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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    Konu, 'KPDS - ÜDS' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    1. – 18. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere
    uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

    1. In the life sciences, biologists need to be more
    aware of the ---- between science and technology.
    A) approach B) departure C) complexity
    D) extremity E) gap

    2. The theory is interesting enough, but is it ----?
    A) solvable B) expressive C) intensive
    D) coherent E) resistant

    3. However incredible we may now find it, engineers
    did not ---- welcome the idea of a general purpose
    A) instantly B) urgently C) crudely
    D) scarcely E) reliably

    4. His efforts to ---- the threat of global warming
    with new forms of energy have been much
    A) excuse B) counter C) pursue
    D) uphold E) deliver

    5. The amount of fish caught did not ---- the
    massive increase in vessel tonnage and fishing
    A) pull through B) make do with
    C) keep pace with D) come across
    E) break out of

    6. Home heating, which ---- less than 7 per cent of
    all energy consumed in the US, has had a
    commendable efficiency record.
    A) accounts for B) comes with C) joins in
    D) picks up E) brings out

    7. For a long time now, biologists ---- that bits of
    tissue placed next to each other ----.
    A) had known / may fuse
    B) have known / can fuse
    C) knew / had fused
    D) would have known / have fused
    E) know / would have fused

    8. It ---- that Brazil’s new surveillance system ---- a
    useful tool in the protection of the rain forests.
    A) may be hoped / would have proved
    B) was hoped / had proved
    C) has been hoped / would prove
    D) could be hoped / might have proved
    E) is hoped / will prove

    9. Many engineers ---- the thrill of designing a novel
    product that then ---- mass production.
    A) are having / is entering
    B) had had / had entered
    C) would have / has entered
    D) have had / enters
    E) were having / have entered

    10. Over the past eight years, the TES instrument ----
    that Martian rocks and sands ---- almost entirely
    of volcanic minerals.
    A) would discover / had been composed
    B) has discovered / are composed
    C) would discover / were composed
    D) had discovered / had been composed
    E) was discovering / would be composed

    11. In order ---- a good sheep-shearing robot I had to
    understand sheep shearers and the skill of
    shearing, as well as the technology ---- in
    building a robot.
    A) having built / to have been involved
    B) building / to be involved
    C) to build / involved
    D) to be building / involving
    E) to have built / having been involved

    12. It is estimated that sulphur pollution costs China
    nearly 45 billion dollars each year ---- lost
    productivity, health care and damage ---- forests
    and crops.
    A) from / at B) in / to
    C) under / of D) over / through
    E) by / for

    13. One of the great advances ---- astronomy ---- the
    past decade has been the discovery of planets
    outside our solar system.
    A) of / over B) through /at C) in / to
    D) for / by E) with / for

    14. He realized that the world could run out of key
    resources, ---- he was a harsh critic of the
    wastefulness of modern industrial society.
    A) so that B) whether C) so long as
    D) and so E) but

    15. ---- the car is equipped with a sophisticated
    protection system, you know you are fully
    A) Until B) Even if C) Although
    D) So E) Since

    16. Certain reactions, ---- catalytic methanation,
    appear to stop before they are complete.
    A) instead of B) such as C) in place of
    D) in case of E) with reference to

    17. Engineering structures must conform ---- to their
    type ---- to the laws of physics.
    A) not only / but also B) as / as
    C) more / but D) both / as
    E) either / and

    18. The harder a material is, ---- ductile or workable it
    tends to be.
    A) the most B) as much C) the less
    D) more E) so much

    19. – 23. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış
    yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da
    ifadeyi bulunuz.

    Natural disturbances, including hurricanes and
    earthquakes, have affected coral reefs for millions of
    years. They are typically acute but have short-lived
    (19) ----. Reef areas (20) ---- human influences often
    recover within a few years (21) ---- water and
    substratum quality remain high. Indeed, acute natural
    disturbances can actually help (22) ---- diversity on
    coral reefs by knocking back dominant species and
    allowing (23) ---- competitive species to re-establish

    A) products B) conditions C) concerns
    D) effects E) explanations

    A) down to B) up to C) up against
    D) out of E) away from

    A) so that B) unless C) though
    D) if E) whether

    A) to have maintained B) maintaining
    C) having maintained D) to be maintained
    E) to maintain

    A) much B) little C) as
    D) less E) least

    24. – 35. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
    şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

    24. Battlefield radios may become obsolete ----.
    A) if software programmable units take over
    B) until they are all built to a common standard
    C) when local police and fire departments would
    also benefit
    D) since other versions had become tailored to their
    E) while security features are also innovative

    25. In biology, isolating particular enzymes is a
    tedious process of trial and error ----.
    A) though silicon is not the best choice of material
    B) if several hundred steps were involved
    C) which involves many different experiments
    D) until other problems could be eliminated
    E) as lab experiments may prove unnecessary

    26. Just try shooting at bullet-proof glass ----.
    A) but you can stand a few meters away
    B) if you want to be quite sure that it really is bullet
    C) while the glass remained unharmed
    D) why some gangs have started to fire anti-tank
    missiles at armoured cars
    E) that it withstood every attack
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular
    27. The vast oil output of the Caspian must be piped
    overland to, say, the Mediterranean, ----.
    A) that it is not a landlocked sea
    B) if a pipeline is laid across Iran
    C) before it can be pumped into tankers
    D) which would also pass through Georgia
    E) as a great deal of diplomacy would be required

    28. Their latest digital radio is supplied with a pair of
    active speakers ----.
    A) if the number keys have been moved to the
    B) that an FM radio is fitted into its compact
    C) though the screen itself seemed to be touchsensitive
    D) so you don’t have to plug it into an amplifier
    E) how the graphic display shows the programme
    you are listening to

    29. The engineers ---- took their know-how to Japan
    and China in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
    A) that it would be the world’s largest dam
    B) who continue to travel around the world
    transferring technology
    C) who had built railroads and dams across
    D) as engineering problems can attract worldwide
    E) though the spread of technology is not likely to
    be halted

    30. Although global warming was outside the
    parameters of their study, ----.
    A) countries with high gasoline prices are more
    innovative in the field of personal transportation
    B) battery-powered electric vehicles would not have
    been disregarded
    C) fossil fuel consumption habits will have to be
    D) for the present the focus is on the efficient use of
    fossil fuels
    E) it is nevertheless a fact that should have been

    31. ---- as they are today.
    A) Satellites are providing clear photographs
    B) The fluctuating magnetic field lies deep in the
    centre of Earth
    C) Several other bodies in the solar system
    generate their own magnetic fields
    D) Earth’s magnetic poles have not always been
    E) Many intriguing explanations are being put

    32. Since mines may have been laid there, ----.
    A) these fields had not been cultivated
    B) large areas of valuable farmland are being
    overgrown by bamboo
    C) immense bamboo thickets would have come into
    D) the costs of restoring farmland to full production
    have always been high
    E) faster techniques were called for

    33. ---- that solar flares triggered geomagnetic
    A) Scientists used to think
    B) The findings were ambiguous
    C) The astronauts were taken by surprise
    D) The facts have to be suppressed
    E) The results of the experiment surprised

    34. ----, though none are yet being grown on a
    commercial scale.
    A) Conifers are dominant trees in northern latitudes
    B) Trees produce copious pollen, which travels up
    to 16 kilometres
    C) Genetically modified trees have not been planted
    in natural woods and forests
    D) Plants demonstrate a remarkable diversity in
    size, habit and form
    E) Genetically modified trees are being developed
    for a variety of uses

    35. Because each leaf is characteristic of the plant
    on which it grows, ----.
    A) most leaves are composed of three parts: a
    blade, a petiole and a pair of stipules
    B) water loss by evaporation from the leaf’s surface
    is unavoidable
    C) many plants can be identified by their leaves
    D) all parts of a plant can be damaged by air
    pollution, but leaves are particularly susceptible
    E) many leaves have special structures through
    which water is literally forced out

    36. – 38. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye
    anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

    36. The findings of a ten-year study reveal that two
    species of seahorses have been living in the
    waters around Britain without anyone realizing
    they were there.
    A) İngiltere’nin çevresindeki sularda daha önce
    onların orada yaşadığını kimsenin bilmediği iki
    tür denizatının olduğu on yıllık bir çalışmayla
    ortaya çıktı.
    B) On yıllık bir çalışmanın bulguları İngiltere’nin
    çevresindeki sularda onların orada olduğunu hiç
    kimsenin farketmediği iki tür denizatının yaşamakta
    olduğunu gösteriyor.
    C) İngiltere’nin çevresindeki sularda iki tür denizatının
    yaşadığını ilk kez ortaya çıkaran on yıllık çalışma
    bu türlerin hiç farkedilmediğini belirtiyor.
    D) On yıllık çalışmanın sonuçlarına göre İngiltere’nin
    çevresindeki sularda hiç kimsenin bilmediği
    iki tür denizatının yaşamakta olduğu bildiriliyor.
    E) İki tür denizatı hiç kimseye belli etmeden İngiltere’nin
    çevresindeki sularda yaşarken on yıllık bir
    çalışma onları ortaya çıkardı.

    37. Though stars appear to the eye as single points
    of light, very many of them turn out to be double
    when seen through a telescope.
    A) Teleskopla bakıldığında çift ışık olan yıldızların
    çoğu göze tek ışık noktası gibi görünür.
    B) Çıplak gözle bakıldığında yıldızlar tek ışık noktası
    gibi görünür, çoğuna sadece teleskopla bakıldığında
    çift olduğu anlaşılabilir.
    C) Göze tek ışık noktası gibi görünen yıldızlara teleskopla
    bakıldığında çoğunun çift olduğu gözlenir.
    D) Yıldızlar çıplak gözle bakıldığında tek ışık noktası
    gibi algılansa da teleskopla bakıldığında aslında
    çift olduğu görülür.
    E) Her ne kadar yıldızlar göze tek ışık noktası gibi
    görünse de pek çoğunun teleskopla bakıldığında
    çift olduğu ortaya çıkar.

    38. Entropy is a physical property like temperature
    and pressure, and measures how close a system
    has come to reaching stagnant “equilibrium”.
    A) Sıcaklık ve basınç gibi fiziksel bir özellik olan
    entropi bir sistemin durgun “denge”ye ulaşıp
    ulaşmadığını ölçer.
    B) Entropi sıcaklık ve basınç gibi fiziksel bir özelliktir
    ve bir sistemin durgun “denge”ye ne kadar
    ulaştığını ölçer.
    C) Bir sistemin durgun “denge”ye ulaşıp ulaşmadığı
    sıcaklık ve basınç gibi fiziksel bir özellik olan entropi
    ile ölçülür.
    D) Entropi hem sıcaklık ve basınç gibi fiziksel özellikler
    arasındadır hem de bir sistemin durgun
    “denge”ye ne kadar ulaştığını belirlemede yardımcıdır.
    E) Sistemlerin durgun” denge”ye ulaşıp
    ulaşmadığını ölçen entropinin sıcaklık ve
    basınçla ortak olan yanı, fiziksel bir özellik

    39. – 41. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye
    anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

    39. Bilim adamları bir büyük depremin, bir sonrakinin
    zamanı ve yeri üzerinde kayda değer bir etkisinin
    olmadığını düşünürlerdi; fakat, son araştırmalar
    durumun böyle olmayabileceğine işaret ediyor.
    A) Scientists used to think that there was no
    connection between one major earthquake and
    subsequent smaller ones, but new studies
    suggest there may be.
    B) Formerly scientists thought that one large
    earthquake could not possibly affect the timing
    or location of the next, but recent research
    suggests it may.
    C) Contrary to what scientists used to think, recent
    research suggests that a major earthquake may
    considerably affect the timing and location of
    subsequent earthquakes.
    D) Recent research suggests that a major
    earthquake may influence the time and place of
    subsequent earthquakes though this has not
    been the traditional view of scientists.
    E) Scientists used to think that one large
    earthquake had no notable influence on the
    timing or location of the next one but recent
    research suggests this may not be the case.

    40. Aşağı yukarı aynı büyüklükte ve Güneş’e aynı
    uzaklıkta olan Dünya ve Venüs sıklıkla ikiz gezegenler
    olarak nitelendirilir.
    A) It is usual to refer to Earth and Venus as twin
    planets as they are almost the same size and
    distance from the Sun.
    B) Since Earth and Venus are roughly the same
    size and distance from the Sun it is only natural
    that they should be regarded as twin planets.
    C) Earth and Venus, being roughly the same size
    and distance from the Sun, are often regarded
    as twin planets.
    D) It is because they are exactly the same size and
    distance from the Sun that Earth and Venus are
    known as the twin planets.
    E) By the twin planets we mean Earth and Venus
    which are nearly the same size and are
    equidistant from the Sun.

