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    Using participles to join sentences

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    joining sentences with participles using participles to join sentences Join each of the following pairs of sentences, using either a present participle e.g. knowing, a past participle e.g. known, or a perfect participle e.g. having known. Numbers 17, 28, 33, and 36 contain three sentences each. Combine these in the same way.
    He got off his horse. He began searching for something on the ground.

    Getting off his horse, he began searching . . :
    I had seen photographs of the place. I had no desire to go there.
    Having seen photographs of the place, I had no desire . . .
    The speaker refused to continue. He was infuriated by the interruptions.
    Infuriated by the interruptions, the speaker refused. . .

    These participle constructions are more common in written English.

    1 I knew that he was poor. I offered to pay his fare. 2 We barricaded the windows. We assembled in the hall.
    3 She became tired of my complaints about the programme. She turned it off.
    4 He found no one at home. He left the house in a bad temper.
    5 She hoped to find the will. She searched everywhere.
    6 The criminal removed all traces of his crime. He left the building.
    7 He realized that he had missed the last train. He began to walk.
    8 He was exhausted by his work. He threw himself on his bed.
    9 He had spent all his money. He decided to go home and ask his father for a job.
    10 He escaped from prison. He looked for a place where he could get food.
    11 She didn't want to hear the story again. She had heard it all before
    12 They found the money. They began quarrelling about how to divide it.
    13 She entered the room suddenly. She found them smoking.
    14 I turned on the light. I was astonished at what I saw.
    15 We visited the museum. We decided to have lunch in the park.
    16 He offered to show us the way home. He thought we were lost.
    17 He found his revolver. He loaded it. He sat down facing the door.
    18 She asked me to help her. She realized that she couldn't move it alone.
    19 He fed the dog. He sat down to his own dinner.
    20 He addressed the congregation. He said he was sorry to see how few of them had been able to come.
    21 He thought he must have made a mistake somewhere. He went through his calculations again.
    22 I have looked through the fashion magazines. I realize that my clothes are hopelessly out of date.
    23 The tree had fallen across the road. It had been uprooted by the gale.
    24 People were sleeping in the next room. They were wakened by the sound of breaking glass.
    25 I knew that the murderer was still at large. I was extremely reluctant to open the door.
    26 He stole the silver. He looked for a place to hide it.
    27 We were soaked to the skin. We eventually reached the station.
    28 I sat in the front row. I used opera glasses. I saw everything beautifully.
    29 One evening you will be sitting by the fire. You will remember this day.
    30 I didn't like to sit down. I knew that there were ants in the grass.
    31 She believed that she could trust him absolutely. She gave him a blank cheque.
    32 Slates were ripped off by the gale. They fell on people passing below.
    33 The lion found his cage door open. He saw no sign of his keeper. He left the cage and walked slowly towards the zoo entrance.
    34 The government once tried to tax people according to the size of their houses. They put a tax on windows.
    35 I had heard that the caves were dangerous. I didn't like to go any further without a light.
    36 She wore extremely fashionable clothes. She was surrounded by photographers and pressmen. She swept up to the microphone.

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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: Using participles to join sentences
    1 Knowing that he was poor, I offered 2 Having barricaded the windows, we assembled 3 Becoming tired of my complaints, she turned it off 4 Finding/having found no one at home, he left 5 Hoping to find the will, she searched 6 Having removed all traces of his crime, he left 7 Realizing that he had missed the train, he began 8 Exhausted by his work, he threw 9 Having spent all his money, he decided 10 Having escaped from prison, he looked 11 Having heard the story before, she didn't want 12 Having found the money, they began 13 Entering the room suddenly, she found 14 Turning on the light, I was
    15 Having visited the museum, we decided 16 Thinking we were lost, he offered

    17 Having found his revolver and loaded it, he sat 18 Realizing that she couldn't move it alone, she asked 19 Having fed the dog, he sat 20 Addressing the congregation, he said
    21 Thinking he had made a mistake somewhere, he went 22 Looking/having looked through the fashion magazines, I realize 23 The tree, uprooted by the gale, had fallen

    24 People sleeping in the next room were 25 Knowing that the murderer was still at
    large, I was 26 Having stolen the silver, he looked 27 Soaked to the skin, we reached 28 Sitting/Seated in the front row, and using . . . I saw 29 . . . sitting by the fire, you will take 30 Knowing that . . . , I didn't like 31 Believing that she could trust him, she gave
    32 Slates, ripped off by the gale, fell 33 The lion, finding his cage door open and seeing no sign of his keeper, left 34 The government, trying to tax people according to the size of their houses, once put a tax 35 Having heard that the caves were dangerous, I didn't like 36 Wearing extremely fashionable clothes and surrounded by photographers and press men, she swept

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