Comparative - Superlative Alıştırmalar

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Comparative - Superlative Alıştırmalar
comparative superlative alıştırmalar comparative superlative soruları soruları ile ilgili sorular
1) The leaves of my garden plants faded as soon as the weather became ........

A) colder
B) the coldest
C) so cold as
D) the colder
E) so much cold as

2) Of all the seasons in a year, summer is my favourite because it is .............

A) hotter
B) so hot
C) hottest
D) the hottest
E) as hot as

3) The less you eat, ........ , but I'm not sure if it is will be healthy.

A) the thinnest you'll get
B) the little fat you get
C) the thinner you get
D) as thin as you can get
E) the more thin you can get

4) The .......... this city grows, the ......... the problems become.

A) as big as / worse
B) big as / worst
C) bigger / the bad
D) biggest / as bad
E) bigger / worse

5) I'm sure ........ you see of Mary from Boston College, the more you like her.

A) however much
B) more than
C) even the most
D) the more
E) much more

6) Experience is just........ good training for a management.

A) more important than
B) the most important
C) so important as
D) the more important
E) as important as

7) Don't worry, you can play basketball ............... he can.

A) much successful
B) more successful
C) as successful as
D) the most successful
E) so successful that

8) Often the wealthy people of a country will get........ from a new mission than the working people.

A) much
B) more
C) as much as
D) the more
E) the most

9) Surely it is ....... for each business to produce a different product.

A) more economical
B) the economical
C) most economical
D) the most economical than
E) such economical as

10) I think it is much ....... to stay at home tonight than to go out.

A) good
B) better
C) the better
D) best
E) the best

1 A 2 D 3 C 4 E 5 D 6 E 7 C 8 B 9 A 10 B

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