    41. Dünyanın iç kısmını araştırma konusunda uzmanlaşan
    bilim adamları, uzun süre, Dünya’nın derin
    iç kısmındaki hareketin yüzeydeki dikey değişimlerin
    arkasında olduğundan şüphelendiler.
    A) Scientists who specialize in studying Earth’s
    interior have long suspected that activity deep
    inside Earth is behind vertical changes at the
    B) Scientists studying Earth’s interior have come to
    the conclusion that what goes on deep inside
    Earth affects vertical changes at the surface.
    C) It is generally agreed by scientists studying
    Earth’s interior that events deep inside Earth’s
    core influence vertical changes at the surface.
    D) Scientists specializing in the study of Earth’s
    interior have long been aware of the fact that
    activity deep inside Earth may be responsible for
    vertical change at its surface.
    E) Scientists specializing in happenings deep within
    Earth’s core have, for a long time, suspected a
    relationship between them and vertical changes
    at the surface.

    42. – 46. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçanın
    anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek
    cümleyi bulunuz.

    42. Fragile ecosystems like the Arctic could face
    many more years of contamination from PCBs
    (polychlorinated biphenyls), despite international
    treaties banning their use. ----. An estimated 1.3
    million tonnes of PCBs were made between the
    1930s and 1990s around the world for use in the
    manufacture of pesticides, lubricants, and
    plastics. But an investigation to determine the
    fate of these PCBs has failed to locate most of
    A) On the other hand, PCBs may be carried by
    wind to cold countries where they condense out
    in the cold air
    B) Indeed, soils in temperate lands have captured
    most of the PCBs so far released into the
    C) On the contrary, PCBs could pose a threat to
    polar bears for years to come
    D) That is the conclusion of a study into the fate of
    PCBs manufactured worldwide during much of
    the 20th century
    E) As a result, urban air contains more PCBs than
    rural air

    43. The Kavli Foundation’s approach differs from the
    increasingly utilitarian focus of most funded
    research. ----. Kavli opposes this practice for he
    believes you have to be willing to fund science
    without knowledge of the benefits.
    A) To obtain funding from any source, scientists
    must usually frame their ideas in the context of
    studies already completed and short-term impact
    B) Knowledge about materials and processes in the
    universe could open up benefits that we can’t
    even imagine
    C) In fact, the foundation pays for nondirected
    research in its three main areas of interest:
    astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience
    D) It is unrealistic of such agencies to expect these
    programmes to deliver useful tools and
    applications rapidly
    E) The foundation has chosen disciplines that are
    already acknowledged as “growth” areas in

    44. Traditionally, the study of planet formation has
    proved frustrating, as astronomers have never
    been sure whether their theories apply to other
    planetary systems. ----. Now, however, the
    observations of debris discs around stars of
    different masses and ages are helping to place
    our solar system in context.
    A) Some discs look like gigantic versions of the
    rings of Saturn
    B) Most of the discs, however, could not be seen
    C) What the recent images show is wonderfully
    D) This is because the solar system is the only
    known example of a planetary system
    E) The dust particles probably result from collisions
    among asteroids

    45. Isaac Newton presented the earliest scientific
    definition of mass in 1687 in his landmark work
    Principium: “The quantity of matter is the
    measure of the same arising from its density and
    bulk conjointly.” That very basic definition was
    good enough for Newton and other scientists for
    more than 200 years. ----. In recent years,
    however, the why of mass has become a
    research topic in physics.
    A) The laws of gravity predict that gravity acts on
    mass and energy
    B) Most people think they know what mass is, but
    actually they understand only a very small part of
    what it entails
    C) Fundamental particles have an intrinsic mass
    known as their rest mass
    D) Energy and mass are related, as described by
    Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2
    E) They understood that science should proceed
    first by describing how things work and later by
    understanding why

    46. Can coal ever become a friend of the
    environment? Coal-fired power stations supply
    half the electricity used in many industrial
    countries. ----. This, of course, is the most
    worrisome of the so-called “greenhouse gases.”
    A) New ones will have to comply with the Clean Air
    B) They are, however, responsible for 80% of the
    power industry’s emissions of carbon dioxide
    C) Energy engineers are already talking about
    “clean coal” technology
    D) Clean coal means different things to different
    E) Coal treatment and refining processes are rightly
    getting a lot of attention as well

    47. – 51. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş
    bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi

    47. Roy:
    - If you haven’t already read this account of
    Philip Morrison, make sure you do.
    - ----
    - That’s what impressed me most. He made
    important contributions in quantum
    electrodynamics among other things, and then
    gave courses on physics for poets!
    A) Yes, I will. I’ve seen him on TV on several
    occasions, he’s both charming and amusing.
    B) Yes, I intend to. What was it that impressed you?
    C) I’ve already done so. The range of his interests
    and activities is amazing.
    D) Did you realize he was an assembler of the first
    atomic bomb?
    E) Of course. I was his student, you know, at
    Cornell University.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular
    48. Gary:
    - Is this the website you like best when it comes
    to scientific news?
    - Yes, I suppose it is. It’s updated weekly and
    well-linked to related websites.
    - ----
    - That’s hard to say. So many scientific “facts”
    are being questioned these days.
    A) Is it university-owned?
    B) Does it keep up with recent developments?
    C) What’s the level? College stuff?
    D) From a scientific point of view, how reliable is it?
    E) Does it cover all the sciences?

    49. Brian:
    - Have you read this book, Water Follies?
    - No I haven’t; but I’ve heard a lot about it. It
    focuses on how much water is being wasted,
    doesn’t it?
    - ----
    - Good! It’s time someone took a firm stand
    against the waste.
    A) That’s right. And it’s pretty critical of man for
    being so unconcerned about this waste.
    B) No. It actually concentrates on ground water.
    C) Yes. Most people seem to think ground water is
    D) And the gold-mining industry is attacked for its
    vast “dewatering” operations.
    E) And the consequences include dry rivers and
    land subsidence.

    50. Sam:
    - Do you think NASA’s emergency escape plan
    for space-bound astronauts will work?
    - That’s hard to say. I suppose really it will
    depend on the kind of emergency that presents
    - ----
    - Actually, the colour is a survival feature too. It
    makes a search for the crew easier.
    A) It reminds one of science-fiction films, with
    everything neatly planned.
    B) It seems a bit like a game to me. The suits are a
    brilliant orange colour.
    C) The antigravity suit squeezes the legs to prevent
    blood from pooling in them.
    D) Apparently shuttle bailout is a last resort, to be
    used only if landing becomes impossible.
    E) Let’s hope the Challenger catastrophe is not

    51. Larry:
    - They’re holding a young designers’ competition
    for designing a robot to put out a house fire.
    - I think you mean to blow out a candle!
    - ----
    - But you are right. The final aim is, of course, to
    put out house fires.
    A) Well, at this stage, that’s all they’re asking for.
    B) Do you think they ever will?
    C) That shouldn’t be too difficult. The real problem
    is to locate the fire.
    D) If it could set off an alarm even, that would be
    useful, wouldn’t it?
    E) Once a fire takes hold it becomes a major

    52. – 56. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda
    parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan
    cümleyi bulunuz.

    52. (I) Computer researchers predict that quantum
    computers will become a reality within 10 to 15 years.
    (II) However, these machines pose a security threat,
    because their ability to perform many calculations at
    once means they will be able to uncover the
    encryption keys that are, for practical purposes,
    untraceable by today’s “classical” conventional
    computers. (III) If that happens, people will be able to
    tap into cell phone calls. (IV) A quantum computer
    can represent a 0 and a 1 at the same time in a
    quantum bit (called a qubit). (V) Furthermore, secure
    e-commerce will be a thing of the past.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    53. (I) Everyone knew that freezing rain could be bad,
    but what the researchers learned was frightening.
    (II) All aircraft designers are familiar with the
    challenge of icing. (III) Manufacturers must
    demonstrate that their aircraft are capable of flying
    safely in cold, wet conditions where they might ice
    up. (IV) In the US, those conditions are specified by
    the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA)
    “Appendix C”. (V) This appendix clearly states the
    kinds of cold weather which an aircraft must be able
    to deal with.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    54. (I) Mother Columbian rainbow boas, Epicrates
    cenchria maurus, have the strange habit of eating
    some of their own young. (II) Now new research
    reveals why. (III) Within two weeks, these mothers
    regained their lost muscle. (IV) Stillborns and
    undeveloped eggs in a clutch, which the mother
    consumes soon after laying or giving birth, are rich in
    energy and contain a diversity of proteins and
    essential nutrients. (V) Therefore, maternal
    cannibalism leads to a quick recovery after giving
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    55. (I) Nyos is a crater lake formed by a volcanic eruption
    roughly five centuries ago. (II) In these lakes the gas
    saturates the bottom water. (III) It is one of many
    such lakes, found the world over in volcanic chains.
    (IV) It is, however, one of only two lakes known to
    have exploded. (V) And when it exploded a jet of
    gas-laden water rose 80 meters high and carbon
    dioxide filled the air.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    56. (I) Most of the military robotic systems currently
    operating are airborne. (II) This is because robots for
    use in a ground war present serious problems as
    conditions are more complex and less predictable.
    (III) The Army’s first ground robots were devoted to
    mine-sweeping. (IV) For instance, what works in a
    desert will be unsuited to jungles. (V) Similarly, a
    machine designed for use in cities is unlikely to adapt
    to mountains.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    57. – 60. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    How have terrestrial organisms met the
    environmental challenges of living on land? Life
    began in the oceans, but many life forms have since
    adapted to terrestrial life in a sea of air. Every single
    organism living on land has to meet the same
    environmental challenges: obtaining enough water;
    preventing excessive water loss; getting enough
    energy; and in polar regions, tolerating widely varying
    temperature extremes. How those challenges are
    met varies from one organism to another, and in
    large part explains the diversity of life encountered on
    land today. Some animals avoid colder temperatures
    by migrating to warmer climates for the winter,
    whereas others avoid the cold by passing the winter
    in a dormant state called hibernation. Many plants
    also spend winter in a dormant state. The aerial parts
    of some plants die during the winter, but the
    underground parts remain alive; the following spring
    they resume metabolic activity and develop new
    aerial shoots. Many trees are deciduous; that is, they
    shed their leaves for the duration of their dormancy.
    Shedding leaves is actually an adaptation to the
    “dryness” of winter. Roots cannot absorb water from
    ground that is cold or frozen; by shedding its leaves
    the plant reduces water loss during the cold winter
    months when obtaining water from the soil is

    57. It is pointed out in the passage that all terrestrial
    organisms ----.
    A) in warm regions find it very hard to tolerate
    extreme temperatures
    B) in polar regions live out the winter through
    C) face the danger of extinction due to
    environmental challenges
    D) have, one way or another, adapted themselves
    to environmental conditions
    E) are most adversely affected by excessive water
    loss and cold temperatures

    58. It is pointed out in the passage that the diversity
    of life on Earth ----.
    A) is far more extensive in temperate climates than
    in colder ones
    B) results from the variety of ways whereby
    organisms meet environmental challenges
    C) is related to plants rather than other organisms
    D) becomes far more apparent in spring than in
    E) must be maintained through the conservation of
    the environment

    59. One can understand from the passage that, for
    deciduous trees, the shedding of leaves ----.
    A) increases the amount of water loss, which is a
    serious environmental challenge
    B) increases their metabolic activity throughout
    C) is an effective mechanism of resistance to heat
    D) is a regular metabolic activity which is not related
    to environmental conditions
    E) is a kind of hibernation that enables them to
    survive the cold winter months

    60. It is clear from the passage that, for some
    animals, migration ----.
    A) and hibernation are equally viable options
    B) is comparatively easy
    C) is indispensable for survival
    D) causes a great deal of energy loss
    E) involves various environmental challenges

    61. – 64. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Henrik-Jan van Veen has carried out a great deal of
    research into spinning. This is especially true for
    “graveyard spins”, the term for what happens when
    fighter pilots get so disoriented they miscalculate how
    to get their plane back on course. They can end up in
    a dangerous and often fatal spin. Van Veen works at
    a research lab run by the Netherlands Organization
    for Applied Scientific Research, the TNO. The range
    of research covered by the TNO is vast, and it sees
    itself as a practical problem solver. And for the Dutch
    air force, the graveyard spin is certainly a problem
    that needs solving. Van Veen’s specialty is
    “vibrotactile devices”, which use vibrations to convey
    information. His latest project is a vest studded all
    over with small discs that can each vibrate
    independently. In a test room, a pilot is strapped into
    a seat in a “cockpit”. At the push of a button, the
    lights go out and the chair starts spinning. After a
    while the chair is stopped. “He’ll think he’s spinning
    the other way now”, says van Veen. The pilot is told
    to correct the spin, but instead, he overcorrects
    massively, and the chair begins spinning again. In
    the next test, the pilot dons van Veen’s vest and is
    told that the patch of the vest that is vibrating will
    indicate the direction he should force the joystick to
    correct a spin. This time, when the chair stops
    spinning the pilot manages to keep the seat still. Van
    Veen thinks the vibrotactile vest could do more than
    save the lives of fighter pilots. He’s now working on
    linking the system to a GPS receiver so that tourists
    in a foreign city or blind people in an unfamiliar
    environment can use the vest to find their way

    61. It is clear from the passage that the vibrotactile
    vest ----.
    A) has contributed significantly to environmental
    B) could be developed to serve a variety of
    C) has been in use in military aviation for many
    D) is the product of an expensive research project
    undertaken by the Dutch military
    E) could be used to transmit secret military

