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2005 KPDS Kasım

1. A fair propartion of the workforce now work from their homes, a ........... that has been made possble by computers.

A) disturbance B) destination C) circumstance D) support E) denial

2. North Korea is ......... to abandon its nuclear programme without specific security guarantees from America and promises of lost of aid.

A) sincere B) nasty C) boastful D) unlikely E) provisional

3. Pharmaceutical firms are wary of devoting money to new antibiotics whose sales can be ........ limited by the development of resistance in the target microbes.

A) accurately B) adequatly C) severely D) complacently E) confidently

4. In an aircraft the cabin lights are dimmed during take-off and landing to help passengers to ........ themselves to drankness in the event of an

A) modfy B) accustom C) resume D) assoate E) relate

5. Jean Chretien ......... after more than ten years as Canada’s prime minister.A) steps down B) makes out C) runs out D) holds upE) points out6. The United States spends ......... on armed forces ........ do all other countires combined.A) so much / that B) both / and
C) not only / but also
D) neither / nor
E) more / than

7. Over this period, according to a report recently issued by the Hispanic Studies Center in Los Angeles, Mexicans recieved 14.5 billon US dollars from relatives working in the United States, which is almost ........ Mexico earned
from foreign oil sales.

A) as B) just as C) as well as D) as much as E) as far as

8. The origin of sex is ..... much of a puzzle ...... its prevalence.

A) too / for B) so / so C) as / as D) that / such as E) very / more like

9. In business, every trend contains the seeds of ...... countertrend.

A) itself B) its own C) any one D) any E) one owen

10. If you ....... a car, you ..... its performance, not its appearance.

A) were buying / had been considering
B) were buying / would have considered
C) bought / had considered
D) have bought / would have been considered
E) are buying / should be considering

11. What’s really ....... issue is the political structure ...... which Soviet communism was erected.A) at / on B) for /from C) to / through D) by / in E) over / with

12. Provincial goverments play a big role in the lives of Canadians, ...... primary responsibility ........ health, aducation and welfare.

A) through / over B) at / about C) from / to D) by / of E)with / for

13. China, which ..... Much of Mongolia from the end of the seventeeth century until the early twentieth century, still, .... the oil, coal, uranium, and empty grasslands of its former possessions.

A) was rulling / has coveted
B) had ruled / may have coveted
C) has ruled / coveted
D) ruled / coveted
E) rules / is coveting

14. The choices we make and the lives we lead ...... by the values we .......

A) would be influenced / are holding
B) are influenced / hold
C) had been influenced / were holding
D) must have influenced / had hold
E) have been influenced / were holding

15. Following World War II, job prospects for young people .... greatly which allowed them .... more prosperous than their psrents.

A) had improved / to have felt
B) have improved / feeling
C) improved / to feel
D) were improving / having felt
E) would have improved / having to feel

In the later part of the MiddleAges, cities created asylums to cope with the mentally ill. These asylums were simply prisons; the inmates were kept on chains in dark, fifty cells and were treated more as animals (16) ....... as human beings. It (17) ........ until 1972, when Phillipe Pinel was placed in charge of an asylum in Paris, that some improvements were made. A an experiment, Pinel removed the chains that (18) ..... the inmates. Much (19) ..... the amazement of skeptics, who thought Pinel was mad to unchain such animals the experiments was a success, When placed in clean, sunny rooms, and treated kindly, many people who for years (20) .... hopelessly insane improved enough to leave the asylum.

16. A) than B) like C) such D) so E)much

17. A) has not been B) had not been C) was not D) would not be E) would not have been

18. A) compelled B) restrained C) overloaded D) withdrew E) sustained

19. A) to B) of C) with D) for E) at

20. A) will be considered B) have been considered C) were being considered
D) had been considered E) are considered

Intellectualization is an attempt to gain detachment from a stressful situation by confronting it in abstract, intellectual terms. This kind of defence is frequently a necessity for people who must (21) ....... life-and-death matters in their daily jobs. The doctor Who is continually confronted with human suffering cannot afford to become emotionally involved with (22) ....... patient. In fact, a certain amount of detachment may be essential (23) ......... the doctor to function competently. This kind of intellectualization is a problem only when it (24) ....... such a pervasive life-style (25) ....... individuals cut themselves off from all emotional experiences.

21. A) come apart B) use up C) show off D) turn down E) deal with

22. A) another B) some C) each D) few E) more

23. A) in B) with C) to D) for E) by

24. A) would become B) becomes C) became D) will bocome E) used to become

25. A) when B) if C) whether D) unless
E) that
Ce: 2005 KPDS Kasım

Mary :
- Have you ever seen a coloured diamond?

Susan :
- Only in advertisement designed to attract the attention of the ultra

Mary :
- .............

