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    13 Kasım 2008
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    Tori Amos - Not Dying Today

    Konu, 'Yabancı Şarkı Sözleri' kısmında kaprisli tarafından paylaşıldı.

    There was a gambler and a cleaner and a puppeteer
    only the puppet could explain just what he was
    All on a bus we were hopin' to pass the time
    plug my piece in boys then we can drink the wine
    drink the wine drink the wine-
    music, good friends, I'm not dyin' today

    I Amy be 6 feet under full of wonder I'm not dyin' today

    Dyin' today
    I'm not dying mister
    Neil is thrilled he can claim he's a mammalian
    "but the bad news," he said "Girl you're a dandelion."
    Dandelion. Hey I need to think about that.
    Yeah, I thought about that and I said, "What the Hell?"
    He said, "Nope, you are Earth bound, blow them seeds away
    maybe one will make a sound."
    Make a sound, Make a sound-
    music, good fiends,
    I'm not Dyin' Today
    may be 6 feet under full of thunder
    I'm not Dyin' Today
    dyin' today
    I'm not dying mister
    So they got us go goin' and comin'
    Cause they make us pay
    if we go or stay
    is he prayin'
    that I'll pop my clogs?
    if they can't prove I'm crazy
    by noon I'll be pushin' up them daises
    Tomorrow, with their Donut ox they'll say "Its sad she's Brown Bread."
    Hey, I got my weapons-
    music, good friend,
    I'm not dyin' today
    I may be 6 feet under
    way down yonder
    I'm not dyin' today
    I'm not dying, sister, take your paws off
    my ankle straps and my mister
    Dyin' Fryin', rather have a lie-in
    I am not blowin' that Gabriell's Trumpet
    i got my own band to play today

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