    62. It is understood from the passage that, because
    spins in fighter flights can be fatal, ----.
    A) they are referred to as “graveyard spins”
    B) van Veen has been testing a number of devices
    that could prevent spins
    C) the TNO is making spin-prevention devices a
    major research project
    D) many aircraft have been indefinitely grounded
    E) all pilots are required to wear a vibrotactile vest

    63. We understand from the passage that the Dutch
    research centre, the TNO, ----.
    A) works in very close association with the Dutch
    armed forces
    B) oversees all major research projects being
    carried out in the country
    C) has put a lot of pressure on van Veen to extend
    the uses of vibrotactile devices
    D) encourages the application of research for the
    solving of problems
    E) puts safety devices high on its list of priorities

    64. It is clear from the passage that van Veen’s
    immediate purpose in developing the vibrotactile
    vest is to ----.
    A) help fighter pilots to calculate their course more
    B) warn pilots in advance that a spin is building up
    C) help the blind find their way about
    D) make it possible to reduce the amount of fuel
    used by aircraft
    E) enable fighter pilots to get over the effects of a
    spin and thus, avoid a crash

    65. – 68. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    For almost 200 years, the idea of cosmic events
    affecting life on Earth was viewed as heretical by the
    church, which regarded catastrophe as proof of
    divine intervention, and as nonsense by the scientific
    establishment, which dismissed it as superstition. Yet
    in the end, the sheer weight of evidence has swept
    away all doubt about the reality of global
    catastrophes. Attempts to make scientific sense of
    the many legends of global catastrophes date back to
    the dawn of modern science itself, in the 17th century.
    Following the publication of Newton’s laws of motion
    and universal gravitation in 1687, Edmond Halley
    decided to apply them to the mystery of comets. By
    studying records of their appearance, Halley argued
    that the bright comets of 1456, 1531, 1607 and 1682
    were in fact one comet, later known as the “Halley”
    comet, that followed a vast elliptical orbit around the
    Sun in agreement with Newton’s laws. But Halley
    noted something else as well: a comet crossing the
    orbit of the Earth might one day collide with us with
    devastating consequences.

    65. According to the passage, Newton’s laws of
    motion and gravitation ----.
    A) had no impact whatsoever on the rise of modern
    B) were approached skeptically by Halley and other
    contemporary scientists
    C) helped Halley to identify the comet that bears his
    D) convinced Halley that catastrophes were in fact
    acts of divine intervention
    E) were dismissed right away by the scientific
    establishment of his time

    66. It is pointed out in the passage that, prior to the
    rise of modern science in the 17th century,----.
    A) various studies had been made of comets, but
    Halley disregarded them all
    B) the way people viewed cosmic events varied
    C) all kinds of learning had been subject to the
    approval of the church
    D) the Earth had experienced several collisions with
    cosmic objects
    E) attempts had been made to explain certain
    catastrophes with reference to gravitational laws

    67. We learn from the passage that in the opinion of
    Halley, ----.
    A) the mystery surrounding comets could never be
    cleared up
    B) Newton’s laws of motion and gravitation needed
    to be further clarified and elaborated
    C) the earlier appearances of the comet “Halley”
    had not been properly recorded
    D) global catastrophes could be prevented through
    new scientific developments
    E) a comet may, at some point in the future, strike

    68. It is clear from the passage that, in the past, the
    church ----.
    A) regarded global catastrophes as acts of God
    B) was particularly interested in the movements of
    C) consistently banned any research into cosmic
    D) encouraged scientists to find ways of preventing
    global catastrophes
    E) wished to suppress all thoughts of cosmic events

    69. – 72. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Except perhaps for some remote island dwellers,
    most people have a natural tendency to view
    continents as fundamental, permanent and even
    characteristic features of Earth. One easily forgets
    that the world’s continental platforms amount only to
    scattered and isolated masses on a planet that is
    largely covered by water. But when viewed from
    space, the correct picture of Earth becomes
    immediately clear. It is a blue planet. From this
    perspective it seems quite extraordinary that over its
    long history, Earth could manage to hold a small
    fraction of its surface always above the sea —
    enabling, among other things, human evolution to
    proceed on dry land. Is the persistence of highstanding
    continents just an accident? How did Earth’s
    complicated crust come into existence? Has it been
    there all the time, like some primeval icing on a
    planetary cake, or has it evolved through the ages?
    Such questions engendered debates that divided
    scientists for many decades, but the fascinating story
    of how the terrestrial surface came to take its present
    form is now partly resolved. That understanding
    shows, remarkably enough, that the conditions
    required to form the continents of Earth may be
    unmatched in the rest of the solar system.

    69. One important point made in the passage is that
    A) new questions concerning the solar system are
    constantly coming to the fore
    B) scientists have finally been able to understand
    fully the mystery of Earth’s crust
    C) people living on remote islands are so cut off
    from the rest of the world that they have no idea
    about what is happening elsewhere
    D) the formation of the continents of Earth may
    have no parallel elsewhere in the solar system
    E) the growing pollution of the oceans is causing a
    great deal of concern among scientists

    70. According to the passage, the question of how
    Earth’s continents came into being ----.
    A) has never attracted much attention
    B) has been one of the concerns of space research
    and exploration
    C) can best be answered through a comprehensive
    study of the other planets in the solar system
    D) is not likely to be resolved in the near future
    E) gave rise to considerable disagreement among

    71. The passage calls Earth the “blue planet” to
    underline the fact that ----.
    A) the waters of the oceans are crystal clear
    B) the geographical features of Earth are not very
    distinct when viewed from space
    C) many things on Earth are blue
    D) there is actually very little land on Earth
    E) it is man’s duty to keep the seas clean

    72. The passage suggests that the inhabitants of
    small isolated islands ----.
    A) will be adversely affected if the oceans continue
    to be polluted
    B) have frequently chosen to live in comparative
    isolation in preference to living in a crowded city
    C) always demonstrate a keen interest in the solar
    D) depend for their living more on the sea than on
    the land
    E) probably have a better perception of the reality
    of Earth than the majority of us

    73. – 76. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    In his preface to Spaceflight Revolution, David
    Ashford recalls how he started his research into
    rocket motors. As he later explains, these were
    motors that would power a space plane — one that
    would launch space travellers and satellites cheaply
    and reliably into orbit. That was 1961. Ashford admits
    he would probably have taken another job if he’d
    known that, 42 years later, satellites would still be
    launched by rockets descended from ballistic
    missiles. The technology is there, but political and
    budgetary decisions have so far stopped space
    planes getting off the ground. But Ashford presents a
    compelling argument that a small orbital space plane
    would cost relatively little to design and develop —
    the equivalent of just two shuttle flights.

    73. As we understand from the passage, Ashford’s
    space plane project ----.
    A) has made space travel extremely cheap and
    B) has been welcomed by political authorities and
    received much attention
    C) has received no political or financial support
    since the early 1960s
    D) has been proved faulty in the course of several
    E) was originally inspired by ballistic missile

    74. According to the passage, Ashford ----.
    A) has not yet completed his research into rocket
    B) feels that his decades-long work on rocket
    motors has been unjustly ignored
    C) has written his book Spaceflight Revolution
    mainly to criticize politicians
    D) has been recognized as a leading scientist in
    space research and rocket technology for quite
    some time now
    E) has proposed a project which can only be
    realized if a sizeable budget is available

    75. As can be understood from the passage, Ashford
    is firmly convinced that ----.
    A) the development of a space plane would cost no
    more than two shuttle flights
    B) politicians and financial authorities need to be
    careful about investing money in space projects
    C) rockets bear no relation to ballistic missiles
    D) there are many people eager to be space
    travellers and willing and able to pay a
    reasonable fare
    E) his work on rocket motors has greatly
    contributed to space research

    76. It is clear from the passage that there ----.
    A) is an ongoing debate on the uses of ballistic
    B) is some discrepancy between Ashford’s words
    and his actions
    C) is much public support for Ashford’s project
    D) are many technological differences between
    Ashford’s rocket motors and the conventional
    rockets currently in use
    E) is much concern among space scientists,
    including Ashford, about the ever-growing costs
    of the space programme in general and of
    shuttle flights in particular
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    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    77. – 80. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    The Wireless Museum has several of the earliest
    crystal wireless sets from the 1920s which ran on
    electromagnetic waves with no external power
    source, and were easily made at home. Valve radios,
    which came along in the 1930s, needed electricity to
    heat up the valves and the museum has both mains
    and battery-powered valve radios on display. The
    collection also has some rare wartime civilian
    receivers — the only type of valve radio
    manufactured during the Second World War. This
    was by order of the government, because at this time
    most manufacturing was focused on the war effort.
    There are also plenty of modern day transistor radios
    including a collection of novelty radios dating from
    the sixties and seventies.

    77. It is pointed out in the passage that, during World
    War II, ----.
    A) transistor radios began to replace traditional
    valve radios
    B) the production of wireless sets was almost
    entirely for military purposes
    C) various types of radios requiring no external
    power source were developed
    D) the government banned all kinds of civilian
    E) the efficiency of valve radios was upgraded
    through the introduction of new designs

    78. We learn from the passage that the very early
    crystal wireless sets ----.
    A) were the models out of which transistor radios
    were later developed
    B) were manufactured in large quantities before the
    arrival of valve radios
    C) are among the museum’s most precious exhibits
    D) were still in use during World War II, though in
    limited numbers
    E) were unconnected to an outside power system

    79. It is clear from the passage that valve radios ----.
    A) were still in widespread use in the sixties and
    B) originally operated on electromagnetic waves
    C) consumed more electricity than one might
    D) are of two types: mains and battery-powered
    E) were costly products and the government
    disapproved of them

    80. This passage is concerned with ----.
    A) the exhibits of a wireless museum which cover a
    considerable variety
    B) the government’s war efforts and production
    policies regarding radios
    C) the technical features of transistor radios
    D) the way a valve radio works
    E) why the wireless museum was originally set up
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    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular SAĞLIK BİLİMLERİ

    1. – 18. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere
    uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

    1. In England, the general public’s ---- of medical
    advice from the government stems from the fact
    that, in the past, such information has often
    proved vastly inaccurate.
    A) approval B) inadequacy C) mistrust
    D) distraction E) preference

    2. Many researchers now focus on poverty and poor
    education as explanations for ---- mortality.
    A) probable B) intense C) preventive
    D) occasional E) excess

    3. Heart disease, stroke and lung cancer ----
    constitute 35 per cent of all deaths in the US.
    A) together B) readily C) exactly
    D) fairly E) well

    4. Controlled diet studies ---- that saturated fat
    increases cholesterol levels.
    A) prescribed B) confirmed C) disturbed
    D) regretted E) deduced

    5. The worst fires firemen have to ---- are those that
    emit stifling smoke and noxious gases.
    A) take over B) put over C) fill out
    D) cope with E) pull through

    6. The correct time to start a baby on solid food ----
    its needs and readiness.
    A) builds up B) depends on
    C) cares for D) puts forward
    E) slows down

    7. Most of the world’s population ---- on natural
    exposure to sunlight ---- adequate vitamin D
    A) relies / to maintain
    B) has relied / to have maintained
    C) used to rely / would have maintained
    D) will rely / having maintained
    E) is relying / to be maintaining

    8. Shanghai ---- curb pollution or its citizens ----
    rapidly increasing ill health.
    A) needs to / have faced
    B) had to / had faced
    C) has to / will have faced
    D) will have to / would face
    E) must / will face

    9. Any drug development effort ----
    neurodegenerative disorders ---- carefully any
    possible side effects.
    A) combating / would have examined
    B) to combat / will have to examine
    C) to have combated / will examine
    D) having combated / had examined
    E) to be combated / would have to examine

    10. Foot massages ---- those who ---- balance
    A) may have helped / are having
    B) will help / had
    C) could help / have
    D) have helped / would have
    E) would have helped / may have

    11. Until quite recently, no one ---- the deadly germ
    that causes anthrax ---- outside a living host.
    A) had thought / would have thrived
    B) thinks / is thriving
    C) has thought / will thrive
    D) would think / had thrived
    E) thought / could thrive

    12. Bleeding after oral surgery can usually be
    stopped ---- keeping steady pressure ---- the
    surgical site for the first hour.
    A) for / to B) in / to C) with / up
    D) by / on E) from / of

    13. As regards breast changes, our definition ----
    “normal” varies ---- age and experience.
    A) of / with B) for / from C) at / over
    D) in / for E) with / by

    14. Children’s appetites begin to diminish around
    one year, ---- the slowing of growth.
    A) regardless of B) in spite of
    C) in case of D) consistent with
    E) except for

    15. Ten per cent of the population is allergic to
    thimerosol, ---- the health of millions of babies
    and children worldwide is being compromised.
    A) if B) so C) while
    D) unless E) which

    16. In developing countries, ---- nutritional concerns
    override the risk of HIV transmission,
    breastfeeding may still be desirable.
    A) where B) what C) that
    D) which E) whether

    17. ---- repairing nerve damage, glia may also be
    critical to learning and to forming memories.
    A) Contrary to B) As regards C) Just as
    D) As well as E) In spite of

    18. Women are ---- likely ---- men to discuss mental
    health problems with their general practice
    A) so / much B) also / as
    C) more / than D) too / for
    E) as / that

    19. – 23. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış
    yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da
    ifadeyi bulunuz.