Susan :
No, I didn’t. But that’s a good reason for not wanting one!
A) Australlia’s most prolife diamond mine is the Argyll one.B) Did you know that blue ones are rare than pink?C) Did you realize that of the diamonds mined only a very small percent are ofjewellery grade?
D) Did you know that colour in a diamond is due to a slight fault occurring in
the development?
E) Prices have risen by over 25%over the past year.

Norman :
- But I thought the company was in a very good position with strong organic
growth and an enviable profit margin.

Lee :
- True. But there are rival companies that are stronger still.

Norman :
- .............
Lee :
Yes, I am.

A) I dislike giant corporatios. How do you feel about them?
B) Are you telling me that it’s now one of the food industry’favourite takeover targets?
C) Do you think they’ll fix a takeover?D) I think competition is a good thing.E) The big international corporations are even mor of a threat.28. Steven :- What do you think is the secret of Dubai’s success?
Albert :
- I really don’t know. But ask anyone in the city and they’ll answer
Prompty “leadership”.Steven :- .............Albert : - It can’t be whole answer. There must be other things that contributebut I don’t know what they are.A) I don’t think Dubai’s success will continue.B) Of course, they are all very grateful to the Crown Prince.C) Does that mean that when the leader goes the country will have hard times?D) I think vision and energy would be better choice.E) Do you think that is the correct answer?

Alison :
- What i the meant the term “Nuisance bombing”?
Patrick :- Well, the aim is to annoy rather than to couse widespreed damage.Alison :- .............Patrick : - No, It’s not as simple as that; it makes people nervous and can damage

A) I find that hard to believe!
B) Really? What an odd idia!
C) In which case, it can be disregarded altogether.
D) I suppose it’s a job for ameteurs rather than for professionals.
E) Has it been in case for a long time?30. George :
- Do read this article on waste disposal.

Reg :
- ............

George :
- I know; so am I. Eveyone seems to have something to say about the subject and
they all repeat themselves. Only this article does say something different.

Reg :
- In that case I’ll take a look at it.
A) It talks about providing renewable supplies of energy.B) Well, then; leave it on my desk.C) Is it about carbon recycling? If so, I’m not interested.D) Why? I’m realy getting rather bored with the problem.E) Give it to Bob; he likes that sort of thing.

Canan :
- In Turksh we have a proverb that goes: stretch your legs to suit the bed
cover. Is there a similar saying in English?

Jare :
- ............

Canan :
- Tell me, then.

Reg :
- Cut your coat to suit thecloth.

A) There certainly is. The image is different but the meaning is identical.
B) I don’t think so; but I don’t know many English proverbs.
C) I like that. I must remember it.D) No that I know of. But I know one about honesty.E) I don’t know. You see I haven’t realy understood your proverb.32. ................., America should by local grain and distribute that, thusstimulating agriculture where it is most needed.A) As lon as aid from Europen countries tends to have fewer stings attached.B) While remaining one of the world’s stingiest donors of aid.C) Instead of dumping America Careal Surpluses as aid on hunry countries.D) Because Africa leaders ofen point out.E) In case Europe allows the world’s poorest countries to export many goodtariff-free.

33. Oil, the world’s most sought-after substance often seems to course the countries ................
A) when there was a sudden influx of money.B) thought they had growt rich.C) whether this was actually the case.D) where it is found.E) If it were encourage people to take out leons.

34. Celebrities .......... cause 14 times as many people to copy them as do other sucides.

A) whose suicide was reported in newspapers
B) who kill themselves
C) whom journalists try to interview
D) as the impact of their suicide on society is studied
E) when they are reported in the media

35. Animals are particulary vulnerable.................

A) when they are in their infancy.
B) whether they could fend for themselves.
C) as soon as they had left their mothers.
D) so that their offspring will survive.
E) unless every effort has been made by the parents.

36. As with many long-term projects, no one knows ........

A) whether it had exploded or not.
B) that the Apollo programme, starting from scratch, cost a hundred
billions US dollars.
C) Ýf it had turned out to be even more expensive.
D) Why we could have afforded it.
E) What the real costs will turn out to be.

37. If there had bee no one to encourage her and feed her ego at this time,

A) she might well have give up writing altogether.
B) the critics were indeed merciless.
C) Even her best novels attracted little attention.
D) Like many of her friendships, this one was short – lived.
E) She has not been able to repeat the success.38. when the feminist movement came into being, ........

A) a major issue is still the right to vote.
B) the aim had been to combat oppression
C) women were seen as constituting a single class.
D) discrimination against women still continoues in the workplace.
E) The professional-class working mother is another exception.

39. .......... that Mars has experienced a striking diversity of processes throughout its history.

A) In fact nobody suggested
B) It is now apparent
C) The discussion is likely to continue
D) Majority opinions are not necessarily correct
E) The evidence they presented

40. ............ since it came into being some 4.5 billion years ego.

