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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    "Must not - Need not - don't have to" Exercises

    Konu, 'İngilizce Genel' kısmında Bilge Gökçen tarafından paylaşıldı.

    must have to exercises have to must exercises needn t had need Use must not or need not to fill the spaces in the following sentences.

    1 You . . . ring the bell; I have a key.
    2 Notice in cinema: Exit doors . . . be locked during performances.
    3 You . . . drink this: it is poison.
    4 We . . . drive fast; we have plenty of time.
    5 You . . . drive fast; there is a speed limit here.
    6 Candidates . . . bring books into the examination room.
    7 You . . . write to him for he will be here tomorrow.
    8 We . . . make any noise or we'll wake the baby.
    9 You . . . bring an umbrella. It isn't going to rain.
    10 You . . . do all the exercise. Ten sentences will be enough.
    11 We . . . reheat the pie. We can eat it cold.
    12 Mother to child: You . . . tell lies.
    13 You . . . turn on the light; I can see quite well.
    14 You . . . strike a match; the room is full of gas.
    15 You . . . talk to other candidates during the exam.
    16 We . . . make any more sandwiches; we have plenty now.
    17 You . . . put salt in any of his dishes. Salt is very bad for him.
    18 You . . . take anything out of a shop without paying for it.
    19 You . . . carry that parcel home yourself; the shop will send it.
    20 You . . . clean the windows. The window-cleaner is coming tomorrow.
    21 Mother to child: You . . . play with matches.
    22 Church notice: Visitors . . . walk about the church during a service.
    23 1... go to the shops today. There is plenty of food in the house.
    24 You . . . smoke in a non-smoking compartment.
    25 Police notice: Cars . . . be parked here.
    26 We . . . open the lion's cage. It is contrary to Zoo regulations.
    27 You . . . make your bed. The maid will do it.
    28 I want this letter typed but you . . . do it today. Tomorrow will do.
    29 I'll lend you the money and you . . . pay me back till next month.
    30 We . . . climb any higher; we can see very well from here.
    31 You . . . look under the bed. There isn't anybody there.
    32 You . . . ask a woman her age. It's not polite.
    33 You've given me too much. ~
    You . . . eat it all.

    34 We . . . forget to shut the lift gates.
    35 Mother to child: You . . . interrupt when I am speaking.
    36 If you want the time, pick up the receiver and dial 8081; you . . . say anything.
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: "Must not - Need not - don't have to" Exercises
    (Add not to each of the following verbs.)
    1 need 2 must 3 must 4 need 5 must 6 must 7 need 8 must 9 need 10 need l1 need 12 must 13 need 14 must 15 must 16 need 17 must 18 must 19 need 20 need 21 must 22 must
    23 need 24 must 25 must 26 must 27 need 28 need 29 need 30 need 31 need 32 must

    33 need 34 must 35 must 36 need
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: "Must not - Need not - don't have to" Exercises
    Replace the words in bold type by need not/need I? etc., or a negative or interrogative have to form.
    I've been invited to a wedding; but I can't go. Will it be necessary for me to send a

    Shall I have to send a present?

    1 It isn't necessary for him to go on working. He has already reached retiring age.
    {He . . .)
    2 Was it necessary for you to wait a long time for your bus?
    3 It isn't necessary for me to water my tomato plants every day.
    4 It will be necessary for them to get up early when they go out to work every day.
    5 We had to stop at the frontier but we were not required to open our cases.
    6 It wasn't necessary to walk. He took us in his car. (We . . .)
    7 My employer said, 1 shan't require you tomorrow.' (You . . . come.)
    8 It is never necessary for me to work on Saturdays.
    9 When I am eighteen I'll be of age. Then it won't be necessary to live at home if I don't want to.
    10 New teacher to his class: It isn't necessary for you to call me 'Sir'; call me 'Bill'.
    11 Will it be necessary for us to report this accident to the police?
    12 When you buy something on the installment system you are not required to pay the whole price at once.
    13 Did you know enough English to ask for your ticket?
    It wasn't necessary to say anything. I bought my ticket at a machine.

    14 It isn't necessary to buy a licence for a bicycle in England. (We . . .)
    15 Is it essential for you to finish tonight?
    16 Is it necessary for people to go everywhere by boat in Venice?
    17 Will it be necessary for me to sleep under a mosquito net?
    18 Most people think that civil servants are not required to work very hard.
    19 It wasn't necessary to swim. We were able to wade across.
    20 It isn't necessary for you to drive me to the station. I can get a taxi.
    21 Our plane was delayed so we had lunch at the airport. But it wasn't necessary to pay for the lunch. The airline gave it to us.
    22 Is it obligatory for us to vote?
    23 When you were a child were you required to practise the piano?
    24 I saw the accident but fortunately it wasn't necessary for me to give evidence as there were plenty of other witnesses.
    25 Small boy to friend: It won't be necessary for you to work hard when you come to my school. The teachers aren't very strict.
    26 They had plenty of time. It wasn't necessary for them to hurry.
    27 Is it necessary for you to take your dog with you everywhere?
    28 What time was it necessary for you to leave home?
    29 I brought my passport but I wasn't required to show it to anyone.
    30 I missed one day of the exam. Will it be necessary for me to take the whole exam again?
    31 Is it really necessary for you to practise the violin at 3 a.m.?
    32 Everything was done for me. It wasn't necessary for me to do anything.
    33 Are French children obliged to go to school on Saturdays?
    34 I was late for the opera. ~
    Was it necessary for you to wait till the end of the first act before finding your seat?
    35 He repaired my old watch so it wasn't necessary for me to buy a new one after all.
    36 Were you required to make a speech?
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    27 Ağustos 2007
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    Cevap: "Must not - Need not - don't have to" Exercises

    (didn't have to is replaceable by didn't need to.)

    1 he doesn't have/hasn't (got) to 2 did you have to 3 I don't have to 4 they will have to
    5 we didn't have to 6 we didn't have to 7 you needn't come 8 I never have to 9 shan't/won't have to 10 you needn't II shall we have to 12 you don't have to 13 I didn't have to
    14 we don't have to 15 have you got to/must you/need you 16 do people have to 17 shall I have to 18 don't have to 19 we didn't have to 20 you needn't 21 we didn't have to 22 do we have to/must we 23 did you have to 24 I didn't have to 25 you won't have to 26 they didn't have to 27 do you have to/have you got to 28 did you have to/had you to 29 didn't have to 30 shall I have to 31 do you have to/have you got to 32 I didn't have to 33 do French children have to 34 did you have to 35 I didn't have to 36 did you have to
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