    For the purpose of diagnosis, analysis and
    experimentation, academic physicians tend to focus
    on disease at a particular point in time. But disease
    needs (19) ---- as a process that evolves over time
    through the (20) ---- of genetic, environmental and
    lifestyle factors. This view puts a premium (21) ----
    understanding the complex history of a patient, and it
    (22) ---- that most disease cannot be tied to a (23) ----

    A) to have been treated B) to have treated
    C) to treat D) being treated
    E) to be treated

    A) availability B) discovery C) interaction
    D) compatibility E) reliability

    A) against B) to C) over
    D) towards E) on

    A) conducts B) rejects
    C) disputes D) acknowledges
    E) denies

    A) single B) multiple C) reliable
    D) subsequent E) persistent

    24. – 35. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
    şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

    24. If born at 24 weeks, ----.
    A) the fetus grows rapidly during the final trimester
    B) several hormones are involved in initiating the
    birth process
    C) the brain would begin to send impulses that
    regulate the functions of some organs
    D) the fetus has only about a 50% chance of
    E) the average full-term baby weighs about 3,000
    grams and measures about 52 centimetres

    25. ---- so that future encounters with the same
    pathogen are dealt with swiftly.
    A) Effective vaccines can be prepared in a number
    of ways
    B) Through immunization the body launches an
    immune response, and develops memory cells
    C) Most vaccines consist of the entire pathogen or
    of a protein from the pathogen
    D) Tetanus and botulism vaccines are made from
    toxins secreted by the respective pathogens
    E) Most persons contract measles or chickenpox
    only once

    26. ---- until James Watson and Francis Crick
    proposed a model for its structure that had
    extraordinary explanatory power.
    A) Many genes encode proteins that are not
    B) A great deal was known about the physical and
    chemical properties of DNA
    C) DNA was not widely accepted as the genetic
    D) DNA is made of two polynucleotide chains
    intertwined to form a double helix
    E) The idea that genes and enzymes are related in
    some way was first clearly stated in 1908

  6. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    27. When a coronary artery becomes narrowed, ----.
    A) one of the main jobs of the circulation is to bring
    oxygen to all the cells of the body
    B) ischemic heart disease can develop
    C) arteries that branch off from the aorta conduct
    blood to all regions of the body
    D) hormones are involved in regulating blood
    E) blood vessels carrying oxygen-rich blood are red

    28. ---- that the proportion of glia to neurons
    increases greatly as animals move up the
    evolutionary ladder.
    A) Comparisons of brains reveal
    B) This hypothesis has still to be tested
    C) Neuroscientists are pursuing the enquiry
    D) The capacity for learning is being investigated
    E) The problem has not been adequately

    29. Although nitrous oxide is still in common use as
    a general anesthetic, ----.
    A) the operating room became known as the Ether
    B) nitrous oxide and di-ethyl ether are not the same
    C) ether has not taken its place
    D) its reliability is sometimes questioned
    E) the term “ether” was often used indiscriminately
    during the 19th century

    30. ----, it picks up glucose, amino acids and other
    A) As blood flows through capillaries within the wall
    of the intestine
    B) Because oxygen-rich blood is supplied to the
    liver by the hepatic artery
    C) Since the hepatic portal vein delivers nutrients to
    the liver
    D) In case the thrombus blocks a sizable branch of
    a coronary artery
    E) While liver sinuses merge to form hepatic veins

    31. The “liquid protein” diet, ----, caused deaths in
    many users.
    A) since people like to take supplements
    B) which was advocated some years ago for weight
    C) as athletes require a well-balanced diet
    D) that the diet is perfectly adequate
    E) unless there had been regular medical

    32. Studies have shown that people ---- have a lower
    risk of coronary heart disease.
    A) that had developed diabetes
    B) whose intake of unsaturated fats was high
    C) since they exercise regularly
    D) if there is no history of heart disease in the family
    E) who replace red meat with chicken and fish

    33. Certain therapies are effective for certain
    disorders ----.
    A) that individuals receiving therapy actually did
    B) which treatment is effective for which problem
    C) since one school of therapy emphasizes insight
    D) but are relatively ineffective for others
    E) as these were the untreated control-group

    34. It now seems that glial cells, ----, may be nearly as
    important as neurons are in the thinking process.
    A) which have been overlooked for half a century
    B) if the evidence is quite convincing
    C) that they communicate among themselves
    D) as research into these cells was abandoned
    E) since this affects how the brain performs

    35. The disease is rarely fatal, ----.
    A) if it had been promptly diagnosed
    B) though it may result in paralysis
    C) unless there was a history of allergies
    D) since the patient responded well to the treatment
    E) until proper medical care could be given

    36. – 38. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye
    anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

    36. A striking feature of pregnancy is that blood
    pressure and peripheral vascular resistance fall
    soon after conception.
    A) Döllenme sonrası kan basıncının ve periferal
    vasküler direncin düşmesi, gebeliğin diğer bir
    çarpıcı özelliğidir.
    B) Döllenmeyi takiben, kan basıncı ve periferal vasküler
    direncin düşmesi, gebelikle ilgili önemli bir
    C) Gebeliğin bir diğer önemli özelliği, döllenme sonucunda,
    kan basıncının ve periferal vasküler
    direncin düşmesidir.
    D) Gebeliğin çarpıcı bir özelliği, kan basıncı ve periferal
    vasküler direncin, döllenmeden hemen sonra
    E) Gebeliğin bir başka çarpıcı belirtisi, döllenme
    olur olmaz, kan basıncının ve periferal vasküler
    direncin düşmeye başlamasıdır.

    37. Most people realize the importance of calcium for
    bone health, but they underestimate the
    importance of vitamin D, which fosters calcium
    A) İnsanlar kalsiyumun kemik sağlığı için önemini
    bilmelerine rağmen kalsiyumun emilimini kolaylaştıran
    D vitaminini göz ardı ederler.
    B) Pek çok insan kalsiyumun kemik sağlığı üzerindeki
    etkisinin farkındadır ama kalsiyumun emilimini
    güçlendiren D vitamini genellikle bilinmez.
    C) Kalsiyumun kemik sağlığı için önemi bilinir, ancak
    kalsiyumun emilimini sağlayan D vitamini
    D) İnsanlar kalsiyumun kemik sağlığındaki önemini
    bilmekle beraber kalsiyumun emilimini D vitamininin
    kolaylaştırdığını bilmezler.
    E) Pek çok insan kemik sağlığı için kalsiyumun öneminin
    farkındadır fakat kalsiyum emilimini güçlendiren
    D vitamininin önemini küçümser.

    38. Recent studies found no link between the risk of
    developing brain tumour and the amount of time
    one has spent using a mobile phone.
    A) Son çalışmalarda bir kişide beyin tümörü gelişmesi
    riskiyle, cep telefonu kullanma süresi arasındaki
    ilişki kanıtlanamadı.
    B) Beyin tümörü gelişmesiyle ilgili son çalışmalarda
    kişilerin cep telefonu kullanması riskli bulunmadı.
    C) Son çalışmalar beyin tümörü gelişmesi riskiyle,
    kişinin cep telefonu kullanarak geçirdiği zaman
    arasında bir ilişki bulmadı.
    D) Son araştırmalar cep telefonu kullanılarak geçirilen
    zamanın beyin tümörü gelişimine katkısı
    olmadığı sonucunu buldu.
    E) Kişinin beyin tümörü geliştirme riskiyle cep telefonu
    kullanarak geçirdiği zaman arasındaki ilişki,
    son araştırma sonuçlarına göre oldukça zayıftır.

    39. – 41. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye
    anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

    39. Her ne kadar hücreler çok farklı gibi görünse de
    temel özellikleri dikkate değer şekilde benzerdir.
    A) Cells seem to be extremely diverse, but they all
    have similar features.
    B) Although cells may appear to be very diverse,
    the fundamental features are remarkably similar.
    C) Even though cells display a great deal of variety,
    fundamentally, they have certain similarities.
    D) Cells appear to have much diversity even if
    fundamentally they are the same.
    E) Despite their great variety, cells do have
    fundamentally similar features.

    40. Enzim bozukluklarını içeren yüzlerce insan hastalığına
    gen değişimlerinin neden olduğu anlaşılmıştır.
    A) Hundreds of human diseases involving enzyme
    defects have been found to be caused by
    genetic mutations.
    B) It has been established that genetic mutations
    have caused hundreds of human diseases
    including enzyme defects.
    C) Genetic mutations have been found to be the
    cause of hundreds of human diseases as well as
    enzyme defects.
    D) Hundred of human diseases have been found to
    result from genetic mutations and enzyme
    E) As it is known, hundreds of human diseases
    have been caused by genetic mutations
    involving enzyme defects.

    41. Kan basıncı ölçümleri gebelik boyunca normal
    tutulması koşuluyla, yüksek tansiyonlu kadınlar,
    artmış pre-eklampsi riski taşımazlar.
    A) A proper control of blood pressure during
    pregnancy enables women with hypertension to
    resist any increased risk of pre-eclampsia.
    B) So long as blood pressure is kept within normal
    limits during pregnancy, women suffering from
    hypertension are immune from the high risk of
    C) Women, who have hypertension, can overcome
    the increased risk of pre-eclampsia so long as
    their blood pressure measurements remain
    D) Women whose blood pressure is properly
    controlled during pregnancy, do not suffer from
    hypertension and have no risk of pre-eclampsia.
    E) Provided blood pressure measurements are
    within normal limits throughout pregnancy,
    women with hypertension do not have the
    increased risk of pre-eclampsia.

    42. – 46. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçanın
    anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek
    cümleyi bulunuz.

    42. Opioid analgesics are very effective in controlling
    pain but have many side effects. ----. In addition,
    before a long-term use of opioid analgesics can
    be stopped, the dose must be gradually reduced
    to minimize the development of withdrawal
    A) Moreover, people with severe pain shouldn’t
    avoid opioids
    B) With time a person using them may need higher
    C) AIDS can cause pain as severe and unrelenting
    as that of cancer
    D) The sustained-release form provides relief for 8
    to 12 hours
    E) Several types of analgesics can help alleviate

    43. An organism must divide its energy between
    maintenance, repair and reproduction. ----. As a
    result, organisms face a tough problem: What is
    the best allocation of finite metabolic energy to
    maximize reproduction and repair?
    A) Actually, some organisms do have unlimited
    B) No creatures are capable of living indefinitely
    C) The reproductive life of an organism may be
    even shorter
    D) As an organism ages, the problems become less
    E) Even a well-fed organism has to cope with
    energy limitations

    44. Breast tumours are usually composed of more
    than one type of cancer. ----. Although scientists
    know about this phenomenon, it has been
    difficult to quantify because pathologists use
    differing diagnostic criteria.
    A) The latter is much easier to diagnose
    B) In some centres a single pathologist reviews all
    patient samples
    C) It is hoped that this will enhance patient care
    D) This is a problem when the cancers do not all
    respond to the same treatment
    E) As a result, the stage of the cancer also needs to
    be considered

    45. A patient with Korsakoff’s syndrome reports that
    he spent the weekend at the beach, when in fact
    he was in the hospital. ----. However, he neither
    notices his amnesia nor questions his own story;
    concerning his own past he doesn’t know that he
    doesn’t know.
    A) His memory is impaired but he has replaced his
    lost history with a story
    B) Such sincere claims cannot be argued away
    C) There is no point in trying to contradict such an
    D) Similarly, a patient with Anton’s syndrome will
    deny his own blindness
    E) Actually, the syndrome is a very rare one
  7. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    46. Although social and medical interventions have
    helped people live longer, none of the techniques
    have affected the aging process. ----. But, there is
    a change: there are far more 65-year-olds today
    than there used to be because the past century’s
    efforts reduced early mortality.
    A) Fewer young people now die of infectious
    diseases as sanitary conditions have improved
    B) This is because people are living longer
    C) A healthy 65-year-old in 1900 would be
    physically indistinguishable from his or her
    counterpart in 2000
    D) Improved working conditions have also
    contributed, to a noticeable extent, to an
    increased life expectancy
    E) Attention to diet also plays an important role

    47. – 51. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş
    bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi

    47. Amy:
    - I suppose Parkinson’s is on the increase
    because people are living so much longer.
    - It’s not as simple as that. Fifty per cent of
    patients acquire it before they are sixty.
    - ----
    - No, it’s not. Environmental factors seem to play
    quite an important role.
    A) Do they really? So it’s not simply a condition of
    old age.
    B) I didn’t know that. Is there any cure?
    C) Are you sure the condition is reversible?
    D) Among younger patients, is surgical intervention
    E) Let’s hope they’ll soon find new ways of treating
    the condition.

    48. Alison:
    - Is it really necessary to give infants so many
    vaccines during their first year?
    - ----
    - Why is that?
    - Because once a child is a year old, many
    parents feel that regular visits to a doctor are
    no longer necessary.
    A) I suppose it depends on where you live.
    B) No. But while they are small, they do not object.
    C) I think it’s vital. But a lot of paediatricians would
    D) Let’s hope they don’t introduce any more!
    E) It’s not essential. But it is usually advisable.