A) Earth is one of several rocky plants
B) Earth’s atmosphere is variable
C) Heat and gravity continued to Shape Earth
D) Constant change has characterized Earth
E) Life on Earth was imposible

41. Though people continue to be fascinated by the explorer, livingstone, ........

A) his rival stanley had been admired more
B) the way people regard him has changed dramatically
C) some of his former possessions sold recently for over a million dollars
D) he was physically brave and morally rihteous
E) he made several more Africa expetions.

( I ) Whisky began to be marketed commercially in the middle of the nineteeth century. ( II ) By enlarging and modernizing its distillerie. Scotland was able to dominate the market in Europe and America. ( III ) Up until then, production had been divided between a few official distilleries and many much smaller, illicit ones, whose produce was almost exclusively for local consumption. ( IV ) The development of reliable trasport systems- particularly trains-drung the Industrial Revolation meant whisky could travel furher a field. ( V ) And, a few Scottish and Irish traders seized the opportunity to begin exporting their output.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

( I ) Infants all over the world beging to smile at about the same age. ( II ) Whether they are born in a remote African village or in a middle class American home, it seems to make no difference. ( III ) Unfortunately, this usually occurs when they see familiar foces or hear familiar voices ( IV ) This suggests that age is more important in determining the onset of smiling than are the conditions of rearing. ( V ) Moreover, blind bahnes smile at about the same age as sighted infants suggesting it is an innate response.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

( I ) In sharp contrast to many other euro-area members, Belgium and the
Netherlands have in recent years been able to abide by the aim of the stability
and growth pact, with budgets in balance or suolus. ( II ) Now the effects of
weaker growth are eroding this achievement. ( III ) Their economy’s slide
into deficit is a new worry and a reason for belt-tightening. ( IV ) Similarly,
Luxembourg, which for years had more Money that it could spent, is moving into
the red. ( V ) . In the end they have made concessions on their human-rights
law to improve relations with America.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

( I ) Stained glass Windows are part of Britain’s heritage. ( II ) Infact we see them so often that we take the hours of effort that go into creating them for granted. ( III ) So an exhibition that counterbalances this effect is of particular value. ( IV ) Actually it is the work of local designers that are particularly interesting. ( V ) This one does just that by following the whole creative process from the initial designs all the way through to the finished product.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

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( I ) Egypt’s water consumption is limited by international agreement with its upstream neighbors. ( II ) Existing irrigation systems are outdated and inefficient. ( III ) Under the Nil Waters Agreement of 1959 between Egypt and Sudan, Egypt is only allowed to take 55.5 cubic kilometers from the Nil each year. ( IV ) In fact, its annual consumption is closer to 65.5 cubic kilometers. ( V ) It makes up the difference by recycling water through various
irrigation systems.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

( I ) Prints from digital photos last for generations. ( II ) In fact, they last longer than a traditional print if you use the riht combination of printer, ink and specifically formulated photo paper. ( III ) Indeed lab tests shows that they will not fade or discolours for about 50 years, or as lon as about 75 years if you keep them behind glass. ( IV ) Fading takes place when prints are exposed to light and contaminants in the air. ( V ) The layer above it contains polymers that help prevent fading.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

We can only guess when Shakespeare wrote his plays. Hem may have had his own writing “season” perhaps in the quieter winter months, but he never stopped acting probably taking two or three minor parts instead of a major one. He seems to have chosen for himself the more static and undemanding roles in his plays, such as old Adam in A You Like It and the Ghost in Hamlet. His audiences included many habitual playgoers, and many must have known Shakespeare and he must have known them. We can imagine, as arecent biographer has said, “that there might have beena complex, subtle communicative exchange with he appeared in one of his owen plays”. In spring 1613, he purchased his first property in London. He was renting it out by 1616, but may originally have entertained other intentions for the property. It would certainly have been a handly place tos tay, being near the Globe, which was his theatre. Perhaps the destruction of the Globe in 1613, which probably prompted him to sell his share in the theatre company, altered his plans for it. Hem ay not have given uo acting, but his writing career was over by the end of that year. In 1614, he returned to his hometown, Stratford-upon-Avon, and died there in 1616.

