cuts her husband's hair.
    33 They pick the apples in October.
    34 The last train leaves at midnight.
    35 He relaxes at weekends.
    36 She refuses to discuss it.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Simple Present Tense Exercises

    Negative: 1 don't know 2 doesn't have 3 doesn't love 4 don't wear 5 doesn't trust 6 doesn't try 7 doesn't close 8 doesn't miss 9 don't like 10 doesn't finish 11 doesn't live 12 doesn't bully 13 doesn't heat 14 doesn't have 15 doesn't carry 16 doesn't believe
    17 doesn't dance 18 don't remember 19 doesn't play 20 doesn't worry 21 don't work
    22 doesn't leave 23 doesn't arrange 24 doesn't agree 25 don't bark 26 don't complain
    27 doesn't enjoy 28 doesn't engage 29 doesn't look 30 don't sell 31 doesn't charge

    32 doesn't cut 33 don't pick 34 doesn't leave 35 doesn't relax 36 doesn't refuse

    Interrogative: 1 do you know 2 does he have 3 does he love 4 do they wear 5 does he trust 6 does he try 7 does the park close 8 does he miss 9 do the children like 10 does he finish 11 does he live 12 does he bully 13 does it heat 14 does she have 15 does she carry
    16 does he believe 17 does she dance 18 do you remember 19 does she play 20 does he worry 21 do these thieves usually work 22 does he leave 23 does Ann arrange 24 does she agree 25 do their dogs bark 26 do their neighbours often complain 27 does Tom enjoy
    28 does he engage 29 does Tom look 30 do they sell 31 does he charge 32 does she cut 33 do they pick 34 does the last train leave 35 does he relax 36 does she refuse
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    San Juan
    yeniden bu konudan basladık gerci ben kursa gidicem ingilizce herseye bastan basliycam kelimeler filler vs. paylasım icin tesekkürler :)
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