    49. Amy:
    - Pat has always wanted to be a nurse and I’m
    sure she’ll make an excellent one.
    - I’m sure she will. But it’s not an easy
    - ----
    - Yes; there’s no doubt about that.
    A) She says she’d prefer to work in a children’s
    B) What does her father think about it?
    C) At her age I wanted to be a nurse, didn’t you?
    D) Of course it’s not. But it offers a great deal of job
    E) Even so, I’m sure I’d find the hours quite

    50. Paul:
    - Do you think Clive will agree to have this
    - He already has agreed. We’re both convinced it
    is the best course to take.
    - ----
    - Reasonably good. After all he is basically a very
    healthy person.
    A) Has the surgeon discussed the risks with him?
    B) What are the chances of its being successful?
    C) Does he realize how risky it is?
    D) Have you thought about this seriously?
    E) What about getting a second opinion?

    51. Mary:
    - Did you say your daughter was doing the
    interior design for a hospital?
    - Yes, that’s right. They now give a great deal of
    importance to the colour schemes and the
    general use of space in a hospital.
    - ----
    - I don’t think it is. The morale of the patients has
    an important role to play in their recovery.
    A) Isn’t that rather a waste of public money?
    B) Still, most people want to get away as soon as
    C) Yes; I remember reading something to that
    D) I’ll be glad when they give up all those white
    walls, won’t you?
    E) I’ve noticed an improvement in the children’s

    52. – 56. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda
    parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan
    cümleyi bulunuz.

    52. (I) The statistics are staggering. (II) Since 1981, an
    estimated 28 million people have died of AIDS.
    (III) Today, 42 million men, women and children are
    believed to be living with HIV. (IV) What is even more
    disturbing, 5 million new infections are occurring
    each year. (V) Indeed, vaccines have helped to
    eradicate some of the worst diseases of the 20th
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    53. (I) Dependence on sleep aids and anti-anxiety drugs
    decreases alertness and results in slurred speech,
    poor coordination, confusion and slowed breathing.
    (II) These drugs may make a person alternately
    depressed and anxious. (III) Prescription drugs that
    can cause dependency are subject to restrictions.
    (IV) Some people experience memory loss, faulty
    judgment, and sudden shifts in their emotions.
    (V) Furthermore, older people may even appear
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    54. (I) For a small child it is not obvious which shoe goes
    on which foot. (II) The problem of fitting molecules
    into biological systems presents a similar dilemma.
    (III) In life, and especially in developing
    pharmaceuticals, shape matters. (IV) Making pure
    left-handed or right-handed drugs is therefore hard.
    (V) Using the wrong-shaped molecule to treat a
    disease is about as effective as using the wrong key
    to get into your house.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    55. (I) Stress can affect our health by leading us to
    engage in types of behaviours that undermine the
    body’s ability to fight off disease. (II) When we are
    feeling stressed, we often do not take proper care of
    ourselves. (III) Thus, stressful situations may affect
    immune system functioning. (IV) Students, for
    instance, who are taking exams, may stay up all night
    for several nights in a row. (V) Furthermore, they may
    skip meals and snack on junk food.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    56. (I) In any school, in any week of the year a dyslexic
    child experiences a huge amount of failure.
    (II) Without self-confidence no real progress is
    possible. (III) With sequencing difficulties, any form of
    writing or maths is going to present severe problems.
    (IV) The dyslexic child cannot fail to notice that
    almost all the other children can do the work fairly
    easily. (V) He therefore concludes that he must be
    stupid and his confidence goes.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    57. – 60. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Aging involves multiple harmful biological events that
    accumulate in different tissues over time and
    gradually reduce an organism’s state of maintenance
    and function. Calendar time, however, serves as an
    imperfect measurement of the physiological
    processes involved in aging. We all know individuals
    who are the same chronological age but appear to be
    very different when it comes to physiological age.
    Rather than counting years — or gray hairs, for that
    matter — modern gerontologists turn to biological
    markers, or biomarkers, of aging. These
    physiological parameters indicate an individual’s
    functional level and some biomarkers, such as insulin
    levels, correlate with mortality. The presence of such
    biomarkers depends indirectly on patterns of gene
    expression, which are induced by a variety of internal
    or external stimuli.

    57. It is pointed out in the passage that the process
    of aging ----.
    A) can best be determined through biological
    B) has a pattern which varies very little among
    C) cannot be clearly understood without taking into
    account the graying of a person’s hair
    D) is best indicated by the amount of years a
    person has lived
    E) has an adverse effect on very few functions of
    an individual’s body

    58. We understand from the passage that biomarkers
    A) do not always produce reliable results in
    measuring a person’s biological age
    B) are closely related to insulin levels
    C) and calendar time must be taken into account in
    finding out about a person’s health
    D) are of primary importance for gerontologists in
    learning about a person’s physical condition
    E) can undermine an organism’s state of
    maintenance and function

    59. It is clear from the passage that as one ages ----.
    A) one’s genetic defects become more obvious
    B) the body’s ability to maintain itself starts to
    C) the physiological processes accurately reflect
    chronological time
    D) there are functional changes in the body but
    these are hard to detect
    E) one’s insulin level remains stable

    60. This passage is essentially concerned with ----.
    A) various causes of aging
    B) the damaging effects induced by aging
    C) the significance of biomarkers in measuring the
    process of aging
    D) the role a person’s genes have in the process of
    E) the need to carry out more research into aging
  8. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular
    61. – 64. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Cardiac transplantation, once considered an
    experimental procedure, has emerged as the therapy
    of choice for many appropriately selected patients
    with life-threatening irremediable heart disease.
    Congestive heart failure (CHF), the primary indication
    for cardiac transplantation, is the most commonly
    reported reason for hospital admission. A knowledge
    of cardiac transplantation medicine is therefore
    important for all physicians, as transplantation should
    be considered a therapeutic option for many of these
    patients. In the past, post-cardiac transplant care was
    largely performed by specialized transplant
    physicians, primarily cardiologists and cardiovascular
    surgeons. As survival after cardiac transplantation
    has improved markedly over the last decade, the
    population of patients who are long-term survivors
    after heart transplantation has grown. Primary care
    physicians, as well as cardiologists not based at
    cardiac transplant centres, often assist in the care of
    these patients, most often in consultation with cardiac
    transplant physicians. In addition, a physician may be
    called on to assist in the management and evaluation
    of a potential cardiac donor.

    61. According to the passage, in recent years ----.
    A) almost every patient with heart disease has
    come to recognize cardiac transplantation as an
    indispensable therapeutic option
    B) more and more patients with CHF have chosen
    to undergo cardiac transplantation
    C) the number of cardiac transplant centres in the
    world has increased due to advances in cardiac
    D) there has been a noticeable improvement in the
    survival of post-cardiac transplant patients
    E) cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons have
    been engaged in extensive research for the
    improvement of post-cardiac transplant care

    62. We learn from the passage that, to start with,
    cardiac transplantation ----.
    A) was an experimental procedure rather than a
    B) was carried out on every patient with CHF
    C) had a very low success-rate indeed
    D) could only be practised at special cardiac
    transplant centres
    E) was generally regarded with disapproval in the
    medical world

    63. It is pointed out in the passage that cardiac
    transplant physicians ----.
    A) are no longer involved in post-cardiac transplant
    B) are often assisted in post-cardiac transplant care
    by primary care physicians
    C) are the only ones qualified to select cardiac
    D) are still experimenting in developing an improved
    method of cardiac transplantation
    E) are primarily affiliated with cardiac transplant
    centres outside hospitals

    64. It can be understood from the passage that not
    every patient with congestive heart failure ----.
    A) reports to a cardiologist for treatment
    B) agrees to undergo cardiac transplantation
    C) can qualify for cardiac transplantation
    D) is admitted to hospital for diagnosis and
    E) realizes just how serious the condition is

    65. – 68. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    When a patient sees a doctor, the patient is seeking
    help –- to regain or retain health. The physician’s
    task is to work for the patient’s health. The doctor
    does so by treating disease, by relieving discomfort,
    by assisting the patient with any disability, by
    preventing premature death, and by maximizing
    contentment. (Some have summarized these
    activities as tackling “the five D’s” of health – disease,
    discomfort, disability, death, and dissatisfaction).
    Often there is success in all these areas. In the best
    of circumstances, the doctor is able to prevent
    disease and help the patient remain healthy. In other
    cases, disease and death defeat us. In some cases
    none of the goals are achieved, but even that
    outcome must not stop us from trying. By focusing on
    the health of the patient, the doctor tests the myriad
    activities of clinical medicine against the health
    outcome of the patient.

    65. According to the passage, as regards “the five
    D’s” of health, ----.
    A) a doctor should never admit to failure
    B) it is, unfortunately, discomfort that is most
    frequently overlooked
    C) a doctor’s priority must be the accurate
    diagnosis of the disease
    D) the psychology of the patient is of paramount
    E) a doctor is not likely to achieve success in all
    areas, all the time

    66. It is stressed in the passage that a patient seeks
    medical help ----.
    A) either to recover from disease or to maintain
    B) only when he/she is in acute pain
    C) only after a condition has become chronic
    D) because friends or family have urged him/her to
    do so
    E) if there seems to be a serious medical problem
    calling for clinical tests

    67. We understand from the passage that, in offering
    medical help to a patient, the physician ----.
    A) needs to know something about the patient’s
    medical history
    B) also seeks professional self-satisfaction
    C) does contribute, to a significant extent, to the
    patient’s well-being
    D) often feels it is advisable to consult a colleague
    and get a second opinion
    E) has to take into account the psychological needs
    of the patient

    68. In this passage, emphasis is put on the fact that
    A) some patients are harder to please than others
    B) a physician is very rarely able to tackle all of the
    “the five D’s” with any degree of success
    C) a patient’s expectations can very rarely be met
    D) a patient’s state of mind can detract from his/her
    E) a physician’s duties to a patient are wide in

    69. – 72. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Cancer describes a class of diseases characterized by
    the uncontrolled growth of aberrant cells. Cancers kill
    by the destructive invasion of normal organs through
    direct extension and spread to distant sites via the
    blood, lymph, or serosal surfaces. The abnormal
    clinical behaviour of cancer cells is often mirrored by
    biologic aberrations such as genetic mutations,
    chromosomal translocations, expression of fetal or
    other discordant ontologic characteristics, and the
    inappropriate secretion of hormones or enzymes. All
    cancers invade or metastasize but each specific type
    has unique biologic and clinical features that must be
    appreciated for proper diagnosis, treatment and study.
    About 1.2 million new cases of invasive cancer are
    diagnosed each year in the United States, and about
    500,000 people die annually of the disease. Cancer is
    the second most deadly disease and is expected to
    surpass heart disease early in the twenty-first century
    to top that vicious list. Over the past half century, the
    frequency of most cancers has been stable, but some
    dramatic changes have taken place. Steady declines in
    stomach and uterine cancer have occurred, the latter
    undoubtedly due to routine cytologic screening for
    cervical cancer. The cause of the decline in stomach
    cancer is unknown. The most striking change has been
    the increases in lung cancer in both men and women,
    undoubtedly related to smoking.

    69. It is pointed out in the passage that, over the next
    few decades, mortality due to cancer ----.
    A) will start to decline as new methods of treatment
    are introduced
    B) will be higher than the mortality caused by heart
    C) will start to threaten younger people
    D) will be greatly reduced through an increase in
    early diagnosis
    E) will increase at an alarming rate as very many
    more people are starting to smoke

    70. As it is pointed out in the passage, cancer ----.
    A) has been on a steady increase since the midtwentieth
    B) has caused much higher mortality in the United
    States than anywhere else in the world
    C) is a disease with a great deal of variety, which
    requires different treatments and studies
    D) is still a disease much deadlier than heart
    E) of the stomach is the one that causes the most

    71. We learn from the passage that, among the
    different cancers, lung cancer ----.
    A) shows a downward trend in the United States
    B) is the one that most needs to be dealt with
    C) is the one that most readily yields to treatment
    D) has appeared with increasing frequency over the
    E) affects as many non-smokers as smokers

    72. We learn from the passage that cancer cells ----.
    A) all present the same clinical features
    B) can be carried by the blood and spread to distant
    C) are not necessarily invasive
    D) rarely lead to genetic mutations
    E) have not been linked to biologic aberrations

    73. – 76. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Medicine is not a science, but a profession that
    encompasses medical science learning as well as
    personal, humanistic, and professional attributes.
    Nonetheless, the delivery of Western medicine
    depends totally on science and the scientific method.
    Since Flexner issued his famous report on the
    subject in 1910, American medical education has
    striven to develop a strong scientific base as an
    integral part of medical education at every level:
    premedical, medical, residency and continuing
    medical education. Biomedical science is
    fundamental to understanding disease, making
    diagnoses, applying new therapies and appreciating
    the complexities and opportunities of new
    technologies. The process of becoming a physician
    and being committed to lifelong learning requires that
    one possess the scientific base not only to acquire
    and appreciate new knowledge but to see new ways
    for applying it to patient care as well. The physician
    must be able to understand reports of current
    research in the medical literature in order to grasp
    and evaluate the newest and latest approaches, no
    matter how complicated the field may become.