48. It is suggested in the passage that, when Shakespeare acted,

A) he was always assigned the most crucial parts
B) the audiences were thrilled by his acting
C) the Globe Theatre was always crowded
D) he could spare very little time for his writing
E) the parts he played were mostly easy, unimportant ones

49. It is pointed out in the passage that, although Shakespeare had stopped
writing plays by the end of 1613, ......

A) ýt seems likely that he continued to act a little longer
B) he sometimes revised some of his earlier plays
C) he wanted to keep his company intact
D) his company put pressure on him to continue writing
E) he started again on his return to Stratford-upon-Avon

50. We understand from the passage that we have no evidence,

A) as to what sort of parts Shakespeare played
B) to suggested than Shakespeare was popular in his day
C) as to whether or not Shakespeare actually did rest out his property
D) about when Shakespeare was writing his plays
E) that the destructionof the Globe had any serious impact on
Shakespeare’s life
51. It is suggested in the passage that, ......A) as a playwright, preferred tragedies to comediesB) as a property owner, got a good income fromhis rentsC) as an actor, was often in close contact with his audiencesD) returnd to Stratford-upon-Avon almost as soon as the Globe was destroyed
E) thoght he returned to Stanford, very soon regretted leaving London

52. It is clear fom the passage that the Globe Theatre,......

53. Indian parents have long been known to prefer sends to daughters. This is be one of the prejudice that sons care for parents in their old age, whereas daughters must be married off at great expense ............ To put it bluntly, ultrasound technology is anabling parents to anticipate and abort unwanted female babies.
a) In an effort to curb this trend, India, a decate age, imposed a bon on the
use of ultrasound to determine sex.
b) It now seems that modern science is increasingly being used in the service
of this traditional projuduce
c) In the 1990 s, the total population of India rose by 21 percent, to 1,03
d) In 1961, there were 976 girls for every one? Boyys age six and under in India
e)In southwestern Delhi, one at Indias richest districts, the girl boy ratio
declined in the 1990 s to a shocking 845 girls for every 1000 boys.

54. off all the phases of the history of art that of ancient America remains the most mysterious and the least accessible. ----------. Comparatively very few examples of this art are available to the public, and none of these is of monumental size. Indeed, whole aspects of this art are unknown. This is because the objects have perished or because they were destroyed by the Spanish conquerors.

a)Obviously, the may a were a notably in tellectval people, possessing
elaborate religion and exact calendar system.
b) The historical development of the pre-Columbian cultures of America is still
very abscure.
c) It is now generally accepted that man first entered America by way of the
bering? Strarts from north-east Asia.
d) The ratives of what is now Peru were apparently capable of science, but not
of philosophy.
e) One might futher add that it is the the least appreciated of them all.

55. Few regions are less the master of their own destinies than south east asia, ---------. Indeed, the region includes some of the world!s most trade dependent countries All went well in the early 1990 s, but not after 1997.
a) Nevertheless, china has stepped up her imports and many of them are from south east Asia.
b) Sars added its malign influence in 2003.
c) Moreover, chine has enjoyed a huge store of foreign direct investment, thus starving the south eastern economies of fresh capital
d) This is because their aconomics are highly sensitive to investment flows and the demand for manufactured goods from far away.
e) However, there is an increased demand for memory chips in which south east
Assia specializes.

56. putting on a broadway show is one of the bigger gambles in America’s entertainment industry, with investments running into millons of dollars.-------------- since only one out of five shows manages avea that, there is no financial security.

a) It can take at least two years for a successful show to pay back its orijinal
b) Indeed a musical can cost araund &10 miilion to put on
c) Consequently, producers are becoming more creative with their fund-raising schemes
d) The newyork stage is now looking to advertising as a means of funding its productions.
e) Sponsorship would seem to be another obvious solution to the problem

57. For years envormentalists have worned against imminent food shorteyes, spreading pollution, accelarating climate change and the early exhaustion of the world’s oil and other minerals. -----------. Now, however, there are dare predictions of water shortages in many countries. Even some expert chain that wars of the future will be fought over water, not oil.

a) Certainly, dams will cause more argument than ever, with china’s three gages dam already filling up.
b) On the other hand, powerful runal farmers can afford to pump out free groundwater ortolobby for big dams that will yield irrigation benefits.
c) But, until recently they have overlocked the most essential substance of all water
d) Fortunately, there are usully cheaper and better ways of storing water, delivering irrigation and protecting against floods.
e) In fact, rich households have access to piped water from municipal
utilities, whereas the poor have to pay door to door water venders

58. Though half the world’s Muslims live in electonal democracies, only eight of the forty-six muslim-majority countries are electoral democracies. This has made some political scientists winder if islam is antithetical to demo cracy. -----------. They needn’t have worned. In 1974 more than seventy percent of stotes that had cathelic majorities were not electoral democroteies, but today about eight percent of such states are.
a) In fact, from 1989 to 1996 forty-nine nations were added to the tally of electoral democracis. The target such growth over any comparable period of history.
b) Many of the regimes that have become electorol democracies over the past fifteen years connot properly be called liberal democracies.
c) Even after the great strides towards fredom of democratic countries, but since most of these states were small, ýt did not substantially increase the number of free people.
d) The soviet collapse increased the number of democrotic countries, but since most of these states were small, it did not substantially increase the number of free people.
e) Experts wondered the sama thing about catholicism in the early 1970s.