Misrelated Participles Exercises

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Misrelated Participles Exercises
misrelated participles participles exercises misrelated participle participle examples what is a
A participle is considered to belong to the noun or pronoun that immediately precedes it (which usually, but not necessarily, is the subject of the main verb).
The boy, climbing the tree to get birds' eggs, had a bad fall.

If there is no noun/pronoun in this position the participle is considered to belong to the subject of the following main verb:
Climbing the tree to get birds' eggs, the boy had a bad fall.
Sometimes this principle is disregarded and confusion results:

Climbing down the tree, one of the eggs broke.
This word order makes it appear that the egg was climbing, which is nonsense.

A participle linked in this way to the wrong noun/pronoun is said to be 'misrelated'.
The sentence should be rewritten:
Climbing down the tree he broke one of the eggs or
As he was climbing down the tree one of the eggs broke.

Other examples of this type of error are given below. Correct the sentences. Sometimes only a change of order is required.
1 When leaving a car in this car park the brakes must be left off.
2 Wading across the river, the current swept me off my feet.
3 When filling a tank with petrol naked lights should be extinguished.
4 Running into the room, a rug caught her foot and she fell.
5 Reading the letter a second time, the meaning becomes clearer.
6 When carrying a gun it should never be pointed at anyone.
7 When planting these flowers care must be taken not to damage the roots.
8 Riding in his first race, his horse fell at the last jump.
9 When paying by cheque, a bank card should be shown.
10 Knowing me to be the fool of the family, the news that I had won a scholarship astonished him.
11 Believing that his last hour had come, his hands began to tremble.
12 Passing under a ladder, a pot of paint fell on my head.
13 Reading in bed, my hands often get very cold.
14 Leaving the cinema, it seemed to him that the film had been exceptionally bad.
15 Barking furiously, I led the dog out of the room.
16 Having paid my taxes, the amount left in the bank is hardly worth mentioning.
17 Writing my name in the hotel register, a familiar voice attracted my attention.
18 Tied to a post, the sea was tossing the boat up and down.
19 Misunderstanding the question, the wrong answer was sent in.
20 Shining in the sky, we saw the first star.
21 When driving carelessly it is easy to have an accident.
22 Pinned to the door by a knife, the man saw a notice.
23 Written in large letters they read the words 'No Entry'.
24 While cleaning his gun it went off unexpectedly.
25 Wondering where to go. an advertisement caught my eye.
26 Rushing out of (he house, a lorry knocked me over.
27 Sitting by the fire, it all comes back to me.
28 Flailing from such a height, we thought he would never survive.
29 When changing a fuse the electricity should first be switched off.
30 Towed behind the car, I saw a trailer with a boat on it.
31 While sitting at the foot of a cliff a stone fell on him.
32 Driving to work, the traffic jams infuriated him.
33 Dropped by parachute, the country seemed entirely unfamiliar.
34 Sitting in the dentist's chair, an idea suddenly occurred to me.
35 Weakened by his last illness, I felt sure that another winter in this country would kill him.
36 Getting out of bed, a scorpion bit him.
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I When leaving a car . . . you must leave the brakes 2 As/When I was wading etc. or Wading across . . . I was swept off my feet by 3 When a tank is being filled/When you are filling a tank 4 Running into the room, she caught her foot on a rug and fell
5 When I read the letter 6 When carrying . . . you should never point it 7 When planting . . . you must take care 8 In his first race, the horse he was riding fell 9 When paying by cheque, you must show 10 Knowing me to be . . ., he was astonished to hear that II As he believed that 12 As I passed/ or As/When I was passing 13 When I am reading/When I read 14 As he left 15 I led the dog, barking furiously, out 16 After I had paid my taxes, the amount 17 As I was writing 18 The boat, tied to a post, was being tossed up and down by the sea 19 As the question had been misunderstood, the wrong answer 20 We saw the first star, shining in the sky 21 It is easy to have an accident when one is/you are driving
22 The man saw a notice pinned to the door 23 They read the words 'No Entry' written in 24 While he was cleaning his gun it went off 25 When/As I was wondering where to go, an advertisement 26 As I rushed out of the house, a lorry 27 As I sat by the fire, it all comes back 28 We thought he would never survive after falling from 29 When a fuse is being changed, the electricity . . . or When you are changing a fuse you should switch
30 I saw a trailer with a boat on it being towed behind 31 As he was sitting at the foot . . . a stone fell 32 The road was blocked by a huge tree (which had been) uprooted 33 When he drove to work the traffic jams infuriated him 34 As I sat in the dentist's chair an idea

35 I felt sure that . . . would kill him, weakened as he was by his last illness 36 A scorpion bit him as he got out of bed