    73. We understand from the passage that, for a
    physician, ----.
    A) it is almost impossible to keep up with recent
    developments in medicine
    B) it is what he learned during residency that most
    influences his approach to his patients
    C) medical education is not limited to medical
    school and residency, but is actually a process
    of lifelong learning
    D) new developments outside his own field of
    specialization can be ignored
    E) the scientific base of his medical knowledge is
    far more important than any new technologies
    and approaches

    74. It is clear from the passage that, as a result of
    Flexner’s report, ----.
    A) the humanistic aspect of the medical profession
    has received much more attention
    B) residency has come to the fore in American
    medical education
    C) the whole system of patient care in American
    hospitals has been restructured
    D) specialization rather than general medical
    practice has become widespread in the United
    E) medical education in the United States has
    undergone a process of transformation

    75. We understand from the passage that biomedical
    science ----.
    A) is quite unrelated to patient-care
    B) has only come to be appreciated in recent
    C) is only fully valued by those involved in serious
    D) is of great importance in really all of a
    physician’s activities
    E) bears little relation to other areas of science

    76. It is clear that the main aim of the passage is to
    A) emphasize that a thorough grounding in science
    is the basis of a good medical education
    B) establish the fact that the acquisition of new
    knowledge is not as important as finding new
    ways to apply it
    C) explain the controversial uses of biomedical
    D) encourage physicians to familiarize themselves
    with the opportunities offered by new
    E) introduce scientists to current research in
    medical literature

    77. – 80. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    In the past, lead poisoning was thought to arise from
    pica (abnormal ingestion) among children living in
    old, broken-down houses with peeling layers of leadbased
    paints. In the past two decades, lead
    intoxication has occurred with decreasing frequency.
    This may in part be related to less use of lead in paint
    and leaded gasoline; several studies relate
    environmental lead contamination to traffic density
    patterns. In the United States, hundreds of
    occupations involve potentially significant exposure.
    It is estimated that more than 800,000 American
    workers have potentially significant lead exposure.
    Lead and other metal workers or miners, storage
    battery workers, and pottery makers are particularly
    heavily exposed. Workers in auto manufacturing,
    ship building, paint manufacture and printing
    industries are also at substantial risk, as are house
    painters and those who repair old houses. In past
    centuries lead was added to wine to sweeten it, a
    deception that was eventually made punishable by
    death. Recently, adding lead to various herbal and
    folk medicines has resulted in poisoning. Bullets left
    in the body can result in lead poisoning, especially if
    a joint is involved, because synovial fluid appears to
    be a good solvent for lead. The interval between the
    bullet getting embedded in the body and clinical
    evidence of lead poisoning has ranged from 2 days
    to 40 years.

    77. It is stated in the passage that lead exposure ----.
    A) has been recognized by many employers as a
    deadly threat to their work force
    B) has been increasing at an alarming rate in many
    industries in the United States
    C) is a very serious concern in various occupations
    and industries
    D) has led to the introduction of various preventive
    measures in certain occupations and industries
    E) and its consequences have only recently
    become a major concern of clinical research

    78. According to the passage, there is scientific
    evidence to suggest that ----.
    A) a bullet induces lead poisoning as soon as it is
    lodged in the body
    B) heavy traffic causes lead contamination in the
    C) most cases of lead poisoning have resulted from
    lead-based paints
    D) the risk of lead poisoning is equally likely to
    occur in all the different metal industries and
    E) the quality of wines can be improved
    substantially through the use of lead chemicals

    79. It is pointed out in the passage that, a reduction
    of lead in paint and petrol, ----.
    A) was recommended decades ago but never
    B) will do little to overcome environmental
    C) will bring substantial benefits to house painters
    and those repairing old houses, but to no one
    D) has produced as many negative results as
    E) may have contributed to the decrease in cases
    of lead poisoning observed in recent years

    80. We learn from the passage that, despite its
    adverse effects, lead ----.
    A) is not generally regarded as a dangerous
    B) is not nearly as poisonous as several other
    C) still remains one of the most valuable and
    versatile of earth’s metals
    D) is still being used in a great many industries
    E) is only potentially dangerous to children, not to
  9. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular


    1. – 18. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere
    uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

    1. The Maastricht Treaty, which laid down the rules
    for euro membership, says that governments
    may not have budget ---- of more than 3% of their
    A) deficits B) restrictions C) rates
    D) allocations E) assets

    2. The European Commission is opposed to any ----
    change in current banking practices.
    A) reluctant B) emotional C) relentless
    D) crucial E) resentful

    3. For the information systems to work properly,
    you need to ---- the technology to suit the
    A) convince B) adjust C) reduce
    D) sustain E) explain

    4. Though it is fashionable to denounce negative
    campaigning, every political expert knows it can
    be ---- effective.
    A) defiantly B) suitably C) extremely
    D) sensitively E) lately

    5. There were plenty of people willing to ---- the
    experiment as the subject, “controlling
    emotions”, attracted them.
    A) fill out B) take part in
    C) watch out for D) make do with
    E) open up

    6. Finally, the commissioners settled on a short,
    simple, constitutional amendment granting
    Congress the authority to ---- guidelines for
    selecting temporary members in an emergency.
    A) hold up B) bring down C) call out
    D) serve up E) set up

    7. Some Italian film-makers believe that once
    Americans ---- making films in Rome again, local
    films ---- as well.
    A) would start / had flourished
    B) have started / will have flourished
    C) will start / are flourishing
    D) start / will flourish
    E) started / would flourish

    8. If things ---- according to plan, the book ---- by
    this time next year.
    A) go / will have been published
    B) have gone / would have been published
    C) went / was to be published
    D) were going / has been published
    E) will go / will be published

    9. Included with the account of his journey down
    the Amazon there ---- engaging stories ---- by the
    unusual people he meets.
    A) have been / recounting
    B) were / being recounted
    C) are / recounted
    D) will be / to have been recounted
    E) would be / to be recounted

    10. The US presidential election of 1800 ---- notorious
    on account of the unforeseen constitutional
    problems it ----.
    A) is / has presented
    B) has been / presented
    C) would be / presents
    D) had been / would present
    E) was / presented

    11. Having found the appropriate archives, it is now
    possible ---- with some degree of certainty what
    really ----.
    A) reconstructing / happens
    B) to reconstruct / happened
    C) to have reconstructed / has happened
    D) having reconstructed / had happened
    E) to be reconstructed / was happening

    12. Moreover, ---- its own statutes, the EU itself is
    obliged to consult the trade unions ---- a number
    of topics.
    A) under / on B) with / at C) from / for
    D) on / against E) to / over

    13. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the
    opening of formerly closed borders, traders ----
    Georgia and Armenia, crossed over the borders
    ---- Turkey to make a living.
    A) at / with B) of / about C) from / to
    D) between / back E) on / towards

    14. They are installing a great deal of information
    technology, ---- the staff are quite incapable of
    using it.
    A) owing to B) whenever C) as if
    D) even so E) even though

    15. She can have the job ---- she is willing to work on
    A) apart from B) owing to C) except
    D) provided E) whereas

    16. Middle children are obviously affected by the fact
    that they never have their parents’ attention all to
    A) themselves B) each C) itself
    D) one another E) each other

    17. Today virtually all country and suburban weeklies
    and small dailies are produced by offset
    lithography, a procedure ---- photographs can be
    reproduced inexpensively.
    A) why B) that C) which
    D) whether E) by which

    18. The belief that anyone can aspire to anything is
    ---- America’s greatest gifts to the world.
    A) as much as B) some of C) one of
    D) another E) the other

    19. – 23. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış
    yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da
    ifadeyi bulunuz.

    The poet Robert Browning was lucky in his parents.
    His father, who (19) ---- in a bank, was a man
    (20) ---- genuine intelligence, who owned a library of
    six thousand volumes and seems (21) ---- them all.
    His mother, (22) ---- was a devoutly religious woman,
    gave Browning a tenderness and optimism he would
    need (23) ---- in life.

    A) having been employed B) has been employed
    C) has employed D) was employed
    E) will be employed

    A) from B) about C) for
    D) in E) of

    A) reading B) to read
    C) to have read D) to be reading
    E) have read

    A) which B) who C) whose
    D) that E) whom

    A) never B) hardly C) scarcely
    D) frequently E) fairly

    24. – 35. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
    şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

    24. Until fairly recently, management could have
    bought peace with generous increases in pay,
    A) but that is no longer an easy option
    B) since that was not to be recommended
    C) however ambiguous this had seemed
    D) as long as the profits would have remained
    E) unless fringe benefits were reduced

    25. The most stunning recent museums, ----, are art
    objects themselves.
    A) why they were designed by a Japanese architect
    B) of which the one in Bilbao must be the finest
    C) as the Pritzker is architecture’s biggest prize
    D) since there were smooth glass and aluminium
    E) since space and proportion get flawless

    26. Why should astronauts be sent into space ----?
    A) so that life on earth will have been improved
    B) but the costs involved were especially horrific
    C) even if it were no longer dangerous
    D) as if no harm would have come of it
    E) if there is nothing meaningful for them to do
  10. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    27. No one event, ----, can reorder politics in a
    country as populous as the US.
    A) as if there had never been a cold war
    B) whichever appears the more dangerous
    C) however shocking it may be
    D) even if the assassination attempt had succeeded
    E) since the impact was felt in far-off places

    28. There is a museum in the centre of Bristol ----.
    A) as one wants to spend a pleasant morning there
    B) that there are over 150 animal species
    C) as some of the strangest animals and plants on
    earth are to be found there
    D) so one could learn more about the natural world
    E) which is home to a living rainforest

    29. ---- who built the world’s first business computer.
    A) Everyone knows
    B) It wasn’t to be expected
    C) It came as a surprise
    D) The question was unreasonable
    E) We took it for granted

    30. Since he ignores certain fundamental facts about
    the past century, ----.
    A) there will be many different kinds of authoritarian
    B) the conclusions had been unreliable
    C) good and evil alike have to be judged
    D) he presents a distorted picture of reality
    E) someone should, nevertheless, still be blamed
    for the unjustifiable deaths

    31. Although conventional IQ tests are good
    predictors of college grades, ----.
    A) there are actually very few really exceptional
    B) they are still the best single predictor of overall
    C) they are less valid for predicting later job
    D) some weaker students have become charismatic
    E) brain damage does not necessarily impair
    certain types of intelligence

    32. Because unemployment is rising and wages are
    falling, ----.
    A) the government would soon be out-of-favour
    B) Americans are naturally worried about the state
    of the economy
    C) the state of panic was regarded as unfounded
    D) no one could lose on the stock market
    E) it would have been a good time to change your

    33. ---- that it produces national cohesion in the
    target countries.
    A) The single most important effect of terrorism is
    B) The bombing of resorts is a recent development
    C) In a globalized world small groups of people can
    cause big trouble
    D) Terrorists are at an inherent disadvantage
    E) Suicide-bomb attacks against ordinary citizens

    34. Whatever Luhrmann’s New York critics may think
    of his new production of La Bohème, ----.
    A) people had waited in long queues for last-minute
    B) they claimed to have pursued creative freedom
    C) the beautiful side of life will have been
    expressed with beautiful music
    D) he has certainly breathed new life into this opera
    E) opera used to be characterized by unnatural,
    alienating conventions

    35. ---- before he became a film-maker.
    A) The director of the Titanic now plans to make a
    film of the sinking of the Bismarck
    B) He is best known as the director of the film
    C) The director of the film Titanic was a scuba diver
    and wreck diver
    D) The film’s director has always been fascinated
    by wrecks
    E) He is interested in why the Titanic sank

    36. – 38. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye
    anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

    36. Charles Dickens is one of the few novelists
    whose works did not become unpopular after his
    A) Charles Dickens, ölümünden sonra eserleri
    popülerliğini kaybetmeyen birkaç romancıdan
    B) Charles Dickens, ölümünden sonra da popülerliğini
    koruyan eserler vermiş bir romancıdır.
    C) Ünlü bir romancı olan Charles Dickens’ın eserleri,
    ölümünden sonra bile popülerliğini kaybetmemiştir.
    D) Ölümünden sonra eserleri popülerliğini hep koruyan
    birkaç romancıdan biri de Charles
    E) Eserleri, ölümünden sonra bile popülerliğini hiç
    kaybetmeyen az sayıdaki romancıdan biri de
    Charles Dickens’tır.

    37. Gorbachev came to power in 1985 in the former
    Soviet Union partly because he was promising to
    make sweeping changes.
    A) 1985’te eski Sovyetler Birliği’nde köklü değişiklikler
    yapmaya söz vermiş olan Gorbachev iktidara
    B) Eski Sovyetler Birliği’nde 1985’te Gorbachev’in
    iktidara gelmesinin nedeni, beklenen köklü değişikliklerin
    bir kısmını yapmaya söz vermiş olmasıdır.
    C) Gorbachev çok kapsamlı değişiklikler yapmaya
    söz verdiği için, Sovyetler Birliği’nde 1985’te iktidara
    D) Gorbachev, kısmen, geniş kapsamlı değişiklikler
    yapmaya söz verdiği için, eski Sovyetler
    Birliği’nde 1985’te iktidara gelmiştir.
    E) Gorbachev, eski Sovyetler Birliği’nde önemli değişiklikler
    yapmaya söz vererek 1985’te iktidarı
    ele geçirmiştir.

