Some Any, Much Many, A lot of Alıştırmalar

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    how many how much örnekler a lot of ile ilgili cümleler much ile ilgili cümleler any some A / AN - SOME / ANY – MUCH / MANY – A LOT OF

    A. Write “some - any”
    1. I need a hammer and _________nails.
    2. He does not want ________ help.
    3. There are ________sheep in the garden.
    4. Do you know ________famous people?
    5. They often invite ________ friends to their home.
    6. Do you have _______ idea what they are doing there?
    7. Charlie doesn't have _______pets. 8. My little brother already knows ________ words in English.
    9. My mum doesn't speak ________ foreign languages.
    10. I have ________sweets for you.
    11. Are there _______ apples in the basket?
    12. Do you want _______ biscuits with your tea?

    B. Underline the correct form.
    1. I don’t have much / many money today.
    2. I eat much / a lot of fruit.
    3. They don’t seem to have much / many free time these days.
    4. A: How much / many meat do you eat? B: None / Any. I’m a vegetarian.
    5. A : Does he show much / many interest in sports ?
    B : Yes, a lot / a lot of

    6. There aren’t many / much huge buildings and traffic problems in the small cities so there is no / any stress there.
    7. How many / How much time do you have?
    8. How many / How much days do you have?
    9. A: Do you like the musical? B: Quite lot of / Quite a lot.
    10. My mother didn’t buy some / any bread yesterday.
    11. There aren’t many / much bottles of milk in the fridge.
    12. Would you like some / any orange juice?
    13. There are a lot / a lot of people trying to go to the U2 concert this weekend
    14. A: How much / many flour do you have? B: Not much / Not many.

    C. Write “a/ an, some, any”
    1. ‘I’m a vegetarian. I don’t want __________ meat.’
    2. ‘I can make __________ pasta tomorrow evening.’
    3. We can’t have an omelette. There aren’t __________eggs.
    4. A: Can I have some toast, please? B: Sorry. There isn’t__________ bread.
    5. ‘There’s __________ pineapple in the fridge.’
    6. A: I’m hungry. B: Do you want __________orange?
    7. I need ______ cartoon of milk.
    8. We don’t have ______ wine but we have ________ beer.
    9. There is _____ egg and ______ butter.
    10. Would you like to eat _______ grapes?

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    Cevap: Some Any, Much Many, A lot of Alıştırmalar
    Answer Key:

    1 some 2 any 3 some 4 any 5 some 6 any 7 any 8 some 9 any 10 some 11 any 12 some

    B. (Doğru olanın altını çizin)
    1 much 2 a lot of 3 much 4 much / none 5 much / a lot 6 many / no 7 how much
    8 how many 9 Quite a lot 10 any 11 many 12 some 13 a lot of 14 much / not much

    1 any 2 some 3 any 4 any 5 a 6 an 7 a 8 any / some 9 an / some 10 some
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