    38. Many social psychologists have turned their
    attention to promoting health practices such as
    avoiding the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other
    A) Günümüz sosyal psikologları aşırı alkol, tütün ve
    diğer maddelerden kaçınma gibi sağlık uygulamalarını
    ilerletmeye çabalıyor.
    B) Birçok sosyal psikolog ilgisini aşırı alkol, tütün ve
    diğer maddelerden kaçınma gibi sağlık uygulamalarını
    ilerletmeye yöneltti.
    C) Günümüzde, sosyal psikologların çoğu alkol, tütün
    ve diğer maddelerden kaçınma gibi sağlık
    uygulamalarını ilerletmeyle ilgilenmeye başladılar.
    D) Aşırı alkol, tütün ve diğer maddelerden kaçınma
    gibi sağlık uygulamalarını ilerletmeyle ilgilenen
    birçok sosyal psikolog var.
    E) Aşırı alkol, tütün ve diğer maddelerden kaçınma
    gibi sağlık uygulamalarını ilerletmekle ilgilenen
    sosyal psikolog sayısı artıyor.

    39. – 41. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye
    anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

    39. Değişik sektörlerden büyük Avrupa ve Kore
    şirketleri Brezilya’nın daha yoksul olan kuzeydoğu
    bölgesine yatırım yapmaya karar verdi.
    A) The poorer north eastern region of Brazil is
    attracting the attention of large European and
    Korean companies of various sectors.
    B) Some of the large European and Korean
    companies from various sectors are eager to
    invest in the poor north eastern region of Brazil.
    C) Large European and Korean companies from
    various sectors have decided to invest in the
    poorer north eastern region of Brazil.
    D) The poor north eastern area of Brazil is
    attracting investors from various large
    companies in Europe and Korea.
    E) The poor north eastern part of Brazil would
    benefit from investments made by European and
    Korean large companies involved in a variety of

    40. Eğer Asya’daki diğer dev ekonomilerle karşılaştırırsak,
    Çin’in büyüme hızı istisnai değildir.
    A) Even compared with other giant economies in
    Asia, China’s growth rate hasn’t been
    B) When we compare China’s growth rate with
    other giant economies in Asia, it’s obvious that
    her economic growth isn’t exceptional.
    C) Only when it is compared with that of other giant
    Asian economies does China’s economic growth
    rate appear exceptional.
    D) China’s economic growth rate remains
    exceptional even when we compare it with that
    of other powerful Asian economies.
    E) China’s economic growth rate isn’t exceptional if
    we compare it with other giant economies in

    41. Romantik akımın öncülerinden biri olan Jean-
    Jacques Rousseau, duyguyu akıldan daha yüksek
    bir düzeye koymuştur.
    A) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one of the leaders of
    the Romantic Movement, regarded emotion as
    more important than reason.
    B) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was one of the
    forerunners of the Romantic Movement, put
    emotion at a higher level than reason.
    C) Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a forerunner of the
    Romantic Movement and so he rated emotion
    higher than reason.
    D) Another forerunner of the Romantic Movement
    was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and he rated
    emotion higher than reason.
    E) Since he regarded emotion as higher than
    reason Jean-Jacques Rousseau is recognized
    as a forerunner of the Romantic Movement.

    42. – 46. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçanın
    anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek
    cümleyi bulunuz.

    42. There is something vital, even disturbing, about
    the buildings he has designed. His serene spaces
    are charged with emotion. ----. And for all its
    subtlety and silence, his architecture is dynamic
    in unaccountable ways – hard as granite, fluid as
    water and airy as sunlight.
    A) Here there is a shift to a grander and more
    transparent space
    B) All detractors can say is that he is too 20th
    C) They blanket your mood the way a great abstract
    painting does
    D) Above the main gallery, the colours are brighter
    E) You employ stone, wood and concrete, and with
    these materials you build houses and palaces

    43. New and exciting links are fast being developed
    between the cities of Europe. In France, highspeed
    trains are providing the links. ----. These
    breathe life into regional towns which have now,
    for the first time, become accessible in terms of
    time and money to millions of other Europeans.
    A) The river-bank highways south of the river Seine
    have been converted into a giant beach
    B) As in the Renaissance-era urban boom, one of
    the driving forces behind this flowering is art
    C) The new energy is not confined to Europe’s
    D) More far-reaching is the extraordinary network of
    low-cost airlines that have suddenly come into
    E) These growing links will accelerate the
    disappearance of national boundaries

    44. “If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If
    you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If
    you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”
    ----. It sums up how the entry of China’s massive
    labour force into the global economy is bringing
    prosperity to the nation.
    A) China certainly has a huge, cheap workforce
    B) Indeed, China has effectively doubled the global
    labour force
    C) Actually, China’s growth rate is steadily
    D) China is having a dramatic effect on the world
    E) This is an old Chinese proverb
  11. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    45. Over the past decade almost everyone tuned into
    American popular culture has heard the term
    emotional intelligence. ----. It has been the
    subject of several books, including a best-seller,
    and of seminars for schools and organizations.
    A) Since this is a new concept, it has attracted
    much attention
    B) What is your EQ?
    C) Some of the controversy arises from the fact that
    popular and scientific definitions of emotional
    intelligence differ sharply
    D) Despite these difficulties research on emotional
    intelligence has continued
    E) As early as the 1930s, psychometricians
    recognized the possibility that people might have
    a social intelligence

    46. There are seven euro banknote denominations,
    which can be recognized easily by their look and
    feel. ----. On the other, they feature bridges,
    signifying co-operation between the nations of
    Europe and the rest of the world.
    A) It is generally agreed that the euro has proved
    beneficial to businesses
    B) The eight euro coins have a common side and a
    national side
    C) Indeed, on January 1st 2002, twelve national
    currencies made way for just one
    D) On one side, the bank notes show windows and
    gateways, symbolizing a spirit of openness
    E) Euro banknotes and coins have had a profound
    impact outside the participating countries

    47. – 51. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş
    bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi

    47. Mary:
    - We ought to go and see this exhibition of rugs
    from a village in southern Turkey.
    - Yes; the reviews about them are astonishingly
    - ----
    - In a way, that’s true. Certainly all the rugs have
    been made in the same village.
    A) I don’t really think the exhibition will be as good
    as they say.
    B) It’s the colours that seem to impress most
    people, and they all come from natural dyes.
    C) One even says it’s as if there is a whole village
    of artists.
    D) Many of the designs are traditional, but there are
    quite a lot of new designs.
    E) They should hold more exhibitions of this kind.

    48. Barry:
    - Have you heard about the fish, black bass, that
    are killing off Japan’s native fish?
    - No; tell me more.
    - ----
    - I can believe it. There are many similar stories.
    A) During the 1970s, game fishing became popular
    in Japan.
    B) They are still hoping to restore the ecological
    C) No one knows how they got into the moats of the
    palace, but they are there now.
    D) Well, someone imported some in 1925, and they
    flourished and now they are everywhere.
    E) A large majority were in favour of this large-scale
    effort to exterminate the species.

    49. Madge:
    - I see ski-resort operators are growing active in
    combating global warming.
    - And so they should be; shorter winters and less
    snow will hit them hard.
    - ----
    - I suppose they didn’t want to give the
    impression that the sport is endangered.
    A) Then why have they waited so long before taking
    any action?
    B) But what can they do about it?
    C) It seems they are using wind power to run the
    D) But they are not the only people to be adversely
    affected by global warming!
    E) The amount of snow we’ve had this winter
    doesn’t suggest any global warming!

    50. Karen:
    - The one-child-only ruling for couples in China
    must have brought family life to an end.
    - ----
    - Just think about it. There are no brothers and
    sisters, so there are no aunts and uncles, and
    no cousins.
    - Yes; you’re right. I hadn’t thought about the
    A) Why not?
    B) I don’t see why.
    C) And a good thing too.
    D) Was the population really growing very fast?
    E) They can play with the neighbour’s children.

    51. Fred:
    - Who translated this poem?
    - I don’t know. It just appeared on my desk. Why
    do you ask?
    - ----
    - Then in that case, forget about it. We certainly
    won’t publish it.
    A) We include a poem most weeks so a lot of
    people send them to me.
    B) Because whoever’s done it has missed the point
    of the poem completely.
    C) It’s not so much a translation as an adaptation. I
    really like it.
    D) It’s not your translation then?
    E) I don’t really know. I was interested, that’s all.

    52. – 56. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda
    parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan
    cümleyi bulunuz.

    52. (I) The Romantic Age is a term used to describe life
    and literature in England in the late eighteenth and
    early nineteenth centuries. (II) Many of the most
    important English writers of the period turned away
    from the values and ideas characteristic of the Age of
    Reason toward what they perceived as a more
    daring, individual and imaginative approach to both
    literature and life. (III) In general, they placed the
    individual rather than society, at the centre of their
    vision. (IV) The Industrial Revolution helped make
    England prosperous and powerful, but it involved
    exploitation of the workers. (V) They tended to be
    optimists who believed in the possibility of progress
    and improvement for humanity as well as for
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    53. (I) Archaeologists have to bear in mind some points
    when working with early historical chronologies.
    (II) This system can be confirmed and refined using
    astronomy. (III) The chronological system requires
    careful reconstruction, and any list of rulers or kings
    needs to be reasonably complete. (IV) The list,
    although it may reliably record the number of years in
    each reign, has still to be linked with our own
    calendar if it is not to remain merely a “floating
    chronology”. (V) The artifacts, features, or structures
    to be dated at a particular site have somehow to be
    related to the historical chronology, perhaps by their
    association with an inscription referring to the ruler of
    the time.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    54. (I) Transport yourself back to the early 1960s before
    the now-famous television series Star Trek first
    appeared. (II) At that time, only visionaries would
    have dared imagine that people of the 23rd century
    would be learning about the world on huge flat-panel
    video screens and talking to one another across the
    width of the planet using wireless devices. (III) Future
    weapons will dispense entirely with the clumsy darts
    and wires. (IV) Yet today these scenes are
    commonplace. (V) So it is fitting that new high-tech
    devices also have similarities with fictional
    technology as it was first presented on that famous
    science-fiction series.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    55. (I) America, more than any other country, needs a
    properly functioning airline system. (II) So it could be
    in the public interest to use taxpayers’ money to help
    make the airlines function properly again. (III) The
    government had shut down American airspace for
    four days at enormous cost to the carriers. (IV) But
    such support cannot continue for ever. (V) In fact,
    taxpayers are already beginning to complain.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    56. (I) Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.
    (II) Organizations for writers may ease the writer’s
    loneliness, but rarely help him to improve his writing.
    (III) Once a writer sheds his loneliness, he may grow
    in public stature, but his work often deteriorates.
    (IV) The writer should always try for something that
    has never been done or that others have tried to do
    and failed. (V) This is because he needs to do his
    work alone, and if he is a good writer, he must face
    eternity, or the lack of it, each day.
    A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

    57. – 60. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    The US Supreme Court is not a radical institution, nor
    is it likely to become one as a result of any particular
    presidential election. The risks for the judiciary in
    presidential elections are a lot lower than many
    people imagine. This is not because there are no
    significant ideological or methodological differences
    among judges. Differences do exist, and they display
    party affiliation to some extent. And they matter – not
    just on public issues such as abortion rights and
    racial discrimination but also in those procedures that
    actually guide the way lower courts handle a large
    variety of legal cases. That said, the courts have
    pretty strong institutional defences against radicalism
    of any kind. For one thing, the judiciary’s power is
    spread among more than 800 federal judges, no one
    of whose views matter all that much in the broad
    scheme of things. Even on the Supreme Court the
    idiosyncrasies or ideological extremism of any one
    judge can have only a limited effect. Without four likeminded
    judges, his or her views are just noise.

    57. It is pointed out in the passage that though there
    are differences of opinion within the judiciary,
    A) they play only a very small role in their
    B) they are far fewer than they used to be
    C) these in no way concern party politics
    D) it is almost impossible to avoid radicalism
    E) this only becomes apparent at election times

    58. According to the passage, the Supreme Court of
    the US ----.
    A) is feared by the lower courts
    B) is a breeding ground for radicalism
    C) is cut off from the lower courts of justice
    D) avoids, as far as possible, public issues like
    E) can only be slightly affected by a presidential

    59. According to the passage, all rulings of the
    Supreme Court ----.
    A) are reconsidered after an election
    B) can be influenced by the federal judges
    C) must have had the support of at least five judges
    D) aim at preventing ideological extremism
    E) are, to a very large extent, influenced by party

    60. It is clear from the passage that the US judiciary
    system ----.
    A) reflects the opinions of the president
    B) is well-protected against any kind of extremism
    C) consists of the Supreme Court and the various
    lower courts and all act independently of each
    D) takes its character, not from the Supreme Court,
    but from the federal courts
    E) faces pressure from many quarters
  12. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    61. – 64. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    American schools need more time if they are to teach
    efficiently. The school year is fixed at or below 180
    days in all but a handful of states – down from more
    than 190 in the late nineteenth century, when
    Saturday-morning sessions were common. The
    instructional day is only about six hours, of which
    much is taken up with nonacademic matters. In 1994,
    a national commission calculated that in four years of
    high school a typical American student puts in less
    than half as much time on academic subjects as do
    students in Japan, France and Germany. Extending
    the school day or the school year can get expensive
    and complicated, and reducing nonacademic
    electives and physical education brings complaints
    from parents and students alike. But there is one
    quite cheap and uncomplicated way to increase
    study time: add more homework. You may not be
    surprised to learn that homework raises student
    achievement, at least in the higher grades. For young
    children homework appears not to be particularly
    helpful. Even among older students it is hard to be
    sure of the extent to which more homework may lead
    to higher achievement.

    61. We understand from the passage that school
    programmes in America ----.
    A) are of little concern to the parents, and so they
    tend to ignore them
    B) are at present being reviewed by a national
    C) do not put much emphasis on academic learning
    D) are run on similar lines to those in the rest of the
    E) have been extensively revised since 1994

    62. It is pointed out in the passage that in some
    countries, like Japan, France and Germany, ----.
    A) the school curricula allow roughly equal time for
    academic and nonacademic subjects
    B) the school year is far too long and this makes it
    C) students are given less homework than their
    American counterparts
    D) achievement correlates well with the length of
    the school day
    E) the amount of time students spend on academic
    learning far exceeds that spent by American

    63. According to the passage, any extension of the
    instructional day in American schools ----.
    A) is not to be recommended on account of the
    expenses involved
    B) would arouse much discontent among parents
    and students
    C) needs to be reviewed by a national commission
    D) should aim to bring them up to the level of
    Japanese schools
    E) would have to have the approval of all the states

    64. It is clear from the passage that the writer ----.
    A) is urging schools to assign more homework to
    students of all grades
    B) is doubtful about the benefits of homework for
    lower-grade students
    C) believes that the school day should be extended
    D) is opposed to reducing the school year from 190
    to 180 days
    E) is convinced of the need for more electives,
    including physical education

    65. – 68. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    During the Renaissance, especially in the sixteenth
    century, it was customary to debate the preeminence
    of the arts, particularly as between painting
    and sculpture. The more commonly accepted opinion
    is represented by Benvenuto Cellini, who thought
    that sculpture is eight times as great as any other art
    based on drawing, because a statue has eight views
    and they must all be equally good. A painting, he
    said, is nothing better than the image of a tree, man,
    or other object. In fact, the difference between
    painting and sculpture is as great as between a
    shadow and the object casting it. Leonardo, on the
    other hand, thought that painting is superior to
    sculpture because it is more intellectual. By this he
    meant that as a technique it is infinitely more subtle
    in the effects that it can produce, and infinitely wider
    in the scope it offers to invention or imagination.
    Michelangelo, when the question was referred to
    him, in his wise and direct way said that things which
    have the same end are themselves the same, and
    that therefore there could be no difference between
    painting and sculpture except differences due to
    better judgment and harder work.

    65. We understand from the passage that
    Michelangelo’s view concerning the relative
    merits of painting and sculpture ----.
    A) does not reflect his own position as an artist
    B) can be regarded as a humourous attempt to
    bring about a peace between Cellini and
    C) is a light-hearted attempt to avoid the issue
    D) is unbiased and favours neither
    E) has no relevance outside the Renaissance

    66. As pointed out in the passage, according to
    Cellini ----.
    A) the generally held belief on the pre-eminence of
    the arts was totally unfounded
    B) Leonardo’s skills as a painter did not exceed
    those of Michelangelo
    C) the Renaissance debate on the pre-eminence of
    the arts should not be taken seriously
    D) the art of the sculptor is less demanding than
    that of the painter
    E) a painting is inferior to a work of sculpture
    because it has no solidity

    67. It is clear from the passage that, during the 16th
    century, ----.
    A) the art of Leonardo was more highly regarded
    than that of Cellini
    B) there was much discussion as to the hierarchy of
    the arts
    C) sculptors and painters liked to cooperate on
    major projects
    D) most artists were both sculptors and painters
    E) Leonardo and Michelangelo were keen rivals but
    each admired the work of the other

    68. The point is made in the passage that, for
    Leonardo, ----.
    A) painting provided a greater capacity for artistic
    B) Cellini’s understanding of the arts was a grossly
    distorted one
    C) painting came easily, but sculpture offered many
    D) the practice of any art requires a great deal of
    invention and imagination
    E) the effects of a statue are far more subtle than
    those of a painting

    69. – 72. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Governments have learned to value innovation these
    days for good reason. Far from being simply some
    missing factor in the growth equation, innovation is
    now recognized as the single most important
    ingredient in any modern economy. It actually
    accounts for more than half of economic growth in
    America and Britain. In short, it is innovation, more
    than the application of capital or labour, that keeps
    the world economy going. As a result, economists
    have decided that the innovators of the world are due
    some special recognition. It is not possible to
    recognize all the countless innovations that have
    helped to spread wealth, health and human
    happiness around the world. But a handful of people
    who have made the biggest contribution to the
    wealth-creation process in their own fields over the
    past few years, have been nominated for awards.

    69. One point made in the passage is that, due to
    innumerable innovations, ----.
    A) the world economy has acquired a certain level
    of uniformity
    B) the American economy has under-performed
    C) capital has now returned to the fore in economic
    D) the quality of human life on earth has greatly
    E) countries like Britain have fewer labour problems
    than formerly

    70. It is pointed out in the passage that government
    economic policies ----.
    A) rely more and more on the management of the
    labour force
    B) now take into account the importance of
    C) regard the wealth-creation process as the main
    D) in Britain have undergone very little change over
    many decades
    E) throughout the world are undergoing many

    71. It is pointed out in the passage that the American
    and British economies ----.
    A) have been in the forefront in the creation of
    B) have tended to ignore innovations
    C) have grown largely on account of innovation
    D) have had an adverse effect upon the world’s
    growth equation
    E) have always been primarily concerned with the
    prosperity of their citizens

    72. It is clear from the passage that, although a very
    large number of innovations have been made, ----.
    A) only a few innovators have received awards for
    their work
    B) the majority of them have turned out to be
    economically unfeasible
    C) they have had no significant impact on the world
    D) none of them have received any special
    E) there has been no noticeable improvement in the
    human condition anywhere

    73. – 76. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    A nonprofessional-class working mother, who has
    been forced unwillingly into the labour market, is
    oppressed by various unique forces. She is
    oppressed by the fact that her work is oftentimes
    physically exhausting, ill-paid, and devoid of benefits
    such as health insurance and paid sick leave. She is
    oppressed by the fact that it is impossible to put a
    small child in reliable day-care if you make only a
    minimum wage, and she is oppressed by the terrible
    child-care options that are available at an
    inexpensive rate. She is oppressed by the fact that
    she has nothing to fall back on. If she is out of work,
    and her child needs a visit to the doctor and
    antibiotics, she may not be able to afford those things
    and will have to treat her sick child with unprescribed
    medications, which themselves are far from cheap.

    73. We understand from the passage that a working
    mother, without a career, ----.
    A) works so that her child can enjoy good day-care
    B) is usually granted several fringe benefits
    C) rarely stays in her job for a long period
    D) faces a very hard life
    E) has a great deal of choice in the kind of work she

    74. It is clear from the passage that, when a
    nonprofessional working mother loses her job
    A) she may neglect the child but not herself
    B) there are always opportunities available on the
    labour market
    C) and her child gets ill, she probably cannot get
    proper medical help
    D) she has to be prepared to accept a lower-paid
    E) she invariably has a great deal of trouble finding
    a new one

    75. We understand from the passage that very many
    nonprofessional working mothers ----.
    A) enjoy health insurance which also covers their
    B) are, on the whole, satisfied with their jobs
    C) feel their children are being suitably cared for
    D) are paid far more than the recognized minimum
    E) only work because they have to work

    76. According to the passage, a nonprofessional
    mother’s working conditions ----.
    A) are far from satisfactory, and she enjoys no
    B) are being reviewed with the aim of improving
    C) are no worse than those of other workers
    D) have only recently become difficult
    E) have received a great of public attention

    77. – 80. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre

    Because a play presents its action through actors, its
    impact is direct, immediate, and heightened by the
    actor’s skills. Instead of responding to words on a
    printed page, the spectator sees what is done and
    hears what is said. The experience of the play is
    registered directly upon his senses. It may therefore
    be fuller and more compact. Where the work of prose
    fiction may tell us what a character looks like in one
    paragraph, how he moves or speaks in a second,
    what he says in a third, and how his auditors respond
    in a fourth, the acted play presents this material all at
    once. Simultaneous impressions are not separated.
    Moreover, this experience is interpreted by actors
    who may be highly skilled in rendering nuances of
    meaning and strong emotion. Through facial
    expression, gesture, speech rhythm, and intonation,
    they may be able to make a speaker’s words more
    expressive than can the reader’s unaided
    imagination. Thus, the performance of a play by
    skilled actors, expertly directed, gives the playwright
    a tremendous source of power.

    77. It is clear from the passage that unlike a staged
    play, a work of prose fiction ----.
    A) mainly focuses on character and action
    B) is very effective in arousing the reader’s
    C) allows no possibility of multiple interpretation
    D) makes much use of various literary devices
    E) makes its impact slowly

    78. It is emphasized in the passage that the
    effectiveness of a play’s action ----.
    A) disappears as soon as the performance is over
    B) is maintained only temporarily depending on the
    C) is largely created through facial expression and
    the playwright’s skill
    D) is increased both through skilled performance
    and through professional direction
    E) can be further strengthened through character

    79. It is pointed out in the passage that the
    performance of a play on the stage ----.
    A) enables the audience to be more closely
    B) has the same impact on the audience as that of
    the printed text
    C) depends much more on the director than on the
    actors for its success
    D) can best be accomplished through close
    attention to the playwright’s instructions
    E) should not guide the way the audience feels

    80. Clearly, the passage is mainly concerned with
    A) the techniques a director makes most use of in
    the staging of a play
    B) the sense of immediacy and the intensity that a
    well-staged play offers
    C) the role of imagination in prose fiction and drama
    D) the question of how a play can best be
    E) the relationship between the actors and the
    writer of a play
  13. Bilge Gökçen

    Bilge Gökçen Yeni Üye Üye

    27 Ağustos 2007
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Cevap: ÜDS 2006 Mart Sorular

    üniversitelerarası kurul yabancı dil sınavı (üds)
    a kitapçığı

    fen bilimleri testi cevap anahtarı
    1. E 21. D 41. A 61. B
    2. D 22. E 42. D 62. A
    3. A 23. D 43. A 63. D
    4. B 24. A 44. D 64. E
    5. C 25. C 45. E 65. C
    6. A 26. B 46. B 66. B
    7. B 27. C 47. C 67. E
    8. E 28. D 48. D 68. A
    9. D 29. C 49. A 69. D
    10. B 30. E 50. B 70. E
    11. C 31. D 51. A 71. D
    12. B 32. B 52. D 72. E
    13. A 33. A 53. A 73. C
    14. D 34. E 54. C 74. B
    15. E 35. C 55. B 75. A
    16. B 36. B 56. C 76. D
    17. A 37. E 57. D 77. B
    18. C 38. B 58. B 78. E
    19. D 39. E 59. E 79. D
    20. E 40. C 60. C 80. A

    sağlık bilimleri testi cevap anahtarı
    1. C 21. E 41. E 61. D
    2. E 22. D 42. B 62. A
    3. A 23. A 43. E 63. B
    4. B 24. D 44. D 64. C
    5. D 25. B 45. A 65. E
    6. B 26. C 46. C 66. A
    7. A 27. B 47. A 67. C
    8. E 28. A 48. E 68. E
    9. B 29. D 49. D 69. B
    10. C 30. A 50. B 70. C
    11. E 31. B 51. A 71. D
    12. D 32. E 52. E 72. B
    13. A 33. D 53. C 73. C
    14. D 34. A 54. D 74. E
    15. B 35. B 55. C 75. D
    16. A 36. D 56. B 76. A
    17. D 37. E 57. A 77. C
    18. C 38. C 58. D 78. B
    19. E 39. B 59. B 79. E
    20. C 40. A 60. C 80. D

    sosyal bilimler testi cevap anahtarı
    1. A 21. C 41. B 61. C
    2. D 22. B 42. C 62. E
    3. B 23. D 43. D 63. A
    4. C 24. A 44. E 64. B
    5. B 25. B 45. A 65. D
    6. E 26. E 46. D 66. E
    7. D 27. C 47. C 67. B
    8. A 28. E 48. D 68. A
    9. C 29. A 49. A 69. D
    10. E 30. D 50. B 70. B
    11. B 31. C 51. B 71. C
    12. A 32. B 52. D 72. A
    13. C 33. A 53. B 73. D
    14. E 34. D 54. C 74. C
    15. D 35. C 55. C 75. E
    16. A 36. A 56. D 76. A
    17. E 37. D 57. A 77. E
    18. C 38. B 58. E 78. D
    19. D 39. C 59. C 79. A
    20. E 40. E 60. B 80. B
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